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Bourbon County Barleywine

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by xnicknj, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Advocate (670) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    Me too! Put that mothafunker in some William Larue Weller barrels, and I'm gooood to go.
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  2. I'm sure this beer will be good for a 200+ post thread on the Great Lakes board that gets locked when everyone starts flaming different posters and/or cities.
  3. A barleywine not named King Henry from GI.
    Yes please.
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  4. that's not ironic. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  5. Good. Now put that shit in 4pks for under $20 plz.
  6. Douggo

    Douggo Savant (330) Minnesota Oct 24, 2009

    Isn't it?
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  7. neverenoughhops

    neverenoughhops Aficionado (215) California Oct 22, 2009 Beer Trader

    probably best to focus on beer and not on english language instruction. i think we all know what he meant
  8. english or american?
  9. flayedandskinned

    flayedandskinned Advocate (515) California Jan 1, 2011 Beer Trader

    Please make 4 packs and PLEASE distribute to Northern California!
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  10. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (605) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    Throw some maple syrup in that shit, make it Canadian I say.
  11. dsal89

    dsal89 Advocate (505) Indiana Jul 6, 2008

    This was my first thought as well. I drank a lot of this at Fobab
  12. raymo55

    raymo55 Advocate (510) Michigan Oct 3, 2011 Beer Trader


    And just the thought of more Mayan Gold gave me movement.
  13. In.

    Even if it's just regular Bourbon County barrels, this has to be good. Has to be. Who gives a shit if they use a Pappy barrel or not. Most morons wouldn't know what fucking barrel a beer was aged in if you didn't tell them.
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  14. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (605) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    I find your attitude toward the moron community grossly offensive.
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  15. Devi0us

    Devi0us Advocate (565) California May 3, 2011

    Oh yeah...can't wait for this shit...
  16. tut2528

    tut2528 Advocate (510) Illinois Sep 26, 2008 Beer Trader

    The hysteria behind this release will be remembered for decades.
  17. Most find my attitude towards everything both gross and offensive. But then again most are morons....so it's not that shocking, really.
  18. musicman7070

    musicman7070 Advocate (530) New Jersey Aug 26, 2012 Beer Trader

    Hopefully English!
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  19. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Advocate (510) Minnesota Oct 19, 2011 Beer Trader

    Alanis Morrisette would disagree;)
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  20. mdvatab

    mdvatab Savant (460) Indiana Apr 5, 2006

    The bottle I opened last weekend was de-lish, so if that was "meh" by some people's standards, I can't wait to try a fresh BCB Barleywine!
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  21. ASUBeer

    ASUBeer Savant (430) North Carolina Nov 4, 2011 Beer Trader

    Jokes on you; Mormons don't drink beer.
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  22. yamar68

    yamar68 Champion (910) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    The snark potential of this thread is nearly immeasurable. So far, I'm not impressed.
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  23. yojimbo1

    yojimbo1 Aficionado (220) Kansas Feb 26, 2012

    KH = .25KH'

    KH' = One King Henry unit pre 1/15/12
  24. I'll definitely be trying to get some.
  25. yojimbo1

    yojimbo1 Aficionado (220) Kansas Feb 26, 2012

    /13. Still don't know what year I'm in.
  26. Monsone

    Monsone Savant (370) Illinois Jun 5, 2006

    Most brewers I have spoken to say about how it didn't matter so much what brand the bourbon is, just that it was bourbon and the amount of time it spent in the barrels. For example, Goose specs out bourbon barrels that have held the spirit for 10-13 years, Central waters is 8-10 years.

    So, I don't think it is so much that it is Pappy Van Winkle or a wheated bourbon, the softer character is helped by the fact that the bourbon spent 23 years in the barrel or roughly twice that of the standard BCBS barrel.

    Now do the 23 years barrels have MORE of an affect than the 2 years in the barrel.....I doubt it.
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  27. travMI13

    travMI13 Savant (410) Michigan Jan 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    Bare minimum, this should be solid with a chance at spectacular.

    Everyone talks about the Midwest shelf whale, and this one can probably get right in line. But dammit, we know how to do big, barrel-aged beers. It's our reward for dealing with crappy weather.
  28. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (455) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

    No bottles, so this one will be more like a whale DONG
  29. siege06nd

    siege06nd Advocate (660) Virginia Dec 29, 2009 Beer Trader

    Who said there weren't going to be bottles? If they made 700 barrels, I'd fully expect to see 4 pks of this.
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  30. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (455) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

    I'm not sure, but they told me via Twitter that based on barrel yields they may not even do draft distro outside of Chicago. If yield is that questionable I assume no bottles.
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  31. PlayaPlaya

    PlayaPlaya Savant (295) Illinois Sep 19, 2012

    Either way.............Bottles or not.....I don't give a shit.....

    You can bet the day it comes out.....I'll be in downtown Chi drinking tooooo much of this.

    The rest of you.......GOOD LUCK :D
  32. :eek: That'd have to a pretty bad yield.
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  33. MisterGrizz

    MisterGrizz Savant (290) Texas Jan 8, 2011

    This news gets even sweeter with the looming fact that GI will be (fully) distributed very, very shortly (early March) to Texas according to both of my reps. :eek:

    Don't know how soon we'll get the limiteds (sours, BCBS, this jizztastic new barleywine..), but hopefully some will make it down!
  34. stouts4me

    stouts4me Savant (420) Illinois Oct 9, 2011

    Love the word " jizztastic", crack me up !
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  35. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Advocate (670) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    700 barrels? 700 bourbon barrels? That's alot of beer. Rare was probably sourced from 35 barrels, or so.
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  36. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    No doubt, around 24 cases of six 4 packs per barrel. Even with 50% to Angel's share, 12 cases per barrel. SHIT-TON.
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  37. Scalzo

    Scalzo Savant (450) Illinois Feb 27, 2012 Beer Trader

    LOL hopefully not! Only Steers and queers are from Texas!

    Seriously tho, you shouldn't be allowed any.
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  38. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Wouldn't 700 barrels be upwards of 8K cases of 12oz bottles? My maf may be wrong, but that's still a lot of beer regardless.
  39. my interpretation of that statement is that they're allocating in the following priority, based on yield:

    1) bottles
    2) draft to chicago
    3) draft outside of chicago

    with angel's share, they may cut out #3.

    700 bbls is a shit-ton (4748800 oz). let's assume 25% lost to angel's share (a bit extreme) and 1/3 of the remainder kept on draft. that's 2374400 oz. that's still 8,000+ cases of 24 twelve-ounce bottles.

    a couple of years ago, abyss was being made in 600 bbl batches - not sure about now. there's no way that the entire amount is going to be kept on draft in chicago.

    rare was around 50 barrels. this is over 10 times the batch.

  40. I've seen a lot of people in this thread mention them using bourbon brand stout barrels for this.

    As Beer Street Journal points out that it is "Aged in the same method as the Bourbon County Brand Stout" not necessarily used bourbon brand stout barrels