Bourbon County Barleywine

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  1. MarcatGSB

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    Shut this thread down.
  2. but what happens if this new barleywine is the same base barleywine recipe as KH and they age it in heaven hill barrels that they previous aged BCBS in??? I mean are you saying that its 100% sure this new bourbon county barleywine is not being aged in heaven hill barrels that previous held regular bourbon county??
  3. BrettHead

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    Weren't the Heaven Hills barrels filled with this BW in October? If so GI would presumably have emptied "BCBS barrels" on hand. Or do we have definitive info that this is fresh HH barrels? I have seen no such info myself.

    Edit: I realize they could just be playing off the brand power of Bourbon County (bud light lime-rita anyone) but conversely perhaps it is BCBW precisely because it was aged in "BCBS barrels"
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  4. I cannot wait for this. Git dis wombat sum.
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    If you read this thread giving all posters little kid voices, it's minimum 3x better.

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  6. atomic

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    They'd be fools not to do exactly this. And with the label being VERY obviously the same design as the king henry label, its not a stretch to assume this is most likely the case. I'd certainly be surprised if they don't try to recreate KH.

    In either case! GI has barrel aging down to a science so whatever they release, it will be good.
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  7. Absolutely can't wait for this, and I too would be shocked if second use BCBS barrels aren't used to make this. Going forward that would start a simple cycle of emptying BCBS out of the barrels and then filling them with barley wine. Continue that for 100 years or so and everyone is getting really, really effing rich.
  8. Mjmoser

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    Brett Porter confirmed for me on Thursday that they are indeed using spent BCS barrels for this beer. I didn't ask about the recipe, but it would make sense it was the same as long as it isn't market as KH- which it is not. He also alluded to there being A LOT of it ( although not as much as BCS this year).

    Can't wait!
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  9. atomic

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    Has anyone pointed out yet that this will be higher in ABV than KH? KH was 13% IIRC and this will be 15%
    So something is different this time around
  10. abecall98

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    Talked to a rep last week. Was told that the Bourbon County Barlehwine is being aged in used Bourbon County Stout Barrels. So, I'm expecting something similar to the King.

    Edit - should have looked above. Even better confirmation of this.
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  11. BrettHead

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    KH was supposedly 16ish% after going through barrel aging.
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  12. jsboots21

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    I wouldn't expect it to be like KH, as KH was aged in barrels that held BC Stout for 2 years AND held PvW bourbon for 23 years prior to that. It is highly unlikely this beer will exhibit the same quality or eventual taste as KH given the King's unique aging treatment.
  13. dc55110

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    I know it was higher than listed on the label... Which is why Minnesota didn't get it, as the ABV listed on a label must match that of the contents.
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  14. Sorry if I missed it in the 7 pages, but has anyone seen a release schedule on this? I know its sometime in April, but I was hoping for a city by city release schedule like we got with bcbs. I'm talking to my local distributors about this but I seem to know more than they do. A specific date would help when trying to reserve some. Thanks....
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  15. MarcatGSB

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    I've heard from a very reliable source that this release will be pushed back to November. No other details given.
  16. PsilohsaiBiN

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    I hope you're kidding. Bourbon County Barleywine is suddenly removed from the GI release calendar. NOOOOO!!!!!!! What the hell happened???
  17. mjshearer1

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    I actually hope this is the case. It will give the beer more time to age, and my wallet a break from all the whale buying these last few months.
  18. Cenosillicaphobe

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    I kinda harpoon is dull and rusty...I need a break.
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    Now I can buy 2 cases of KBS instead of 1...I kid, I kid...;)
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  20. Cenosillicaphobe

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    I will buy as much as I can find and afford...which won't be much...can't wait to chase the truck.
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  21. Curt1

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    Good point!
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  22. mark14580

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  23. MarcatGSB

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    We will find out soon enough, as bottling would be happening within the next few weeks to be sent out anytime in April.
  24. seeswo

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  25. 4DAloveofSTOUT

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    MarcatGSB who is your reliable source for this information? (just curious not trying to bust any balls here...)

    Thats fine by me! Who wants to drink a bunch of fresh BA Barleywine as the weather starts warming up? Lets save this beer for the cold months of the year aka big beer season! More time in barrels is a wise move as well.
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  26. hello
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  27. CuriousMonk

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    BIG Regret: Trading away five bottles of KH for a couple sub-rarities (e.g., Event Horizon, Black Ops, etc.) when I was new to the trading game. :p Always thought KH would continue year after year, so the morale of the story is to never take your favorite big beers for granted!
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  28. 4DAloveofSTOUT

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    You do! I bet... Just save some Bourbon County Barleywine for the snakes coming out of your mouth and nose...that avatar is crazy man!
  29. 4DAloveofSTOUT

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    Many BA's have similiar stories like this your not in the minority. When your a new trader your going to do stuff like that..
  30. The only time i have hung out with you was drinking barleywines, and it might have been summer too.......
  31. PsilohsaiBiN

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    You live and learn. I just paid $100 for a bottle of Rare BCBS before I ever tried it. Bought multiple Cherry Rye BCBS bottles and like it way more. C'est la vie.
  32. Envelopes

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    I hope it gets delayed until November. More time in barrels is good, releasing in the cold months is good. Plus, selfishly, it gives Ohio time to pass the ABV increase bill they're introducing so I can actually buy this! I foresee trading for this being a mess when it first hits.
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  33. Crookdrain

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    BIG REGRET: Not getting into trading early enough to have been able to trade you a Black Ops for a KH.
    BTW, still ISO: KH. Anyone want to help me out on a 1st Anniversary bottle?
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  34. bigdaddypolite

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    Which is why they damn well better get the ABV right on the label this time...
  35. stouts4me

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    will see Brett Porter this weekend and try to pry out the FACTS for this thread..........
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  36. Mjmoser

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    Make sure you start "The Most Definitive Bourbon County Barleywine" thread after that convo....
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  37. imfrommichigan

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    I highly recommend using one of these.
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  38. MarcatGSB

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    I'm no narc, and enjoy the relationship I currently have. As a reference point, King Henry saw it's first bottled release on Black Friday at Clybourn, 2011, November 25th, 2011. ( King Henry was bottled on 10/08/2011. Granted, 22 oz. bottles vs. 12 oz. bottles, that's 55 days.
    Could be a couple reasons for that including saving them for Black Friday release, bottle conditioning, whatever.
    If Bourbon County Brand Barley Wine was making an appearance in bottle form in April of 2013, it would be bottled very soon (or already), and I have a feeling someone would have heard about it.
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  39. 4DAloveofSTOUT

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    wasnt asking you to narc. Just like I know a guy from goose and a distributor that work closely with goose, etc, what ever the case maybe... Not asking for a full name with bibliography or anything! lol. It cool either way guess I just take you word for it then.
  40. jefeld

    jefeld Aficionado (205) Illinois Mar 31, 2010

    i also heard from a very reliable source that it would be saved until november, for the purpose of releasing multi bcs variant releases all at the same time, black friday 2013.

    but there are definitely other GI releases to look forward to first. a new fulton and wood will be a blend of a sake/saison, which I have tried and is unique and delicious, the grapefruit sofie release (tap only as well), and im sure other bottled surprises as well.
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