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Bourbon County Coffee/Cherry in NJ

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by mikeburd1128, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Forgive me if there's another thread already, didn't see anything. But am curious about the status of this. I'm more interested in Cherry as I already grabbed a few Coffee in NYC.
  2. The Cherry Rye is here, but I couldn't say how much longer it will last. My local shop was down to about 6 bottles on Friday afternoon.
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  3. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Cherry is where? Not central jersey. You down in cherry hill or up north in Bergen?
  4. Bergen- it was at Linwood Wines in Fort Lee, but if it was there it is bound to be at others in the area..
  5. BirdFlu

    BirdFlu Savant (355) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    I know its in North NJ.. Didn't get any, but a friend got it in Paramus (not whole foods).. they didn't have it on the floor, you had to ask for it and prove you knew what you were asking for somehow
  6. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Any idea on what the prices were?
  7. $17 range.
  8. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Any other locations have this in yet? Gary's in Wayne didn't get any yet.
  9. All the places I've checked, sold out already. :(
  10. Sad that it's cheaper out of state than it is in its hometown of Chicago. Got mine at a Walgreens for 20 a piece.. Anyway carry on and good luck in the search. It's worth it. Awesome beer.
  11. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Anyone have information on how high grade is getting this stuff out? My contacts have all given me mixed information ranging from they don't have any, they don't know how they are distributing or that they already sent it out.

    I really don't want to miss this stuff!
  12. Reck

    Reck Aficionado (120) New Jersey Apr 22, 2008

    Anybody have word as to when either brew will show up in South Jersey?
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  13. patmcd

    patmcd Aficionado (220) New York Jul 5, 2008

    I couldn't find Cherry in Hudson county....but I did find Night Stalker...
  14. I got a call late yesterday afternoon from my contact at High Grade. I was told that a case of Coffee was shipping to Shop Rite in Franklin (Sussex County). I live in Union County, so that is quite a drive for me, but I figured I would share whatever information I could get with you all.

    As for the Cherry, haven't heard anything yet about it arriving. I will keep checking up with my contacts. Best of luck!
  15. DaGrizz

    DaGrizz Savant (260) New Jersey Feb 22, 2012

    Coffee I'm hearing January if at all in SJ.
    Cherry I'm being told will not be distributed to SJ.
  16. BirdFlu

    BirdFlu Savant (355) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    I know NYC already got it at least somewhat - Rattle n Hum was selling bottles (to go, not just consumption on premises).. $40
  17. tbone33101

    tbone33101 Zealot (75) New Jersey Oct 9, 2011

    I was told by my high grade salesman that they did not receive any of the cherry, just coffee. It hasnt shipped yet to my knowledge.
  18. I was able to get two bottles of the Cherry Rye from the Total Wine in West Orange earlier this week. They said they were accidentally given a case by the distributor and were almost going to give it back. Instead they sold it from behind the counter, request only. Outside of them I have not heard of another store in North NJ that has or had the Cherry in stock.
  19. I'll be in Franklin lakes for Christmas, any good bottle shops around?
  20. Naterobsnyk4

    Naterobsnyk4 Savant (350) New York Jan 25, 2012

    I know Beverage Barn in Northvale New Jersey did have it as well, believe it's all gone now.
  21. I don't shop there frequently, but it looks like they have new owners and have picked up their game lately. Still, it's sort of surprising they were able to land something so limited. Gotta keep them in mind from now on.
  22. Looks like coffee is in Boonton. As well as bolt cutter. No clue how much. The gf is on her way there now and I'll probably go in an hour or two.
  23. totoropanda

    totoropanda Savant (255) New Jersey Apr 12, 2012

    Which store in boonton? thanks in advance!
  24. well hopefully you were able to get there, cuz i was there about a half hour ago and they were out. only got one case. and is there more than one store in boonton worth visiting? it was liquor outlet.
  25. Demer

    Demer Aficionado (245) New Jersey Dec 13, 2010

    If someone posts that a store has something on BA its usually a huge waste of time going because theres 100 people that just got in their cars hauled ass there. But Liquor Outlet is great so you would probably find tons of other stuff you want while there.
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  26. totoropanda

    totoropanda Savant (255) New Jersey Apr 12, 2012

    i guess the buy rite there isnt great?
  27. I'm not sure. Never been. Am I missing out? Haha. I don't really know boonton that well. I'm a few towns away.
  28. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Any updates on this?
  29. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Coffee is starting to make the rounds in central from high grade.
  30. Shoprite Liquors in Byram has Coffee behind the counter but they are charging $23.99 with a 1 bottle limit. I was able to pick up a couple of Cherry Rye's for $19.99 each earlier in the week and thought the Coffee was easier to come across so that pricing seems a bit high but if you are willing and able...
  31. beenitty

    beenitty Savant (340) New Jersey Nov 27, 2010

    Is this in reference to Coffee or Cherry?
  32. BirdFlu

    BirdFlu Savant (355) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    I know it was for Coffee but might've been both (the info was relayed to me from my brother as he got one).
  33. Any updates on this?
  34. I was able to get Coffee. Guy at Lil' Bros in Flemington said Cherry was not coming here. Can anyone confirm?
  35. BirdFlu

    BirdFlu Savant (355) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    Cherry already was here.
  36. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    It was up north but not central or south. North didn't get coffee while central and south did.
  37. there are several accounts up North that had Coffee about 2 weeks ago
  38. Coffee and Cherry made it to Spirits Unlimited Brick Blvd today. A little far for me, but has Cherry hit anywhere else lately?
  39. I was going to say I bought more than a couple Cherrys from Spirits unlimited Toms river today. And a couple places on the way from philly had Coffee too.
  40. Got a cherry, down to like 2 bottles I think there.