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Bourbon County Coffee/Cherry in NJ

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by mikeburd1128, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Timmush

    Timmush Savant (340) New Jersey Jan 5, 2008

    I have been looking all over somerset and hunterdon counties for either BC cherry or coffee and can not find them anywhere. Anyone ?
  2. Not sure how close this is to you but Medford beverage had 12 Coffee's there this afternoon 17.99 and There was a case of Cherry Rye and Coffee' on the growler station at Spirits unlimited in Toms River today. Both were full when I got there. Not so full when I left.
  3. dmac621

    dmac621 Aficionado (210) New Jersey Nov 26, 2008

    Just picked one each up today from Spirits Brick. Guess Monmouth/Ocean just got their's in.
  4. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    I just spoke to the Brick location and they said they didn't have it in their system :(

    Any other shore locations have this?
  5. Reck

    Reck Aficionado (120) New Jersey Apr 22, 2008

    Would you mind naming the stores in nj on your way from Philly that had the coffee? I see medford beverages (is that the same as medford wine and spirits?) in your later post. Any others? Thanks!
  6. bbrown12

    bbrown12 Savant (300) New Jersey Oct 18, 2011

    I got the last cherry around noon. They still had more coffee though
  7. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    I found a few at a Spirits Unlimted that said they didn't get it over the phone but had it in the back. Location was north of brick, less than 6 left.
  8. I'm kind of drunk, but have no fucking clue what this means. You found a few bottles that said something over the phone to you? I dk...
  9. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    As mentioned in an earlier post, I called some stores and they said they didn't have it. I showed up at one that I called and it turned out they did. Just promoting bothering stores in person as sometimes they don't know what they are talking about or are hiding beer.

    I was also trying to be secretive to the exact store so locals have a chance to get there before the forum trolls do.
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  10. SkiBum22

    SkiBum22 Advocate (530) New York Oct 18, 2009

    Anybody see see Cherry in Northern Jersey?
  11. I think it was here for a second - then gone. Someone posted that Total Wine in West Orange got some by mistake, the Stew Leonards on 3 and Paramus (I think) had some, but were all reserved.
  12. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    North Jersey already received their shipment. Best bet is to head south into High Grade territory as it looks like cherry is going to show up soon.
  13. bbpro47

    bbpro47 Savant (320) New Jersey Mar 8, 2011

    Highgrade North hasnt gotten cherry yet
  14. beernut

    beernut Savant (340) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    Max's in Freehold at the Raintree Plaza had them last Friday. Grabbed the last Cherry on the shelf, I asked about the Coffee, the employee said they were all out but he had 2 for himself. Wanted to know if I wanted one, he said it was no problem. I was very grateful, that employee is awesome in my book. Just wanted to share.
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  15. North NJ spotting of BCBS Coffee today at Linwood Wines in Fort Lee- so it's in our area. Who knows for how long, though.

    Just to confirm an earlier post- we already had Cherry Rye last month.
  16. So Canal's in Lawrenceville sent an email at about 2:15PM stating they were tapping a keg of Cherry Rye at 4:30 yesterday. My lovely fiance happened to be in the area at the time and grabbed a 32oz growler. w00t w00t! that shit is delicious. Such a nice mouthfeel and then a touch of tartness from the cherries. Very well crafted. Haven't had too many BCBS variants (2011 Coffee), but this one was spectacular.
  17. sfr26

    sfr26 Savant (400) New York Jan 15, 2013

    ^I was able to get a 32oz growler fill there as well, pretty sure I was standing behind her. You're a lucky man ha.

    They only had enough for 18 fills, it's almost definitely all gone by today.
  18. I am very lucky!! She supports the addiction and is becoming quite the beer nerd herself.
  19. patm1986

    patm1986 Savant (375) New Jersey Aug 11, 2010

    it's gone. i literally just tried to fill and kicked the keg at less than a third of my growler and all foam.
  20. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Just got here now and you kicked it! Grrrrr...
  21. apparently they'll be tapping the much-maligned GI Nightstalker a week from today . . .
  22. patm1986

    patm1986 Savant (375) New Jersey Aug 11, 2010

    sorry, dude. but if you were me, you wouldn't be too happy about the outcome.
    less than a third filled, and they wanted 12 for it. i gave it back to them, so they could sample it to patrons.
    at least i got a taste!
  23. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    I'm only teasing! I literally missed it by a minute, you had to have just walked out as I went in. Interestingly, there was no growler to try it...that would have been worth it to me.
  24. patm1986

    patm1986 Savant (375) New Jersey Aug 11, 2010

    hahah yea, man. they poured it into these little plastic dentist cups at the growler station.
  25. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    How did i miss this? why didnt anyone tell me? :(