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Bourbon County Sightings

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by chi16brew, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Binny's Skokie took my name and number when I was in on Monday getting FBS, and I didn't receive a call either. Fortunately I got BCS elsewhere also.
  2. weatherdog

    weatherdog Savant (470) Illinois Nov 7, 2007

    For those that are in the West suburbs and want some on tap Cellar Door of Downers Grove (full disclosure, I do manage their sister store in Hinsdale) will be tapping a keg 5pm Tuesday. I haven't finalized pricing and pour sizes yet, but estimate a 10oz snifter pour for about $10. We only got a 1/6 barrel so we're unsure how long it will last (especially since me and my tasting buddies will be there drinking it)

    So come on down for a glass in a nice relaxed wine bar atmosphere. I always love meeting BA's so feel free to introduce yourself to me. I'm sure I'll be the one pouring it for you.

    Here is the event page: http://beeradvocate.com/events/info/56867
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  3. mychalg9

    mychalg9 Advocate (710) Illinois Apr 8, 2010

    Next time specify to everyone that they need to keep it a secret (unless you did this time already and someone just didnt follow directions).
  4. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

    You had me convinced to attend until this point. Meet you and your tasting buddies? I'll pass. ;)
  5. loki993

    loki993 Aficionado (240) Michigan Apr 16, 2009

    I guess its time for me to start calling around.....

    Oh I understand and Im on your side. It really wasnt aimed at you but it was more of an amusing post as to how a few comments about someone pricing something way higher then everyone thinks it should be tends to bring the trolls out of the woodwork.

    I totally agree but there are those on here that seem to take things a bit more seriously then they should be and seem to like arguing about things like that even more then they claim to like beer.

    and that's all I have to say about that
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  6. binnys25

    binnys25 Zealot (75) Illinois Jun 6, 2010

    We will be releasing BCBS on Wednesday at 9A.M in Downer's Grove. It will be first come first serve. There is a 4pk limit since we are not getting that much this time around. We will not be doing any reservations for this beer. If anything changes, I'll post here and on our twitter account @dgcraftbeers.
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  7. tinypyramids

    tinypyramids Savant (480) Illinois Jul 19, 2012

  8. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Savant (355) Illinois Dec 31, 2010

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  10. Grohnke

    Grohnke Savant (395) Illinois Sep 15, 2009

    For those who werent able to attend, digestif was absolutely incredible. Highly recommend seeking out, if you're into that whole chocolate habanero dubbel thing.
  11. You forgot "Bretted". That base beer was a bretted dubbel. It definitely stands out in the barreled version.
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  12. 71gto

    71gto Savant (270) Illinois Jun 3, 2009

    I went Friday night, makes sense now. Sounded like you went after me.
  13. MarkFy

    MarkFy Savant (300) Illinois Dec 18, 2009

    It was great, but glad I just got a sample of it. Can't imagine a full glass of it. BCBS still flowing when I left Clybourn at 730. Cheers!
  14. What are the charging for bcbs at the source?

  15. $10/10 oz snifter. Honestly, I felt like my pours were more than 10oz. Also, I completely second those recommending digestif. It's a rare instance where you have a beer completely unlike any other you've ever had and it's amazing. I don't think I could do more than one in a sitting, but it is absolutely worth seeking out. Truly unique.
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  16. agwalters

    agwalters Aficionado (195) Illinois Nov 10, 2006

    Digestif burns in an amazing way. Every sip caused me to put the glass down and question whether I could have another....but the overall taste of it kept causing me to say YES.

    10oz of BCBS + 10oz of Digestif = Goooooood night!
  17. je1129

    je1129 Aficionado (245) Iowa Feb 22, 2011

    Anyone know when it will make it to Dekalb or Rockford? Ill be there soon.
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  18. Anyone hear when it is actually being released in the cheese land? Im hearing early as late next week to 2 and a half more weeks.
  19. Zeller12

    Zeller12 Aficionado (130) Wisconsin Nov 14, 2010

    I heard this week for Kenosha area.
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  20. Vav

    Vav Savant (495) Illinois Jul 27, 2008

  21. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    Vav, I admire you sticking up for your fellow Binny's employees, but you have to admit it the whole thing does seem bizarre -- a mix of a guaranteed list and a raffle, while implying that everyone has an equal chance via a raffle. On top of that, stephenieman is enough of a regular that samie85 knew his phone #, and yet somehow didn't know the raffle that he ostensibly won even existed. Maybe not aliens, just a rigged system is all.

    I'm sure there's a good reason you don't allocate rare bottles in such a convoluted fashion at your store.
  22. TMoney2591

    TMoney2591 Poobah (1,005) Illinois Apr 21, 2009

    More reasons why raffles inherently suck (for this sort of thing, anyway...).

    Also, I had no idea Mr. Tsoukalos had entered meme territory. While I feel it's a bit simplistic toward the Ancient Alien hypothesis, that shit's fuckin' hi-larious (dammit, where's HistoryAdvocate so's we can debate that shit!?). Adam, you've made my day yet again...
  23. Vav

    Vav Savant (495) Illinois Jul 27, 2008

    My point is this: Just because the system didnt work for you this time doesnt mean it's rigged.

    The individual in question (Full Disclosure: He's a friend of mine) i know for a fact is a once/twice a week customer at Skokie. It seems that he was rewarded for his loyalty. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

    As for my store, i'll be frank: If i say i'm sold out, there is a pretty good chance there might be something in the back i'm holding for a good customer. Or i stashed cases in the Vintage Program. If i were to do a raffle, i would probably hold a few back for the same reason. There's no conspiracy. It's just business.

    Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.


    Now send me a private message and find a time to come in when i'm around to pick up a 4pk of the BCS i had put aside for myself.
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  24. leftyhyzer

    leftyhyzer Savant (250) Indiana Jul 10, 2012

    Just got an email from lp whole foods raffle. Guess I get to eat/drink the bear this time. No homo
  25. BDub81

    BDub81 Aficionado (135) Illinois Dec 8, 2009

    We actually told people to spread the word. We had a great crowd. Everyone that was there got to enjoy multiple glasses..
  26. My brother in law asked me where/when he could find some in the Dexter, MI area. Does anyone know? I saw MI was getting their BCS this week. The Meijer by their house had an awesome beer selection, so I told him to call there.
  27. moefriedman

    moefriedman Savant (280) Illinois Feb 15, 2012

    Capone's is on;y charging $23.99 per Beermenus.com
    Must be some sort of catch to it.
    La Primera is $29.99
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  28. Prestige on Cass comes out to $34+ with tax. Needless to say I passed on that
  29. jpsy422

    jpsy422 Savant (305) Illinois Jul 12, 2009

    Binnys st Charles ~$24/4pk after tax limit 1 4pk

    They got in 15 cases.
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  30. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (600) Colorado Apr 15, 2011

    Thanks for posting this. My buddy in Geneva has been looking everywhere for it, and I just gave him a call.
  31. TotallyHosed

    TotallyHosed Savant (340) Illinois Jun 20, 2009

    Still pouring at Goose Clybourn. I agree with those that have described a black licorice flavor. I also think this is due to some more charred oak flavor. However, I do not think it's hotter than the last two releases (keg only/2011 bottles).

    The Digestif is very interesting. If you enjoy pepper brews, this is a must. It reminds me of Conquistador de Muerte Porto.
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  32. It's worth it if it's true.
  33. I noticed the black licorice flavor too. Isn't night stalker supposedly the base beer for BCS, that beer has a really strong black licorice flavor when it has some age on it and the massive amounts of hops fade.
  34. mdomask

    mdomask Savant (360) Illinois May 27, 2012

    I've been told by a GI cicerone that Night Stalker, Big John, and Bourbon County share the same base beer. It's anyone's guess as to how true that is. The recipe information on GI's page shows them using the same malts, but different hops, fwiw.
  35. TMoney2591

    TMoney2591 Poobah (1,005) Illinois Apr 21, 2009

    There was a separate base stout (can't remember the name at the moment). Dry-hopped, it's Night Stalker; with cocoa/vanilla (whatever it really was), it's Big John; aged in the barrels, it's BCS. Such is my recollection of the the situation...
  36. zieglemt

    zieglemt Aficionado (170) Illinois Apr 25, 2011

    This is the impression that I was under as well.

    So, have they never released just the base stout?
  37. TMoney2591

    TMoney2591 Poobah (1,005) Illinois Apr 21, 2009

    I wanna say it's been on at either Clybourn or at fests in the past, but I could be wrong. I do know it sure as hell ain't a common sighting in the slightest...
  38. TotallyHosed

    TotallyHosed Savant (340) Illinois Jun 20, 2009

    That's right in the sense that Night Stalker and BCBS share the same base. Night Stalker is hopped up while, obviously, BCBS is BBA.

    Yes, both Night Stalker and Big John had been bottled and released. No longer available, however it's been spotted around the country as recently as two months ago.
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  39. mdomask

    mdomask Savant (360) Illinois May 27, 2012

    Saw both of them in the cooler at GI Clybourn last night.
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  40. cadaugherty

    cadaugherty Savant (465) Illinois Feb 10, 2010

    The base beer is known as Cook County stout. It hasn't been commercially bottled, but popped up on draft at a few special events in the past (last time I can think of was about 2 years ago though).
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