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Bourbon County Sightings

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by chi16brew, May 17, 2012.

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  1. ShortHop

    ShortHop Aficionado (140) Illinois Apr 24, 2008

    I see. So they don't do lists anymore, per se, but they are calling people from the 2011 list back when they did do lists? That makes more sense - thanks.
  2. tonyclifton36

    tonyclifton36 Savant (260) Illinois Feb 10, 2011 Verified

    Be kind, it's a nice old man and his wife that run that place
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  3. mdomask

    mdomask Savant (370) Illinois May 27, 2012

    Exactly. They're making good on a promise they couldn't keep last time around. At least, that's been the very consistent message each time I called them.
  4. BreakingBad

    BreakingBad Initiate (0) Sep 17, 2012

    thanks for the clarification
  5. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (455) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

    I like the fact that not only do I understand what the phrase "certified Whale DONG" refers to but that I would also use it in a completely serious manner.
  6. does DONG stand for something or is it just an excuse to say 'whale dong'?
  7. weatherdog

    weatherdog Savant (470) Illinois Nov 7, 2007

    Draft Only No Growler, or penis; whichever meaning fits the context better.
  8. mdomask

    mdomask Savant (370) Illinois May 27, 2012

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  9. ravot

    ravot Advocate (515) Illinois Mar 20, 2012 Verified

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  10. stevegoz

    stevegoz Savant (335) Illinois May 5, 2008

    I got the last one that was out on the floor at 4:45. And a sixer of Zombie Dust to boot!
  11. ThirstT

    ThirstT Aficionado (195) Illinois May 5, 2012 Verified

    The way I see price is this. If the bottles are $7 a piece, then that would be about a $13 bomber. I paid that and more for parabola. I feel like BCBS is supposed to be a more revered and respected beer. Hopefully it's tastier as well! So I will pay a higher price for a few. I also like the idea of letting places know that they are taking advantage of their customers if they are gouging, at whatever price point that is.
  12. this is exactly why i set my price ceiling around $30/4. parabola is great stuff but imo bcbs is another level completely, and being able to open a 12oz whenever i want rather than committing to an entire bomber is so much more convenient.

    edit: on tap tonight at beer bistro north: http://ht.ly/dQ8ry
  13. Was supposed to be tapped at 9 but they tweeted it is already tapped
  14. Flabbyjandro

    Flabbyjandro Advocate (550) Illinois Jun 12, 2012 Verified

    Two liquor stores on division just got shipments today, two four pack limit, but both hooked me up with a call since I had called all week. Ones by the anthem on division and Ashland, the other had two left so will be gone by now. Good luck
  15. PDZ

    PDZ Savant (270) Illinois Jun 26, 2012

    Earlier today the page said 5pm. Think theyre messin around, trying to bring in the late business?
  16. awdturboiv

    awdturboiv Advocate (575) Indiana May 24, 2008 Verified

    Dan...you need to calm down! It will be here in NWI next week. Or you could just cross the border...

  17. cetherid

    cetherid Savant (455) Indiana Aug 23, 2010 Verified

    Torrence Liquors?
  18. awdturboiv

    awdturboiv Advocate (575) Indiana May 24, 2008 Verified

    We have a winner. I think they handled the release really well considering they only got 3 cases.
  19. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    Thanks for speaking up. No it doesn't appear they made it through the raffle list... there was apparently a guaranteed list and a raffle, and it's anyone's guess as to how many cases were in each category and what your odds of winning were. That's what bugs me and should bug anyone that entered the raffle... the lack of transparency.

    I'm set on BCS so while I really appreciate Vav's offer, I won't be taking him up on it. He deserves at least a case anyway, if he wants it!

    PS I'm also amused by the aliens guy... however his hairstyle's resemblance to my own at this time hits a little close to home :D
  20. Jarpo

    Jarpo Savant (270) Missouri Feb 7, 2011 Verified

    Anyone know if this has hit Indiana or Ohio yet? I'm taking a road trip from Saint Louis to Cleveland this weekend and I'd like to check some bottle shops along the day (not just for BCS, but it would be a nice bonus).
  21. mjohnson17

    mjohnson17 Advocate (630) Illinois Apr 29, 2012 Verified

    Based on what some Ohio people said, and a correction to the BCBS article run in the Trib, Ohio will not be getting any because of their ABV laws, since BCS is 14%. Rumor on here is it will start showing up in Iniana as early as Friday but probably more like next week.

    You might get lucky, but chances are probably not.
  22. Actually this years is 15% so OH REALLY isn't going to get it. But yeah look for it in IN.
  23. Jarpo

    Jarpo Savant (270) Missouri Feb 7, 2011 Verified

    Thanks, guys. Good to know I shouldn't spend time looking in Ohio. Looks like Terre Haute and Indianapolis are my only options then. I'll report back if I see anything on Friday or Monday.
  24. cetherid

    cetherid Savant (455) Indiana Aug 23, 2010 Verified

    nice. saw a pic on twitter of someone who had bottles with the same price tag.
  25. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

    I see I'm going to have some competition trying to track this down in the Haute this weekend... ;)
  26. has any hit champaign area yet?
  27. dsal89

    dsal89 Advocate (505) Indiana Jul 6, 2008

    Love that place.

    Found a 750 Barrel aged Gonzo there.

    Im trying my best to be patient. Im hoping to walk away with at least 3 4pks
  28. ravot

    ravot Advocate (515) Illinois Mar 20, 2012 Verified

    at the 312 party an employee told me (i'm no brewer so someone correct me) but through the aging process, the beers can actually be up or down 2 percent in abv. often than not though, up. so this could be 17%. myth?
  29. SchuStar

    SchuStar Savant (330) Illinois Mar 21, 2011 Verified

    A GI rep. at the Great Taste told me this year that the bottles could be 12-18% abv dependent on the barrel aging process. Also, that BCBS has been closer to 15% abv these last few years. They already had labels printed and didn't want to go through the trouble of making new ones.
  30. ChadQuest

    ChadQuest Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 4, 2009

    Well, it tastes like the alcohol is lower, but who knows if the label is not correct.

    If i open a brewery, i'm going to sell beer with 110% alcohol. I will sell so much. Also, it will be a light lager.
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  31. mjohnson17

    mjohnson17 Advocate (630) Illinois Apr 29, 2012 Verified

    By no means am I an expert but from my home brewing experience I highly doubt the ABV could fluctuate as much as 2% just in the bottle. If GI force-carbonated BCBS then it shouldn't fluctuate at all. If its bottle carbonated then typically the priming sugar is usually only enough to carbonate, not raise the ABV.
    Now the barrel aging can raise the ABV via residuale sugars of the barrel and/or allowing more time for the sugars to be consumed. But I would expect a brewery to take a final gravity reading after barrel aging, because it's still part on the fermentation process, abeit a secondary or third stage.
    It seems suspect that a beer could be somewhere between 12-18%, that's a huge range and barrel aging would not account for 7% ABV. Even when I never take OG or FG readings while brewing I can approximate within a percent or two the ABV of a beer based on the grains bill and possibly any additives (fruits, corn sugar, etc).

    Maybe it's just me but I have a hard time believing a brewery of superior quality, like GI, isn't taking gravity readings and having their beers closely monitored and exactly controlled. Especially a beer produced in such mass quantities as BCBS. It's too much of an time investment to just "wing" a beer with hundreds/thousands of barrels and many months of aging.

    That doesn't mean the beer isn't somewhere between 12-18%, I just doubt it could fluctuate that much without GI knowing with relative accuracy the ABV.
    ravot likes this.
  32. jeonseh

    jeonseh Advocate (530) Indiana Oct 14, 2007 Verified

    Could they distribute if the labels were that far off? I thought part of the reason Bramble was delayed was that the labels had the wrong ABV.
  33. SchuStar

    SchuStar Savant (330) Illinois Mar 21, 2011 Verified

    I think the guy was speculating because of the high heat this summer there would be a higher abv due to the barrels. It does seem like a big difference in abv tho.

    As for the labels, I'm not too sure. That's just what he said. It just seemed believable to me because when u have that many barrels, I'm sure there's gonna be a some variance. Sorry, I'm not a brewer, at home or work and I don't know the story about the bramble. What you guys say does sound reasonable so I'm just gonna shut up now.
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  34. kif

    kif Savant (275) Illinois Jan 4, 2012 Verified

    Im thinking the 12-18% was a guess based on OG and the barrels before they took a FG reading. They probably estimated that was the range it could turn out, and it was likely going to be around 15% (3% variance available on either side so 12-18%). I highly doubt that the final ABV is far off from 15%. Each barrel probably produces a small variance in ABV and 15% is the average of the entire batch, but some barrels would probably be 14.8% and some 15.1%, etc. I am guessing it would not be legal to put out an 18% beer and list it on the label at 15%.
    ravot likes this.
  35. mjohnson17

    mjohnson17 Advocate (630) Illinois Apr 29, 2012 Verified

    ^ Hit it on the nose.

    Of course barrel variations will occur with respect to ABV, but I assume that BCBS was blended so the average ABV is roughly 15%. If it wasn't blended then there would be taste variations in addition to ABV variations.

    At any rate, whether its 14%, 15% whatever, it's a damn good beer.
  36. cpdrews

    cpdrews Aspirant (30) Jul 20, 2012

    Anyone know if it has hit anywhere in Wisconsin yet? I called some places and they said this week and now they are claiming next week.
  37. Zeller12

    Zeller12 Aficionado (130) Wisconsin Nov 14, 2010

    I heard tomorrow for SE Wisconsin.
  38. cpdrews

    cpdrews Aspirant (30) Jul 20, 2012

    The couple places I've spoken with in the Milwaukee area are now saying next week. Hmm.
  39. ravot

    ravot Advocate (515) Illinois Mar 20, 2012 Verified

    I didn't mean to start rumors. by your post, you definitely sound like an expert brewer versus me (i don't know jack) but yeah it was just something i was told and was curious to know any background info. thanks for that. i do recall the employee saying it did have something to do with the heat this year.

    that being said, this beer is damn good. I had a KBS prior to this years BCBS and KBS definitely felt boozier ( a good boozy) than the BCBS. Not that it's good or bad, just comparing. BCBS was excellent and smooth. an explosion of chocolate for sure.
  40. eyemustard

    eyemustard Savant (310) Wisconsin Apr 5, 2012 Verified

    I overheard the Wisconsin GI rep say distributors should be receiving it at the end of this week and to expect it in stores next week.
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