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  1. i will be going to Bratislava in 3 days, so can u please tell me some beer places to visit and beers to try.
    note that i'm not that much into pilsners so the more different, the better :D
  2. I went to Bratislava a couple of years ago, before I got into beer reviewing ;), so my advice isn't the best.

    I can't recommend any specific beers, but most of those that you come across will be pilsners. You should also find some dark lagers which have a bit more character. As well as Slovak beer, it should also be easy to find Czech beers and perhaps others from surrounding countries. Try the supermarkets (there's a huge Tesco in the city centre that had loads of beer for sale).

    I'm not sure which bars are the best for beer, but you could try a visit to the Slovak Pub near the centre. It's decorated as a traditional Slovak restaurant/pub, and as I recall was very cheap for food and drink.

    Try having a look at BAs beerfly section for Bratislava as well.

    Have fun - if nothing else, it's a pretty cheap place to visit.....
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  3. i will be there for only 2 days so i will do my best to drink as much of different beers as possible :D
    hope to find some beeroholic there also, but u can never have too much information :D
    anyway thanks for the post and dont worry some help is always better then none :D
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  5. it has been quite some time since i got bk from Bratislava, but was gong trough my posts and found this one :D
    i was at the place thanks to the beerfly and loved it !
    met some drunk and crazy slovaks and shared several beers !
    thanks for the suggestion anyhow :D