Bringing beer INTO the U.S.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by FEUO, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. FEUO

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    For those who trade with US BA'ers, how do you import your beer into the US?
    What are we allowed to bring (if any) before duties kick in?
    What is your response to WHY you are bringing it across? Just curious as I can see odd and lengthy questions about "trading".
    I do no condone lying to officials. I just want to bring a box of 12 across with as few hassles as possible and do it all legally.
  2. I think your post might be a little unclear as part of what you are asking is the best way to bring beer across the US when the purpose of that beer is to ship it from a FedEx outlet across the border to someone in the US...

    I have wondered this myself...
  3. Jeffo

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    You can legally bring a case of beer into the USA. Bring less than that, and just answer their questions honestly. No problem.

    Now coming back, that's the pain in the ass. If you pick up traded bottles, you don't have a receipt. This can be annoying.

  4. Besides the limit that you can bring down tax free, I've read that you can bring down as much as you want but are subject to paying tax (which is quite minimal compared to brinign beer in to Canada). I've never been questioned further when I say I'm bringing x number of beers. I'd think it would be best to keep the number in multiples of 6 and not state the size of those beers unless asked.

    Like Jeff said, be honest. There's nothing those border guys hate more than someone trying to bullshit them ...and they have some serious bullshit detection skills. ;)
  5. I've actually had a person that I trade with dummy up a receipt for me on two different trades. The first time I got through without paying duty. The second time, the girl just entered my totals (had about 4 different receipts including that one) without even looking at the receipts to verify my volume or total cost. I will be doing this every time I cross the border from now on...
  6. FEUO

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    Sorry, good point.
    That is exactly what I am planning to do, except use UPS. ;)
  7. Always best to be open with them about the number of bottles and actual size. If you tell them you've got 10 x 6 packs, they will assume they are all 12oz bottles, if they pull you over to check and there are some 650ml, 750ml or other sizes then they'll be pissed and you've lied on your declaration. I know this the hard way and after a 2 hour wait at the border I finally got through with all my bottles.
  8. It's not a lie if you say you have x number of beers. Their asumption isn't you lying. I'd think if you get pulled over, you're going to be hassled about the weird beers you have anyways. This way you might avoid the hassle while still telling the truth. If you say you have x volume of beer or some long awkward explanation of what you have, you'll be pulled over and hassled for sure. Keep it simple and tell the truth.
  9. But their assumption is a 6 pack or a 24 contains 330ml bottles or cans. The border guard was very surprised when he saw I had bottles of all sizes and styles..........himself ad the rest of the crew actually told me they didn't realise beer came in so many different sizes or styles!
  10. To avoid the confusion, I always calculate my total volume, convert that to its equivanelt in standard 12 oz bottles and then round that figure in to 6 packs when making my declaration at the booth. When I go inside to pay duty, I just give them the actual details (in litres and dollars) and explain to them why I had odd sized beers. I've never been hastled or searched and I have probably paid duty 12-15 times at least over the past 3 years.
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  11. FEUO

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    Back on topic.... okay, so its fine to bring it into the US.
    What the best way to explain beer trading or shipping beer to US customs?
    Worried if someone balks at that notion and says its illegal.
  12. I'd also be curious about trading from the US to Canada.

    When the weather warms up, I was going to try to arrange a trade for some american BA stouts, and barleywines for Cantillon. I've never shipped to Canada, and was curious about that.
  13. Never tell them you are shipping beer over the border....If you are using UPS, FedEX, Canada Post etc. and your shipping from Canada always state that its a gift and its collectable glassware or anything other than beer or alcohol of any kind.
  14. He has asking about driving beer over the border and shipping it FROM the US to the US. I think you misundertood...
  15. FEUO

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    Yes, that.

    I guess I wasn't that clear in the beginning.
    I live in a border town. I can see downtown Detroit from my office. I go over frequently to buy beer.
    But I never bring beer with me INTO the US to ship from there. Here are where my questions lay.
  16. Shouldn't be a problem. It never is here in BC. Just be honest if they ask, it's special beer from Canada for a friend that lives in the US.
  17. FEUO

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    Not a bad idea. Hopefully they don't look too close. Bringing some Bell's and Kuhnhenn back into MI. :p
  18. Just moved to Vancouver from Portland, so still trying to work it all out myself. I plan on heading across the border quite often, my question is around growlers. Would customs in either direction have a problem with them?

    I'm thinking they wouldn't like growlers due to them not being sealed.
  19. I think growlers are fine coming to BC, as long as they're within your limit of 8.5 litres per person (being in the US a minimum of 2 nights, they're not sticky on it being exactly 48 hours).

    Just got back from a trip to your home town. So incredibly stoked to have found some Ale Apothecary bottles!!!
  20. It pained me to leave, but had to go where the work was. Been pleasantly surprised by the BC beers though.

    Never had an Ale Apothecary beer, but hear good things.

    I'm still working on getting my small cellar (wife just says its hoarding) up this way. At least I have her as my border mule! It does feel wrong to bring Cantillon to Canada though.
  21. MasterSki

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    US Customs doesn't really care much about beer - the duty is so low that you'd have to have cases before the cost was appreciable (i.e. worth collecting). Just declare what you have truthfully and they'll send you on your merry way (or detain you for trying to smuggle in an apple).
  22. Lol! Reminds me when we said we had grapes many years ago. Guy got real serious at the mention and inspected our cooler like we were hiding drugs or something. Everything was tossed in the trash. This was before those signs that they now have plastered at the border.
  23. I didn't even think of it once and told them I had grapes. He asked to see them and they were in their original bag. The guy got real serious and said "Sir, these Chilean grapes are not allowed in the United States" and he would have to confiscate them. I then told him to enjoy them, and he got peeved telling me they get incinerated...

    Ah border agents...
  24. I always say I'm bringing beer for personal consumption and never get a problem.

    The first time I said It was for a friend (which it was) and we had to wait a half hour for them to check it all and realize none if it is fda approved. Are you serious?

    Anyways, no need to tell them more than they have to know.
  25. FEUO

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    12 beers for personal consumption while I ______ .
    I think I'll be heading to my buddy's house tomorrow night for a house party. ;)
  26. I've never been asked if I'm bringing alcohol into the US. Usually it's just food. Had a corned beef sandwich taken away once, apparently that represented a threat to national security...
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  27. FEUO

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    Well, I had no issue today.
    Went over, said I was going shopping, getting gas, heading to a friends afterwards.
    No question about alcohol. But I was ready to answer.

    On another note, packaging it up on the streets of downtown Detroit was fun. :p
    It had to be minus 30 today with the wind. My hands are still hurting.
  28. Glad it worked out for ya! Next time use wine shippers ... I have packed up a box in a wine shipper in a Buffalo parking lot in a mere 5 minutes :)
  29. FEUO

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    Actually, I did.
    The box was broken down and the shippers/cartons were stacked on the floor in the backseat. Beers were in an LCBO bag/carrier.
    Built box, stacked carton layer, filled, repeat. But those few minutes doing that felt like a friggin eternity in that cold! :D UPS drop off was around the corner, label already prepped and taped securely to box.
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