Bruery Christmas beers question

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  1. HopsintheSack

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    How hard are the earlier Christmas beers to trade for? More specifically PiaPT, 2 turtle doves, and 3 French hens. I know I pick up 4 calling birds and 5 golden rings off the shelf, but the others were not on my radar. I would like to collect the set for a buddy who likes Belgian style stuff and present it next Christmas. Just not sure if ill have to trade my kidneys for the earlier ones like PiaPT. I'm not looking for BA version, just the stock ones.

  2. Piapt will take more than your kidneys. Seriously it is a whale and will most likely requie one in return.
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    Thanks for the link, didn't pop up in my search.
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    For what it's worth, I have two sets of 2TD, 3FH, 4CB, 5GR that I would probably trade away $4$ just to free up space. I would bet others would probably feel that same way on these but partridge is probably not worth hunting down unless you really really love your buddy.
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    I don't cuddle with him, but were close ;)
  7. Both kidneys AND testicles for Partridge, one of the four for 2TD, 3FH easy.
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    I would agree, but there are great traders out there that don't require (or maybe even want) body parts. ;)
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    I had partridge a while ago and while I was expecting it to be crappy it's blew me away! Seriously my favorite quad which is such a shame. I wish the bruery would change the name and make it a yearly release so many could try it. I heard it was alright fresh, if that's so 3-4years on it make it fantastic.

    Ive got a couple extra 3 French hens if your interested in some
  10. fiedler84

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    One of my friends is putting this together and reached out to me to help him land the first 3.

    I was able to find someone to sell me them. 3 French Hens didn't run much more than its shelf price. 2 Turtle Doves was a bit above shelf price, but not ridiculous. PIAPT was ridiculous. I found someone looking to move a bottle for $300, plus shipping. Asked my buddy if he wanted me to pull the trigger, and he said sure. Yikes.
  11. HopsintheSack

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    Why is it so rare? Bottle count or was it only RS to start with or something? I can understand the limited amount of the BA versions, but the recent stock ones are just shelf beers.
  12. I spent 85 bucks on my PiaPT years ago ..
    Only have one , managed to acquire 2 of the rest of the series so far its going to be a
    WHALE of a Winter Ale tasting in 7 years !!
  13. Brez07

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    1) 1st in a "series" from a respected brewery and 2) once people realized it was a "series", they scrambled to buy all of it up

    Dare I say, it's the first beer people really started hoarding (not trying to offend anyone, just something I thought of). Over time, it's become harder and harder to trade for it. Shit, even just after 2TD came out, it was very difficult. At this point, it's either whale bait or part of a set people don't want to break up.
  14. vurt

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    Partridge was a shelf beer, widely available here in LA. Hell, I gave away a bunch as trade extras. It stayed on the shelves nearly a whole year until 2TD came out, when people seemed to realize "ZOMG!! This is the next VE 02.02.02!!" Then the supply dried up in what felt like a weekend.
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    This, I said it before, but nobody took me up on it, so I'll say it again. A Cherry Rye would get one of my bottles of 2TD.
  16. vurt

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    It always surprised me that it took so long for people to figure it out. The front label refers to the beer as "Verse One," and the back label makes it clear that the beer can be aged until the eventual release of "Twelve Drummers Drumming."
  17. Brez07

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    Haha, agreed. Maybe The Bruery's popularity spike after BT came out had something to do with it?
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  18. vacax

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    Yep, nobody cared about it until after BT hit. I had offered Barrel Aged Papier for trade before that and nobody took me up on my offers. I am quite happy nobody wanted it at the time. People ask from time to time what makes it hard to get... well you are asking for it five years later.. that's why. Why didn't you just ask for one five years ago? I could have just sent you some for locals.
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  19. SpdKilz

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    I remember going to Wade's Wines years ago. I picked up a PiaPT and posted my "haul" on here. At the time it was over a year after they had released it. Someone on BA messaged me and asked if any were left. At the time of my purchase there were 4 left. He asked me if he could get two, and the told me to buy the remaining two (I sorely wish I remember who it was that messaged me but alas, I can not). I went back literally 48 hours after purchasing my original (which I still have), and the other four were gone.

    In other words, I agree with what others have said above, that within a week or two, people realized what PiaPT might be "worth" in the future, and all were gobbled up.
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  20. I saw a 2TD on the shelf today for $35.