Bruery Reserve Society question

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  1. As reserve society member, how do you identify yourself when buying beer and swag from the tasting room and provisions? Do they send out some sort of identification cards or something?

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    You get a grey card with your name stamped in it that says reserve society. I am sure one of the nice RS members will post a pic. I only trustee so I sent all the cards out.

  3. Cool, this is my first year as one and was not sure.

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    As first responder, you should have utilized the massive snark potential here. Instead you provided a helpful and accurate response. Shame on you.

    To the OP: every RS member receives their own unique individualized monocle that must be worn upon entry to the tasting room. This way mules are easily identified, as they appear to be wearing a pair of glasses.
  5. Monocles would be sweet!
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    Monocle would be sweet. Monocles would just be glasses. Which makes it that much more brilliant.
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    Was a sweet bottle opener they sent us for Xmas. I'm still gonna use my teeth though...
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    You boys are on fire here. Just remember, nothing from the Bruery costs less than...oh well, you know.
  10. As per todays RS email:

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    This is true....

    If it were me I would've told him about the secret hand shake... like George Costanza and the Van Buren boys.