Brussels on New Years Eve

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  1. I will be in the Brussels area from December 30 to Jan 4 and in particular would like to know where I can both drink good beer and celebrate the New Year.
    Cheers- also is it "salut"?
  2. In the flemish part it's gezondheid , in the french part it's salut !
  3. Thanks. My Google Translate app tells me gezonheid in Dutch means healthcare. On a side note, anyone planning on driving to a brewery during the time period listed above with room for one more please contact me (can certainly chip in for gas) .
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    Health = "gezondheid", so it means as much as "to your good health!". That, however, is more often used in the Netherlands than it is here.

    We usually say "schol", pronounced with the Yiddish "ch" as in "l'chaim!"

    "Salud!" is the Spanish word for "cheers!", so you're confusing Spanish with French here :) In the French-speaking part, people say "santé!", which also literally means "health", so "to your health!"

    That being said, there are plenty of threads on Brussels on this forum already, people get a bit tired of going through the ropes over and over again when the search function yields results aplenty :)