Belgium brussels question that is not about cantillon or 3F

Discussion in 'Europe' started by hooliganlife, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. hooliganlife

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    but DE CAM!

    aside from going to the brewery which i pretty much know cannot happen, is it pretty accessible in the city? on tap? bottles? anything? de cam is currently one of my favorite breweries.
  2. shnsajax

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    I don't have but a little experience in Brussels, you can find a lot of beer really fast. I would never attempt to drive in the city, but if you know the area you will be in or heading I am sure someone here can help you plan it out.
  3. maximum12

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    Never saw it on tap, but saw a couple bottle at the Biertemple. Went back to buy a couple & they're closed in the middle of the week...make sure you check their hours before heading out. Good luck.
  4. hooliganlife

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    thanks, its pretty easy to buy online but something about seeing it in the city it resides be just sounds too awesome. i am a self acclaimed de cam superfan.
  5. mrkrispy

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    I was in Brussels for 10 days, actively looking for de Cam and only saw bottles for sale at a couple places (the popular ones). No draft anywhere.
  6. De Cam is or at least used to be only a blender of other makers' lambics into geuze; although I do now see reports that they're brewing something (and there's a review of a lambic tasting at their own cafe on this site), so, maybe, but even under full house production they still may not keg much if any for anybody else, as that is still a bit of a rarity (or I suppose the incurably old school would call it a gimmick) for a product where the art was in matching up different samples to make a consistent product. I've seen the gueuze recently at La Brocante (what a tease, I couldn't get a seat to order one), the Beer Mania cafe, and if you count greater Brussels, DHVL and In de Verzekering Tegen de Grote Dorste (aside: can we get away with just saying VTGD?). Could also try La Fleur en Papier Doré and Nüetnigenough but I haven't been at either in a bit in order to report.
  7. I spent quite a bit of time in the area and only found bottles for sale...
  8. phingdong

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    I'd recommend going to the De Cam Volkscafe in Gooik (close to Grote Dorst). I went a few weeks back and had a flight of De Cam Oude Geuze, Oude Lambiek, and Kriekenlambiek. De Cam beer (and others) at a nice price with some food as well. Check it out if you can.