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Caffeine Amount in Coffee Beers(?)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Sam21, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Sam21

    Sam21 Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 14, 2009

    I've done a search and read what there is about coffee beers. It's been a while since I've had a coffee stout or porter and am curious if there is much hard evidence regarding the mg of caffeine in coffee beers. Are we talking amounts that would keep one up?

    I saw 3beans (Sixpoint) in the store the other day and it made me wonder. I know they brew with Stunptown cold brew, so I can't imagine it's caffeine free. That said, I'm not sensitive to caffeine, but AM curious about it all. I still can't imagine sleepin soundly after a beer with 50mg of caffeine.

    Anyone out there with info? I'm thinking of beers like breakfast stout, joe Mama's milk, and 3beans. I'm sure it differs.


  2. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (415) New York Jul 16, 2011

    I don't know the concentrations of caffeine, I just can tell you that as someone w/ low caffeine tolerance, a lot of coffee brews keep me up to 2am. I still drink them, but I must suffer the consequences.

    Gotta guess there's over 30 mg / bottle in a few stouts.
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  3. Probably depends on the specific beer. I had a Double Coffee Speedway Stout that was on cask and it kept me up for hours. And I am not really that sensitive. Should have used my brain, it said double coffee.
  4. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

  5. Sam21

    Sam21 Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 14, 2009

    That's the thread I read but it seemed very all over. The tweet helps and I definitely agree that it'll differ. I'll have to try 3Beans on a weekend when sleep is not a necessity. I love my coffee, but I'm not sure if I love caffeine in my beers.
  6. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

    i believe it's mentioned in that thread as well, but a "nightcap" actually disrupts the human sleep cycle quite negatively too. caffeine isn't always the only culprit.
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  7. Sam21

    Sam21 Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 14, 2009

    Yup - I'm aware if the nightcap and its effect on the restorative nature of sleep. But caffeine obviously has more of an impact on the ability to actually knock off.
  8. LostTraveler

    LostTraveler Savant (395) Maine Oct 28, 2011

    Fell victim to this last night, opened a bomber of a coffee stout and next thing I knew it was 2AM and still couldnt sleep. Didnt think it would happen again, it did.
  9. jglowe77

    jglowe77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Jan 24, 2011

    I never drink coffee so I assume that I'm fairly sensitive to caffeine, and 3beans does nothing to me in terms of keeping me up. I hope this helps.
  10. Sam21

    Sam21 Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 14, 2009

    Caffeine sensitivity has less to do with caffeine tolerance due to how much coffee you drink and more so to do with your natural tolerance. Some people can have a cup of coffee and be WIRED while others can have a cup and feel little more than a general spark that lasts only a couple hours max. There are extremes beyond that even. I definitely will try 3beans. I used to drink coffee beers before I knew anything about caffeine and sleep (yes, I was that naive).
  11. MilkManX

    MilkManX Savant (390) Arizona Jul 10, 2012

    I bought some of the Big Sky Cowboy Coffee Porter and had one late one night. It was not easy going to sleep and I drink Coffee every day.
  12. According to a Founder's rep I talked to, FBS has the caffeine equivalent of a third of a can of Coke.
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  13. hooliganlife

    hooliganlife Advocate (675) Missouri Apr 12, 2007 Beer Trader

    only coffee beer thats ever effected me was Three Floyds Hells Black. mother of god i was up all night.
  14. Drink a Sixpoint 3 beans and have trouble sleeping.

    Drink a four pack of Sixpoint 3 beans and have no trouble sleeping.
  15. VeganUndead

    VeganUndead Champion (850) Virginia Apr 25, 2012 Beer Trader

    The biggest effect I've ever dealt with was Alesmith Speedway Stout. My caffeine tolerance is pretty high and after splitting a 750 was still wide-eyed hours later. Great beer. Cheers
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  16. Absolut

    Absolut Advocate (665) California Sep 19, 2011

    drank a bomber of big bad baptist last night and slept like a baby. it had a huge coffee profile. such a great beer.
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  17. MammaGoose

    MammaGoose Aficionado (230) Wyoming Jan 10, 2013

    I'm reasonably sensitive to caffeine. I usually have my one cup a day, probably 8 oz, and feel a caffeine buzz that lasts until the afternoon. If I have more coffee than that, I get a headache and feel uncomfortably wired.

    But I've never had a coffee beer that I've noticed to keep me up or given me any kind of caffeine buzz.
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  18. Errto

    Errto Savant (325) Connecticut Oct 20, 2009

    Had a similar experience. At the time I didn't even know it was a coffee beer at all. Wheeee.
  19. harperman69

    harperman69 Savant (400) Tennessee Feb 11, 2009 Beer Trader

    I quit caffeine years ago, but I'll still have a coffee stout every now and then. I've never felt the effect of caffeine on me though.
  20. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    If I'm not mistaken, alcohol as a toxin acts as a sleep inhibiting agent. I always sleep horribly after having a few too many. Sure, you fall asleep like a baby within like two minutes of closing your eyes, but you never get to the deep sleep stage that follows or corresponds (not sure which) with REM.

    I would expect coffee beers that have been aged on whole or crushed beans to have a rather high caffeine content compared to a cup of coffee from a machine. I don't know about coffee from a filter (we've had a machine for like 10 years), but there's actually about as much caffeine in a cup of machine coffee as there is in a decaf.
  21. They keep me up too, much worse than normal beers, even though I am a coffee drinker.

    So I drink them for breakfast.
  22. ant880

    ant880 Advocate (655) New York Nov 7, 2010

    I know this only refers to a single example of a coffee beer, but just thought it would be interesting to post a description direct from a brewery...Southampton's description of their Espresso Cream Stout:

    A medium-bodied Stout made with real Espresso Roast coffee from the Hamptons Coffee Company of Water Mill. Roasty with notes of coffee and chocolate. Full-bodied and easy to drink and very satisfying to both mind and body (and yes, it does contain a miniscule amount of caffeine- probably about as much as any de-caf)

  23. STILL wide awake from an espresso yeti that I had around noon.. looks like I'm sensitive to caffeine (and that yes, there is caffeine in coffee beers).

    Maybe someone should brew a chamomile IPA sometime..
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  24. Paramecium

    Paramecium Savant (265) California Jun 23, 2010 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Big Bad Baptist is the only one that has left me feeling wired. Great beer but not before bedtime lol.
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  25. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (945) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010 Subscriber

    I've never felt the caffeine from a coffee stout. Isn't alcohol a lot stronger drug than caffeine? I would think the booze would cancel the other one out, especially in imperial stouts.
  26. BeastLU

    BeastLU Advocate (595) Virginia Dec 20, 2012

    Shhhhh if they find out these beers have too much caffeine they will go the way of four loko!!
  27. MichPaul

    MichPaul Champion (780) Michigan Jan 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    I'm about in this same boat. I drink a good heavy stout before bed from time to time and I see no difference than if I was to drink an IPA. I do sleep better with no alcohol before bed though... At least I think I did, but it's been a few years!
    Thankfully my wife is afraid to indulge in a coffee stout before bed for fear of the caffeine. This keeps her away from stouts. I love it!
  28. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,070) New York Mar 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    Also not mentioned in this debate is the roast of the coffee, and the variety of bean. Robusto beans have higher caffeine than Arabica beans, and the lighter the roast, the higher the caffeine, as higher heat destroys more caffeine.

    My Brazilian friend gave me a bar of guarana, and I am thinking of using it in making a beer. Now that shit has some caffeine! I scrape a bit off into my coffee sometimes.
  29. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    I've drank 3beans before bed and felt fine. But I drink at least 6 cups of coffee during the day so I doubt a tiny bit of caffeine is going effect me.
  30. Caffeine addicts, can't even drink a beer without getting your fix. ;)
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  31. RichD

    RichD Poobah (1,020) Rhode Island Mar 18, 2012 Beer Trader

    I try not to consume a lot of caffeine in any given day. With that being said any elevated amount of caffeine that I would consume would probably give me a headache. I drink beers with some form of coffee included in them and I've never felt any effect from these beers.

    EDIT: I had a KBS around 7-8pm last night and slept like a baby.
  32. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Savant (390) Pennsylvania Jan 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    Tired Hands recently brewed a Saison with chamomile called Comfortzone.
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  33. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Savant (390) Pennsylvania Jan 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    If alcohol canceled out caffeine then you wouldn't see people drinking Red Bull and Vodkas.
  34. I was told that decaf has to be used in commercial brewing thanks to junk like Sparks showing up and mixing energy drink with alcohol. Just typing this, it looks stupid. Never mind.
  35. Supposedly that's only true of "artificially" caffeinated beers (like 4Loko), not coffee stouts, etc.
  36. MarcM

    MarcM Aficionado (155) California Aug 19, 2011

    I've heard/read that there is no effect from drinking energy drinks mixed with alcohol. People get fooled by this, but the caffeine has no affect over the alcohol.
  37. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Savant (390) Pennsylvania Jan 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    I'm no doctor but medical studies such as this one have shown otherwise.


    Drinking can give you a feeling of extreme "happiness," but when you overindulge, your body knows it, and it starts to shut down; you start feeling tired, sleepy and more sedated than stimulated. That spells bedtime. Marczinski also found that people downing the combination of alcohol and energy drinks lost this natural control. Marczinski had volunteers show up at her lab and drink either plain alcoholic drinks; mixed beverages containing alcohol and energy drinks; energy drinks alone; or a non-alcoholic beverage.

    Participants in the study showed that consuming the combination energy alcohol drinks reported twice as much stimulation as those drinking alcohol alone. They tended to report less sedation and fewer symptoms like tiredness or sleepiness.

    Marczinski continues:

    "The disconnect between what you feel and how you act is what is the problem here. Stimulation may not be a good thing when you're drinking because you may drink longer, decide to stay at a party where you're drinking longer, and drink far more than you originally intended."
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  38. themind

    themind Savant (495) New Jersey Mar 14, 2011

    After drinking El Triunfo from Harpoon I would have picked a fight with Jon Jones and suggested he bring Chuck Liddell with him. Man! that stuff is rocket fuel!
  39. Coffee beers aren't aged on coffee beans. Beans, usually ground, are incorporated into the brewing process.

    Every brewer I've talked to and every thing I've read says that using coffee in the brewing process add very little caffeine. It's in your head.
  40. Cotchept

    Cotchept Savant (260) Colorado Jan 14, 2013 Beer Trader

    Central Waters Peruvian Morning was the only ive drank that I felt a caffeine buzz from. 3 Beans is delicious but I didn't think there was much caffeine in that one. Eager to try Dayman from Stone.