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Cameron's RPA

Discussion in 'Canada' started by jimctin, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. I had my first one last night and all I have to say is wow. That has to be one of the best beer's in the LCBO right now. I am putting it above all of the recent IPA's that were released. Any thoughts?
  2. ive had it so much now i find it to be decent and a nice addition to the hoppy beers available at the lcbo,
    but no, i wouldnt put buying it ahead of Founders Centennial IPA.
  3. I find it very similar to Founders Red Rye, which I prefer over Centennial any day.
  4. Only ever had it on cask earlier this year, and it was amazing. Still awaiting the bombers to show up in Ottawa. Bummed it's not in 6pks, but I'll survive. I think that's the only advantage the Founders Centennial will have over it for me personally.
  5. It is fucking awesome
  6. Draught over bottles, but the bottles are hella nice too.
  7. I can't think of a single "hoppy" beer that I have had that tasted better out of a bottle...
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  8. Me neither.
  9. I hope this shows up more often.
  10. Anyone on here work an at LCBO that's willing to transfer a case? Please fire me a BM and I'll get the manager at my local LCBO to authorize the transfer. Thanks!
  11. If they ever deliver to me this week, I got you
  12. Thanks man... Let me know if they hook you up and I'll give Carla the heads up. Been watching your store but wasn't getting a hit. Fingers crossed they come through! :)