Camping Beers

Discussion in 'Canada' started by LarryAppleton, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. With Canadian camping season in full swing now, anyone have good recommendations for good beers to bring on trips? The 2 main requirements for me are that it should be sold in cans, and it doesnt have to be ice cold. Im mostly interested in Quebec and Ontario options, but anything goes. Also any tips on keeping them somewhat chilled? Floating them in the lake? Thanks
  2. McAuslan cans their Pale Ale but you'd have more choices of good breweries with the US. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy in a can can't be beat!
  3. Not much available in cans in Quebec. Ontario has lots of choices though - Crazy Canuck, Mad Tom, Headstock, Fish Eye PA, Devil's Pale Ale, along with a whole whack of lesser beers.

  4. Maybe a quick trip to your closest LCBO for a better selection. Nothing good in cans around here.