Can a brewery sell beer for off-premise consumption in Mississippi?

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  1. I believe I've already figured out that a) Mississippi breweries cannot self-distribute and b) Mississippi breweries can offer FREE tastings of samples no larger than 6 oz each but can't sell for ON-premise consumption (except brewpubs but they have to be part of a standalone restaurant or hotel and are limited to 1300 bbls a year, except for 1000 room plus hotels).

    (If this is wrong let me know)

    But I can't figure out from the statute whether Mississippi breweries can have a retail off-premise license and therefore sell beer-to-go, to, say, those people they gave a free sample to.
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    As far as I know we donot have any brewpubs in the state. MS has a 3 tier distro system and all beer has to go through a distributor. If you needmore information you can contact anyone from Raise Your Pints, they will be happy to help
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