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  1. I was looking to enter a review for BackAcre Beermakers' Sour Golden Ale and noticed that it wasn't listed in the system. I was going to add them as a place and just add the beer but they don't list a street address or phone number on the contact page of their website. Also, they don't consider themselves a brewery, but rather as a blendary where they produce wort with local VT breweries and take it back to their place to ferment. Can they be added to the system or do they not meet the criteria?
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  2. It's a phenomenal beer! I wanted to rate it and ran into the same thing.
  3. TMoney2591

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    Seems like they should be added, just like any lambic producer that doesn't make their own wort. Just shoot 'em an e-mail for a street address and continue, right?
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  4. emerge077

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  5. Not legally - it appears they're still considered a "brewery" by the TTB - "Section 5092 of the IRC (26 U.S.C. 5092) defines a brewer as a person who brews beer or produces beer for sale. In order to brew or produce beer, a person must first have title to the ingredients or raw materials, including unfermented wort." In this case the Feds simply considers the wort an ingredient, and the place where the wort is fermented into beer must also be a licensed brewery. Backacre's COLA is made out to their own Brewery Permit #BR-VT-BAC-15000, their address in Weston listed on the application.
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  6. FYI - Mystic Brewery runs a similar operation, brewing wort at a contract brewery in western MA and fermenting it in their Chelsea MA "Fermentorium". Shouldn't be an issue getting htem added into the system.
  7. There is actually a part on the brewer's federal excise tax from that asks how much wort you bought. That's how we (Mystic) realized you can do a gueuzestekerij - like brewery in the US. If you get a brewing licence you can buy pre-made contract wort or you can go to another facility and make the wort yourselves (which is what we do). In either case your facility, where the alcohol is made, is the brewery of record.
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    I believe this is how some Granite City operates - they have wort shipped in from a central brewery and then ferment it on site. Reduces the amount of equipment necessary at each location...
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    I ran into a similar issue trying to add the Nómada Brewing Company so I can review their beers. There's no address on their bottles and I couldn't find anything listed on their website (, Facebook page or Twitter page (@nomadabrew). I tried adding it as a place on BA but a street address is required. This is a brewery that has their beers brewed at other breweries in Spain.
  10. MasterSki

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    Street address isn't required by the system if the contract brewery box is checked; at least on my end it isn't. That being said, we'd prefer if there was a physical point of contact (office, PO Box, etc.) if at all possible.

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