Comment Can I get a rundown of your BA rating system?

Discussion in 'Site' started by bonSreeB, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. bonSreeB

    bonSreeB Aficionado (145) Alabama Dec 27, 2012

    New to BA, and it seems I find myself spending a lot of time debating my ratings in my head before I rate any beer to see if it makes sense on a 1-5 scale. I'd like to know how other BAers are ranking their beers in comparison to me. I'm sure this is probably a reoccurring thread around here, but since I'm new, I haven't seen it. Spare me, if so.

    For me...

    4< is a beer that I really enjoy and will search out on a regular basis and keep in my rotation, or are must gets if it's seasonal. Then, of course, I rate them up to 5 on how much I get a mouth boner drinking it.
    3-4 is a beer that I thought was good and would buy again, but nothing stands out to me where I have to have it or crave it on occasions.
    2-3 is a beer that I tolerate and will finish a sixer that I bought of it, but won't be buying it again and will pretty much only drink it when there is nothing else available.
    1-2 is a beer that flat out sucks, and I offer up to any and every jerk-off that comes to the house in order to just get it out of my fridge. I've only rated a couple of beers 1s, though, and can't find any way to really distinguish a scale of suck up from 1, so I don't think I've ever used 1.25, 1.5, or 1.75.

    Is this pretty much standard protocol?
  2. beertunes

    beertunes Poobah (1,355) Washington Sep 24, 2007

    4.5+ A beer that can't get any better for it's style

    4.0+ Truly great beers that most people would happily drink any chance they had

    3.5+ Very good-to-great beers that are must tries if you see them

    3.0+ Good, solid beers that won't wow or disappoint you

    2.5+ Decent beers that may be a bit off in one or two aspects

    2.0+ Not very good, but aren't far away from being better

    2.0- Bad beers, avoid
  3. BKBassist

    BKBassist Savant (490) New York Jan 24, 2013

    Pretty much my scale too!
  4. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Advocate (735) Virginia Jan 27, 2013 Verified Subscriber

    I'm pretty much on scale with both of you guys. Depends on the mood I'm in, as well as, the environment/atmosphere.
  5. nicks6217

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    rate to a c average
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  6. Boilerfood

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    Wow, this is all way more detailed than I have ever thought about it. My ratings are just that, MINE. And since I am not Michael Jackson, I hope no one else cares what I think.
  7. JamesShoemaker

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    This. Only two beers reviewed higher than 4.5 for me, and they're different styles, so they're exemplars for me!