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CANBIF Spring 2013

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Phyl21ca, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. TheSevenduffs and I have been exchanging emails to get CANBIF going again. Here are the rules/details of how we intend to proceed:
    - Registration: Email/conversation sent to TheSevenduffs and Phyl21ca with full address (City, Province) before midnight on March 28th.
    - Participants who have never traded need to inform us and should plan on acquiring a styro shipper.
    - Please also inform us if you have regular trading partner on BA.
    - Pairing will be available by April 5th.
    - Willing to ship between April 6th and April 20th.
    - Amount of beers to be sent: 110-150 oz (which is approx 5 x 22 oz bottles and 1x 12 oz bottle). At least half of the bottles should be local. The rest can be an assortment of US/other provinces.
    - Swag is not required but is optional.

    Let TheSevenduffs or myself know if you have any question/concerns.

    P.S. Admin – please do not move this thread to the BIF forum for now until people had a chance to see this thread in the Canada forum
  2. Obviously, I will be participating.

    I thought I would add a few things for those who did not participate in the last CANBIF:

    1. We will do our best to pair everyone with someone from a different province. Last year's CANBIF unfortunately had more than 50% of participants being from Ontario, so that wasn't possible. If that is the case again, we will do our best to pair up more experienced traders in Ontario with each and to avoid pairing up people from the same area (ie: two people form the GTA or two people from Ottawa).

    2. In reference to point #1 above, we'd love to see more non-Ontarians this time :)

    3. I HIGHLY recommend buying styro shippers. We had one box break in transit last time and styro-shippers are the best way to protect your beer. They may cost a few dollars but are well worth it. You can buy them here: http://www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Boxes/Kitchen-moving-boxes/Wine-Shipping-Kits?mid=169 ... if you spend $25 or more shipping is free! Remember that if your box breaks in transit and/or doesn't reach your target, you will be responsible for sending a replacement box.

    As Phyl21ca said, please don't be shy if you have questions.
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  3. One more thing...

    When you send us your information, please also include your t-shirt size and this seems to be one of the more common swag items that people will include...
  4. Thanks for putting this togheter guys! I had lots of fun last year and i am sure I will again this year!

    Brad... I still have some of those well cellared hefe for you. Hope to pick you as my receiver this year!
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  5. Ahahaha, so kind of you Dave.
    If you could add a couple spicy winter warmers as extras I'll be in beer heaven. :p
  6. One more piece of information... FedEx requires a phone number. If you provide yours they will call you in case there are delivery issues. If not, the sender will have to provide his when shipping and they will call him with delivery issues. It is always better to have the target's phone number. So if you are comfortable proving it, please do.
  7. And yes, thanks for doing this again guys! Lots of fun and look forward to participating again ...as long as I'm not Dave's target!!! ;)
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  8. YES YES A thousand times yes!!!
  9. Could it be possible to know the number of people from each provinces that suscribes for this canbiff? A weekly update could be good !!!

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Beermail sent! Looking forward to it :)
  11. This will be fun, really looking forward to it
  12. Beermail sent, but only to Phyl21ca. TheSevenDuffs, your inbox was full this morning.

    Really looking forward to this too!
  13. Already 15 participants registered for this edition of CANBIF. Now we just need somebody fromManitobathat is willing to share some of Rudge’s brews.
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  14. Where's Ken when you need him?
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. My mailbox is not good...
  16. I'm in, so that's one, and if Ken joins that two MB'ers.
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  17. I'll be in. Just been lazy...
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  18. I'm in again. Last round was fun.
  19. We are now up to 18 participants registered. :)

    Where are the folks from Nova Scotia?
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  20. I'd be down if we shipped a month later but I'm chicken shit, April in Calgary can get quite cold.
  21. Come on, you can do it... Just make sure your shipper watches the forecast. Hell, I'm from the centre of the GWN, Winnipeg and gonna do it :p
  22. I've already mentioned to the organizers that the April 20th deadline may be...optimistic...for Manitoba. :cool:(literally)
  23. I'm in, I've been putting a few things aside in anticipation of this, awesome!
  24. That's good to hear. I have been doing the same. I think we are going to see some really quality boxes this time around...
  25. You guys are all going down, I'm out to win this one!! :cool:
  26. Been intentionally holding out on buying stuff, if my recipient is a fellow reviewer, I want to get some new stuff out to them!
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  27. Challenge accepted :)
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  28. Just as long as you realize that my definition of winning means I'm sending a sixer each of properly cellared Canadian and FRESH Alexander Keith's IPA. Just try and beat that!
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  29. 1999 Vintage Wildcat?
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  30. is it waxed?
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  31. No, but it probably tastes like wax.
  32. Haven't been squirreling anything recently because i was on the fence but i'm hoping to deliver a solid package regardless!
  33. FEUO

    FEUO Initiate (0) Ontario (Canada) Jul 24, 2012

    Yikes, almost missed this one.

    Signed up. Looking forward to spoiling a fellow Canuck with some MI goodness.
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  34. Registered! Prepare for Quebec deliciousness!
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  35. I'm in...can we have a malt liquor requirement :D

    Also personally I don't mind getting my box from someone a little later if weather is a factor that week.
  36. Ordered my styro shippers! Now to dig through my goodies and see what I can send out...
  37. Looking forward to this - can't think of a better way to make my first trade. To earn good beer karma I am planning on sending home made beer flavoured marshmallows as swag.
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  38. ISO: Beershmallows
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  39. That sounds delicious :D
  40. Can we just have a marshmellow BIF...where FondueVoodoo send them to everyone?
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