Canned beer popularity on the rise, nearly 53% of US beer consumption was from a can in 2011

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  1. harrymel

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    Why are you concerned about estrogen? What is it going to do to your body?
  2. dmwcpa

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    Excess estrogen has been reported to lower testosterone levels and sperm counts. Prostrate cancer has also been linked to high estrogen levels.
  3. Reinbeck11

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    Drink liquor with cigars. Brandy, scotch etc....

    Only beer I've had in a can in at least 3 years is Ten Fidy and I wasn't smokin then but I wish I was....
  4. Indybier

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    Pack of 4 16 oz Daisy Cutter cans = $9.
    64 oz Growler re-fill of the same - $12.
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  5. jivex5k

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    Personally I'd drink beer poured from a leather boot as long as it tastes good.