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Comment Cannot add Odonata Beers to "Hads"

Discussion in 'Site' started by westcoastbeerlvr, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I've been updating some of my Hads from old lists today, and when I tried to add a few beers from Odonata brewing (RIP), the option to add/review them is not there. It's very strange. Can you look into this?
    Thank you.
  2. As far as I understand it, you cannot review or add beers from a brewery that no longer exists. That's just the way it is.
  3. Aaah. Gotcha. Strange that you can still review Retired beers from breweries that do still exist.
  4. Is there a reason for this rule? I would love to add a review of a beer from a closed brewery...I mean, I have the bottle...so why not?
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  5. MasterSki

    MasterSki Site Editor (1,095) Ontario (Canada) Dec 25, 2006 Staff Member Subscriber Beer Trader

    The main utilities of the beer reviews on this website are a) other people can research what beers to purchase and drink (or avoid), b) bars, stores, and restaurants can research what beers their clientele want them to stock, and to a lesser extent c) breweries can know which smaller batch beers are most successful (as sales volume on small batches isn't always helpful - if it's limited production it may sell out regardless).

    Since adding additional reviews to defunct breweries doesn't achieve b) and c) at all, and only nominally addresses a) to the extent that the beers are still palatable and available somewhere, they're of limited use to the community. You're welcome to discuss your experiences in the cellared/aging beer forum and keep your own records though.
  6. Thanks! Out of curiosity, what would happen if I attempted to edit a review from said defunct brewery? Would it update the score of that beer?
  7. MasterSki

    MasterSki Site Editor (1,095) Ontario (Canada) Dec 25, 2006 Staff Member Subscriber Beer Trader

    You'll get an error message.