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Canada Cantillon in Canada?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by KWMiles, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. KWMiles

    KWMiles Initiate (0) Minnesota Oct 23, 2012

    Hey friends! Sorry to blast your entire country's forum. They really should break it up by province or region.


    I have some friends going across the boarder soon; is Cantillon pretty widely available in the metro areas?

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  2. ricochet173

    ricochet173 Savant (285) Quebec (Canada) Jul 6, 2011 Verified

    Unless they are crossing the border into Alberta, the answer is "No". This question was easy to answer, but in the future please make sure to specify the exact location; Canada is a pretty big place!
  3. KWMiles

    KWMiles Initiate (0) Minnesota Oct 23, 2012

    Fair enough, thanks for the help!
  4. Just picked up Fou Foune in Vancouver! We also have the Kriek, Gueuze, Rose, Iris, Vigneronne, Grand Cru. I saw all of those on the shelf today. Lou Pepe and St Lamvinus have also been here recently.
  5. LarryAppleton

    LarryAppleton Savant (350) Quebec (Canada) Dec 1, 2012 Verified

    How dis Canada get this reputation that Cantillon comes out of our kitchen taps?
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  6. ricochet173

    ricochet173 Savant (285) Quebec (Canada) Jul 6, 2011 Verified

    I don't know, but it gets a little annoying at times when half of the threads in the "Canada" forum are created by Americans looking to poach from our miniscule Cantillon supply. Canada makes great beer to you know! Try some of it!
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  7. Not kitchen taps, but Alibi Room had 3 diff Cantillon on tap for their 400th list this week :) - it's been a good week
  8. Compared to the amounts of Cantillon found in the States, Canada has plenty and for almost half the price it sells for in US liquor stores. Also, while Canada (I live in BC so I'm speaking mainly for that province) does indeed make some great beer, sours aren't really among them (at least ones that would compare to Cantillon -- though I hear the P49/Steamworks brett fermented IPA collab. was kind of amazing at the Alibi Room 400th, so hopefully we're on the right path).

    Anyway, OP, it looks like you're in Minnesota so your friends probably aren't going this way, but Vancouver should have a decent supply of Cantillon. Brewery Creek has some for sure, and there's a good chance Firefly and Viti might have some stock.
  9. hoser

    hoser Savant (450) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    A great job by their agent, wow from someone that works in the industry. Everyone that got to partake in Van that is pretty coolio!
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  10. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    What's the story on Fou'Foune? 90 bottles from Copper & Theory, but I hear it was heavily allocated? Is it a 1 bottle/person type of thing?
  11. Brewery Creek got 8 cases and 16ST got 7. Each case only has 6 bottles so that's not much! 16ST sold out in one night. BC was released and lasted most of today crazy enough. All gone now. 1 bottle limit per person, but people had elves with them.
  12. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    Ah, well looks like Cantillon being a "secret" in BC is unfortunately no longer the case then it seems! I'll have to use my 2011 Fou'Foune bottles sparingly...
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  13. tbeckett

    tbeckett Champion (805) Ontario (Canada) May 17, 2009 Verified

    JEEEEZE! If Cantillon sells for half the price that it does in the US they must've skipped the recession. Last time I traded for a bottle of Cantillon it seemed like a pretty penny. Americans must be funding their kids' University education from afar.
  14. KWMiles

    KWMiles Initiate (0) Minnesota Oct 23, 2012

    Thanks for being helpful! From my experience, most Canadians are like you and not dicks like some of other worthless complainers in this thread. I do have family in Washington state, so next time I'm in BC I'll see if there's any good stuff around - and not just Cantillon.

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  15. ricochet173

    ricochet173 Savant (285) Quebec (Canada) Jul 6, 2011 Verified

    I didn't mean to come off as a dick or a "worthless complainer"; I was just noting the irony that the Canada forum is constantly getting topics created about Cantillon, which is decidedly less Canadian! Sorry if I wasn't too helpful, but your original question was also incredibly vague. Like I said, Canada is huge, so a location would have helped immensely. Good luck getting the Cantillon though, and I hope you find what you want!
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  16. LOL, I think all the commotion recently is because of Fou Foune. We only got 90 bottles in Greater Vancouver a 'city' of a few million, plus a 1/bottle per person limit... If you're looking for some decent BC sours, Mad Bruin from Driftwood is still available a few places. I hear P49 is experimenting with sours as well. Cantillon is great and worth searching out, but I wish we could get Cascade up here :)
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  17. Hey Guys,

    It's Adam from Copper & Theory. For Fou Foune, Jonny is right, 90 bottles in BC and that was it. It all went to two stores, mostly because they asked me first, and because I knew they could sell it all ASAP to the hungriest/thirstiest...They both sold out in 1 day. We didn't impose the 1 bottle limit, that was their idea. But frankly, I think it's good, as it ensures everyone gets some. I personally could have hoarded it all (thought about it :), or even a few cases to myself, but I want as many people as possible to have a chance to get one. Even if it's only one. Hopefully we will get more Fou Foune in the future, but this was the first time we've ever had it.

    If it makes up for it, Biercraft Cambie will have the Gueuze, Kriek and Cuvee St. Gilloise on tap starting tonight (not all at the same time).

    Also, as far "Canada having more Cantillon" goes, I can only speak for BC: We get 2-3 pallets a year (180-350 cases, depending on the configuration). That's very little. I can usually get 15-25 cases of the special stuff per year, and Fou Foune, was only 15 this time. The reason it may seem that the supply is greater in Canada is that it pretty much all ends up in Vancouver at a handful of stores and when it's here, they grab lots at once, knowing that Americans will buy it when they visit. But for a few months of the year there's nothing. There's far more Cantillon in the US, but it gets split among hundreds of distributors, in 30-40 states, and the importer is on the East Coast. We charge a fair price, but we import direct from Cantillon. The distributors on the West Coast of the USA don't have that luxury, so it's usually a lot more for them, though still technically fair, as they need to make money, they just pay more for it than we do.

    If you guys ever have any questions feel free to email me: [email protected], or call me directly at 604-219-8655

    Thanks for your love of Cantillon, and I'll keep trying to bring as much in as we can.

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  18. boilermakerryan

    boilermakerryan Savant (305) Indiana Nov 8, 2011 Verified

    Any chance of finding Cantillon in Winnipeg? I will be heading there next week for business.
  19. kjyost

    kjyost Champion (775) Manitoba (Canada) May 4, 2008 Verified

    If you talk to me :p (or tbadiuk). Otherwise, not a hope in heck. Sorry (for me & you).
  20. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    If you're up for an in-person trade just drop me a BM, I have Cantillon on hand...:cool: Oh, and Ken (kjyost) may have some too if it didn't drink it all yet! :p
  21. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    Ah, yes...read thread first, then post...! I need to remember that...:p
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  22. I didn't take a close look at it, due to cost prohibitiveness of these beers for a college student, but I did see some Cantillon at Central City in Surrey today
  23. smakawhat

    smakawhat Poobah (1,290) Maryland Mar 18, 2008 Verified

    What gets me even more is that 8 years ago, you could occasionally pick out Cantillon off the shelf in the US down here with ease. In fact you couldn't GIVE THAT STUFF AWAY... now for the past 3 years it's all the rage..
  24. pmarlowe

    pmarlowe Advocate (720) District of Columbia Nov 27, 2010 Verified

    What does it take for someone stateside to trade for Cantillon?
  25. TheSevenDuffs

    TheSevenDuffs Champion (860) Ontario (Canada) Jan 20, 2010 Verified

    Seeing as you are from CA, I would think that some good harder to find locals would get the job done. Especially if you are willing to take the risk and ship through the border.
  26. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    First, I recommend trading with someone in Quebec, as the QC port of entry seems to have the least amount problems with confiscated boxes. Avoid MB,SK,AB (sorry fellow prairie BA's) as those all come through MB which is trouble. I'm unclear with BC and ON but I think they're OK?

    Second, you're in CA, so any 'rare' stuff like Bruery RS/HS stuff - Black Tuesday, CR, etc should nab most Cantillon $4$. Other stuff like B5 (or B6 when it comes out) should do as well, along with BA alesmith stuff, etc. Even bulk Pliny might do it, but shipping will be killer so I'd stick to high-value bottles to keep bottle count down.
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  27. TheSevenDuffs

    TheSevenDuffs Champion (860) Ontario (Canada) Jan 20, 2010 Verified

    Ontario seems ok but I don't risk it. I have everything shipped to my mailing address just over the border in NY. From what I hear, quebec is ok too.
  28. BC has been fine. But now I just get things shipped across the border to be safe. Also cheaper.
  29. woosterbill

    woosterbill Champion (905) Kentucky Apr 6, 2009 Verified

    Apologies for being yet another annoying Lambic-thirsty American, but what about Toronto? I'll be there next weekend, and while I'll be sampling as many local Canadian beers as possible while in town I'd love to bring back a few bottles of Cantillon (or, better yet, Drie Fonteinen?) if it's available anywhere between the city and Niagara Falls.

  30. hoser

    hoser Savant (450) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Try the folks at keep6imports they have a shipment in transit.
  31. rpb85

    rpb85 Aficionado (110) Alberta (Canada) Feb 28, 2013 Verified

    I have all the loons at my house. Stop inquiring about them, you have enough good beer available to you (Americans) that you can surely trade.