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Great Britain Cask Lager

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Robert_N, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. The Craft offshoot of Brains have released a Cask Lager this week, hopefully get to track it down and try it soon, although it's international weekend and it might disappear before I can get to a pub.
    I have not actually tried many and I have never been that impressed, I am sure a few of them were made as an ale.
    Obviously the average lager drinker will not be too happy about the lack of carbonation, this is something most people expect from a lager these days.
    What does everyone think of cask conditioned lager?
  2. There have been a lot of these. Schiehallion comes to mind, Oldershaw Regal Blonde has been round for years and is routinely purchases in these parts for beer festivals where it sells well.
    No reason why lagers should be highly carbonated; that's a recent thing really connected with pseudo Pils.
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  3. Never had a decent cask lager. But I have a funny feeling there could be a good one coming at any minute.
  4. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Savant (250) Australia Jan 5, 2009

    Serving lager at cellar temperature ??? Please forgive me if I don't see it ever working...
  5. Works very well.When it's on at festivals it goes very quickly.Often, as at many festivals, even warmer than cellar temp! One of the pubs in my village held a small festival and sold 5 firkins of Regal Blonde.Cask lagers went pretty well too at the Melton festival last time I was there.
  6. This shoddy practice is rife in the UK. Warm fermentation, no 'lagering' involved. It's a piss-poor attempt at turning lager drinkers which is never going to work.
  7. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) how warm many mass-market lager brands are fermented.
  8. Worth a shot I reckon, served at a nice cool temperature it would be quite nice. Having them less fizzy would probably make them more thirst quenching too.
  9. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Savant (250) Australia Jan 5, 2009

    But wouldn't it pour out flat? It needs gas for the end product served to resemble and taste anything like a normal lager...cask should stick to ale only.
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  10. I'm not sure about this - I highly doubt that the original German lagers were force carbonated. High carbonation in many lagers is probably a modern feature of the (mass-produced) style, rather than a definitive requirement.

    A lager is a beer is that it is fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast at a cool temperature and matured for a good length of time. I can't see how the method of dispense would detract from a quality product. I suspect that a cask lager could be good provided that the brewer knows what they're doing and does it properly.

    (I agree with the comments above about maturation temp/time, and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that big brewers cut corners - that's why their products taste like shit as soon as they get warmer than freezing).
  11. Exactly, I don't really see why not being fizzy like a soft drink is a problem here.

    One thing is that Brains are a quite a large brewery so Scoop is probably right saying it's mostly an attempt to attract lager loving people in to the company.
  12. Brains did once try to do with a beer called 45, it failed obviously.
    Actually, on this occasion I think this not the case, I was on a tour of the brewery with the head brewer when this was being brewed, it's more of a labour of love and will only ever be available under the Brains Craft label in selected Brains outlets on cask, and it's likely to a be a one off.
    i still have not tried it, I will go look for it tonight.
    Have you tried any of the Brains Craft stuff yet? Are you in Cardiff anymore?
  13. Actually there are some top fermented lagers.Kolsch is legally described as "obergäriges Lagerbier" as it has been -guess what-lagered.Division of beer between ales and lagers on the basis of fermentation is a recent aberration.
  14. herrburgess

    herrburgess Champion (935) South Carolina Nov 4, 2009 Verified

    You are correct. All you need to do is go to Franconia and drink some Kellerbier served by gravity from the wooden barrel to see what a low-carbonated lager tastes like -- in a word: delicious. A good starting point would be Mahr's in Bamberg with their Ungespundetes Lagerbier; it's lagered in unbunged vessels, which lets much of the CO2 escape, then generously hopped. I think Ron Pattinson considered calling it "Real Lager" to draw a comparison to Real Ale.
  15. patto1ro

    patto1ro Advocate (510) Netherlands Apr 26, 2004

    Bayerischer Anstich is a bit of a mouthful to most native English speaker. I wouldn't call it Real Lager because I never use the term Real Ale, preferring cask-conditioned or cask. Cask Lager is probably what I called it, though obviously I'm aware that it isn't the same thing as British cask-conditioned beer. Lovely stuff, nonetheless.
  16. herrburgess

    herrburgess Champion (935) South Carolina Nov 4, 2009 Verified

    Good stuff indeed. Was referring to your post about Augustiner where you considered the term but settled on something else.
  17. I saw it alot but it was always a case of something else catching my eye which i wanted more. Same with Tiny Rebel actually, though I ordered the lot of those (the not available in shops ones) the other day.
  18. Apparantly one of the next projects of the Brains craft brewery is a beer containing chocolate and coconut
    Surely if you want something like that you would be better off with a bounty flavoured vodka from Revolution?

    What UK brewing needs is a Bacon donout and coffee breakfast stout
    or maybe All day Breakfast stout lmao :confused:
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  20. I suspect they're trying to copy maui coconut porter, or the head brewer likes bounties.

    Apparantly the cask lager is quite nice, but the person who told me that said it tasted nothing like a "larger". I'm suspecting more and more that my uni's real ale society is just hobgoblin style anything but bitter bashers. There were a depressing number of people saying Hobgoblin was their choice if they only had one beer to drink for the rest f their lives.
  21. To my eternal shame I haven't had Hobgoblin on Cask
    the bottled version is quite lacklustre and I bet taste no diff from the canned

    Though if the cask is anything Wychwood's Bountiful I could kind of see the tiniest bit of sense in that.
  22. Yeah but they mean bottles, they always bang on about how great the lidl deals on bottles boghoblin is.
  23. It's probably one of the better available from everywhere type beers, but I wouldn't say it's particularly great

  24. It is also fairly lacklustre from the cask, the dominant flavour being treacle. Rather one-dimensional and I think I'd go mad if I had to drink it for the rest of my life.
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  25. Good idea. But to truly engage the British public what about a dry stout aged in Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney pie tins? Mmmmm.