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Cellar Pictures Vol 1

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by Jparkanzky, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Autobiographically
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  2. Dope

    Dope Advocate (670) Massachusetts Oct 5, 2010 Verified

    Nah, it's just for display purposes. I had all of mine in cases (many, many cases) until I bought a dedicated beer fridge and then I moved them all in there. I figure I had just left them all out in the open on the shelves I'd eventually cause a domino effect someday and lose a lot of beer.

  3. flipdog0

    flipdog0 Savant (425) North Carolina Feb 11, 2011 Verified

    I have broken enough bottles to know to keep these things in cases..
  4. jwb06

    jwb06 Aficionado (140) Indiana Dec 24, 2009


    Did some rearranging today
  5. DogfishJoe

    DogfishJoe Advocate (505) Ohio Feb 14, 2010 Verified

    that cantillon looks comfortable!
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  7. iL0VEbeer

    iL0VEbeer Advocate (625) New Jersey Oct 4, 2011 Verified

    Just put together some new shelves for my beer cellar!

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  8. [​IMG]

    My boxes are in the cabinets below. Dad's got his wine above. Super stoked he felt the need to build a temperature controlled room into the garage building. That didn't help my purchasing habits at all though...
  9. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

  10. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

  11. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

  12. Clonies720

    Clonies720 Initiate (0) Texas Oct 24, 2012

  13. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

    Yea poor picture quality I know. I had just spend 8 hours working on the cellar, four of which was carrying the beer down 3 flights of stairs case by case.
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  14. Clonies720

    Clonies720 Initiate (0) Texas Oct 24, 2012

    Don't mind me. I'm kinda jealous. I just throw stuff into my chest freezer, closet, and mini-fridge without organizing it. I really need to get around to sorting it out...And maybe throwing a "cellar party" to empty it.
  15. bpfrush

    bpfrush Advocate (615) Wisconsin Jan 24, 2009 Verified

    Update from page 1

  16. Renting my place, so some Ikea shelves in the basement is the best I can do. Just went through and rearranged some stuff. Got rid of some of the 2010 IPAs that I tossed down there when I moved.


    The contents (sorry about the no walez, brah): http://www.cellarhq.com/cellar/bison_factory
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  17. Eriktheipaman

    Eriktheipaman Champion (805) California Sep 4, 2010 Verified

    I opened up my 08, 10, 11 on Thanksgiving and it was a good time. The 08 was over the hill but the 10 was amazing and still have a few more years left before it starts turning.
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  18. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

    Not really a cellar, as I live in Florida, but here is my storage fridge.

    Usually the light is off in the fridge, but had to turn it on for the pic.

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  19. Brewzer1010

    Brewzer1010 Savant (280) California Feb 17, 2010 Verified

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  20. WiscoNYC

    WiscoNYC Aficionado (200) New York Jan 12, 2012 Verified

    I bought an apartment recently and just finished setting up my beer cellar in the temp controlled basement storage unit.


    Without having to use turn on the heating/cooling unit in the storage space, the temp has so far stayed right around 50°F (+/- 2°). Not sure if that'll go up in the summertime as the basement felt the same temp when I first saw the apartment in June. The humidity has been wavering between 50-58%. I wish it was a bit higher, but I'm not gonna stress too much about 50%. If that starts to drop more though I'll probably do something to up the humidity, but for now I'm quite happy with the setup...it's much better than the boxes stored in the back of room temp closets method that I had been using beforehand.
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  21. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (645) Texas Nov 27, 2011 Verified

    Hell of a lot of quality in that fridge. Well done!
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  22. JitsuBrew

    JitsuBrew Aficionado (190) California Jan 30, 2013 Verified

    i need to take a trip to the East coast to stock up
  23. Dontcounttoday

    Dontcounttoday Advocate (560) Illinois Apr 23, 2010 Verified

    Ug I am so jealous. Makes my 200 beer fridge seem paltry in comparison, not to mentioned crammed and unorganized.

    I wish I had a constantly cool basement to build such an awesome cellar.
  24. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

    Honestly most of my cellar is off the shelf it just takes patience to not drink it constantly
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  25. Lansman

    Lansman Advocate (500) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified


    Took all weekend to clear out the space and set up, but well worth the time spent.
  26. FrankHammer

    FrankHammer Advocate (530) Michigan Jan 31, 2013 Verified

    This thread makes me very sad and very happy at the same time. I have much to learn.
  27. KevSal

    KevSal Advocate (700) California Oct 17, 2010 Verified

    im a fan of this method as well. its fun to open a box and find something you completely forgot you had, haha.

    i keep em in boxes on shelves. being alive for the 89 earthquake, a lot of these pretty cellars would be puddles and shards.
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  28. atone315

    atone315 Champion (880) Wisconsin Oct 8, 2008 Verified

    Not the best pictures, but pictures nonetheless-




    It keeps growing, hopefully I can get it under control one of these years....although I have been saying that for a while.
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  29. DogfishJoe

    DogfishJoe Advocate (505) Ohio Feb 14, 2010 Verified

    Embrace the alchoholism
  30. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (370) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    Wish my local liquor stores were that well stocked. :D
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  31. atone315

    atone315 Champion (880) Wisconsin Oct 8, 2008 Verified

    If only I took 360 degree pics and showed the wine and booze shelves....
  32. FrankHammer

    FrankHammer Advocate (530) Michigan Jan 31, 2013 Verified

    Can any of you with wives send them over to talk with mine?! I'm so jealous.
  33. surlytheduff

    surlytheduff Savant (415) Tajikistan Jul 22, 2010 Verified

    Most of my bottles are in cases. I then put a big marker letter on the side and that's what I reference in my inventory spreadsheet (the fact that I'm up to 'Z' tells me I have too many goddamn bottles).

    For those doing this, I would highly recommend reinforcing the bottom of the boxes with tape. The glue (and cardboard to an extent) start breaking down in a basement/cellar environment. It's exacerbated by regularly lifting a full box when digging for beers.
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  34. ArrogantB

    ArrogantB Champion (770) Colorado Jun 9, 2006 Verified

    Putting a reference marker on the box is a great idea, thank you. I have so many damn boxes and I can never remember where things are. This will help.
  35. ADTaber

    ADTaber Champion (810) South Carolina Apr 29, 2011 Verified

  36. jrae2424

    jrae2424 Aficionado (235) New Hampshire Feb 14, 2009 Verified

  37. drgonzo2k2

    drgonzo2k2 Savant (490) California Aug 24, 2012

    Current Cellar Pics. In our loft, I get this bad boy all to myself:


    And oh, what joys it contains:



  38. Number45forever

    Number45forever Savant (400) Vermont Jan 6, 2012 Verified

    Seeing this thread, I just wish I was about 30% as organized as most of you.
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  39. I'm not worthy. :(

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