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Cellaring Pumking

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by Treyliff, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. So Pumpking is one of my favorite pumpkin ales. WV recently started getting Southern Tier and strangely enough, bottles of last years Pumking started showing up in January (at $6.50 a bottle ).

    Has anyone every cellared Pumking? If so, what was your opinion of how it aged?
  2. it taste just as bad aged as is it does fresh...IMO it isnt worth it but if your a fan of it, its prob worth the 6.50 bottle.
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  3. strangebrew321

    strangebrew321 Savant (370) Indiana Feb 18, 2009

    Age doesn't do pumpkin beers any favors.
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  4. In most cases I agree, but Pumking doesn't have that typical 'pumpkin spice' flavor as most pumpkin ales, rather more of a malty sweetness, plus the higher ABV.

    I guess I really can't go wrong with a $6.50 experiment either way, I was just wondering if anyone has actually tried it.
  5. In 2011 I had a 2009 Pumking and it was amazing! Wasn't as hoppy of course, but kept a little bitterness and was even creamier... I now have a 2011 & 2012 in the cellar and I'm looking forward to a little 3 year vertical this year.
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  6. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    I agree with previous posts, totally loses that hop bite it has fresh.

    On the bright side, the cool whip really shines through in the nose.
  7. RDMII

    RDMII Savant (315) Georgia Apr 11, 2010

    I prefer it at a year at least. Too much sweet/spice when fresh for me.
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  8. Moc513

    Moc513 Savant (285) New York May 24, 2012

    I too had a year old Pumking and found it amazing...it was no longer hoppy, but had great taste.
  9. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (595) Illinois Apr 15, 2011

    I keep my distance regardless of how fresh it is.
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  10. raczkowski

    raczkowski Savant (340) Florida May 16, 2011

    i have a 2011 that has been staring at me for a while now...might be time to pop that thing ths weekend...although my taste for pumpkin beers is growing less and less each time i drink one lol.
  11. krl2112

    krl2112 Advocate (575) Illinois Nov 10, 2012

    Man I totally agree. Not a fan at all.
  12. I'll preface this with: I enjoy fresh Pumking.

    Last year, we did a 1-year old vs. fresh Pumking and it wasn't even close. The 1-year old bottle became way more malty (as expected) and lost a lot of its spices which make Pumking what is it. That said, I've had bottles around the 5 month mark and they were doing fine. I'd venture a guess that in the 6-12 month timeframe, everything starts to fall off.
  13. My gf and I found a place that had them on clearance this past Summer for $5. We bought a case, as it's one of her favorite beers. Like some others have said, I actually like it better with some time on it now.
  14. Thanks for the feedback from those of you that have tried it. I went ahead and bought a few to put away and see what happens.
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  15. Hey BAs,
    I was wondering what Pumking tastes like after a year of aging. I have four bottles now, and have opened a bottle (which I replenished with another last night :cool:) and have had it on tap at Al's of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing. Do the pumpkin flavors come through after aging? One of the bartenders told me more pumpkin flavors come out later. I get mostly graham cracker crust and spice, which I like, but I definitely want to have a Pumking with more pumpkin flavor. Let me know what ya think.
  16. The good news, spices should mellow out. The bad news, you are not likely to taste much pumpkin.
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  17. Ok thank you!
  18. Thanks Treyliff!
  19. I haven't tried any of my Pumkings that I've been aging from last year yet, probably crack one open on Thanksgiving. Hopefully they hold up well.
  20. I have a 2011 & 2012 Pumking in my beer cabinet that I can't wait to taste along side this years version! Anyone know how this stuff ACTUALLY ages minus the speculation and/or bad jokes?
  21. Had a 2010 last night..was very mellow and spice was just right. Good beer
  22. I know this will sound a little weird, but here goes...

    1) I love Pumking

    2) I have had Pumking aged at cellar temperature aged one year and I have had Pumking at refrigerator temperature aged one year.

    3) The Pumking aged at fridge temperature was FAR superior to the Pumking aged at cellar temperature. I also found it superior to fresh Pumking.

    4) Conclusion: a little age can do the beer some favors. If you keep it in the fridge it will hold up very well. Likely for 18 months. If you keep it in the cellar, drink it within 6-9 months. I found the correct amount of age to tone down the alcohol, retain the spices, and round out the flavors. Too much age mellowed the spices to the point where the alcohol comes back with a vengeance and it is not desirable.

    Take my advice at face value. Enjoy your Pumking.
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  23. Good to know, victory4me. I think I'm going to move some bottles to the fridge.
  24. One more thing, it's one of the best beers for mixing I've ever had. Pumking mixed with ST Mocha or Chokolat is other-worldly!
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  25. Sounds awesome as well!
  26. Last year, I had a fresh and a one year-aged Pumking. I found the older version to be superior, as it was smoother, more complex, and less boozy.
  27. powz87

    powz87 Initiate (0) Illinois Jan 18, 2012

    I just had '11. The cinnamon and other spices come out a lot more. It was kind of a mistake that turned into a science experiment, that turned into perfection (if you ask me).
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  28. GRG1313

    GRG1313 Champion (815) California Jan 15, 2009

    Please, no disrespect meant and to each his/her own, but why would you age a beer you'd not tried? You may be taking up cellar space with bottles that once tried you never would have aged! By the way, the alternative also applies. You may have had the opportunity to acquire more bottles of a beer that you know would age well and you really wanted to see it change over several years worth of tasting. That, too, is lost without trying the beer first. So, I ask, again, respectfully, why would you age a beer you'd not tried?
  29. Your answer can be found in the first post of this thread :)

    I've had it several times, just stumbled on a lot of bottles out of season earlier this year.
  30. GRG1313

    GRG1313 Champion (815) California Jan 15, 2009

    Wow! Apologies! I totally mis-read the post! Very sorry; my comments had no business being directed to you in this thread.
  31. IMHO, Pumking is best fresh. I've aged it over a two year span, drinking one every six months, and come to this conclusion: every sixth months it gets sixth months less appealing.

    Overall, I think it's muted with age. Enjoy it full blast when it's fresh.

    In terms of imperial pumpkins that I do enjoy aged, there's two: Weyerbacher's and Flying Dog's.

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