Cherry Rye and Coffee BCBS in CT?

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by seplo, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. ahuckk

    ahuckk Aficionado (145) Maryland Jul 18, 2012

    A&P Waterford had several Coffee and 3 more bottles of Cherry on the shelf as of noon yesterday. Not sure if there's a limit. Snagged 2 Cherry.
  2. CTBeerPope

    CTBeerPope Savant (320) Connecticut Jan 30, 2012

    Was fortunate to have the cherry rye last night and it was very good. In my opinion tho regular BCBS is still the best. Note that I have never had the rare however
  3. bigedct

    bigedct Savant (405) Connecticut Jun 23, 2011

    Waterford wine and spirit. Across from the mall. Coffee n cherry on the shelf just now. 1 per person on the cherry. $20.
  4. seplo

    seplo Savant (455) Connecticut Sep 8, 2009

    Well from what everyone(at stores) is telling me it's suppose to be in New Haven County this week
  5. xanok

    xanok Savant (415) Connecticut Aug 13, 2009

    Gotta respectfully disagree. Fresh, the BCBCS was far better than regular BCBS. With a year or more on it, BCBS changes immensely.
  6. CTBeerPope

    CTBeerPope Savant (320) Connecticut Jan 30, 2012

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  7. seplo

    seplo Savant (455) Connecticut Sep 8, 2009

    Just got my Cherry Rye's in New Haven County, Happy hunting Everybody...CHEERS
  8. Gmr75

    Gmr75 Savant (405) Connecticut Apr 30, 2002

    Coffee is gone as far as I can tell (I drove to North Eastern part of the state a few weeks ago to get a few bottles), but Cherry Rye just hit. Got a bottle at Wallingford Wine & Spirit this evening. They just got it in today. They also had Sixpoint 3Beans, which I'm psyched to try.
  9. I know I got the last two bottles of Cherry Rye at the Mystic A & P the other day (well the other half raced out to pick them up for me) per a request of a friend of mine, havnt seen it on the shelf anywhere else this week, still coffee floating around SE CT though
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  10. Saw loading dock in Milford posted on Facebook that they got cherry rye. Think i walked out with 1 of their last 2. Guy at the counter playing scratch tickets asked me "how many women that expensive bottle will get me".
    New England Beverage Co in Orange said all their cherry rye were gone/reserved.
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  11. Premier Wine and Spirits in Fairfield posted on facebook that they just got a case in. Its a newer store in Fairfield that gets some pretty solid beers and doesnt instantly get picked apart. Highly suggest checking them out if your in the area.
  12. Anyone have details when Cherry Rye is supposed to make its way to Hartford County? Thought we'd have seen it by now.
  13. codasnap52

    codasnap52 Savant (380) Connecticut Jan 24, 2008

    Thanks for the heads up, will try and snag some post-work!
  14. Today! Just picked up a bottle. Multiple locations received cases.
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  15. Fairway in Stamford has a case of Cherry Rye. Just picked up a few bottles this afternoon and the case was freshly opened.
  16. stearns16

    stearns16 Savant (285) Connecticut Jan 11, 2010

    Anyone know how much it's selling for?
  17. $20 seems to be the going price...
  18. stearns16

    stearns16 Savant (285) Connecticut Jan 11, 2010

    So the same as the Coffee one
  19. I've seen Coffee around for as low as $11.99.
  20. Where might that be?
  21. A couple places around Danbury and Norwalk/Stamford. They're gone now.
  22. coffee was as low as 12.99 here in Milford
  23. RMoeNay

    RMoeNay Advocate (530) Connecticut Sep 22, 2010

    Anymore coffee floating around? Missed that completely.
  24. havent seen any in a few weeks
  25. Might have 1 for trade. PM me if you'd like.
  26. Any cherry rye left in the Hartford area? I'm going to be in Hartford for work tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knew of any still left. I'm probably too late on this, but it looks like MA might be getting screwed out of this one and i'd like to get a shot at a bottle.
  27. I don't believe its hit the Hartford area yet, for whatever reason.
  28. bootdown21

    bootdown21 Savant (445) Connecticut May 14, 2009

    It hit and sold out the same day, in West Hartford & New Britian at least.
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  29. I'm guessing they were reserved bottles with only a handful received by each location. Connecticut Beverage Mart and Havest Wine?
  30. bootdown21

    bootdown21 Savant (445) Connecticut May 14, 2009

    Not reserved but a first come first serve. I know Harvest got one case, not sure about bev mart. All I saw was the empty shelf with a nice 18.99$ price tag.... :(
  31. I paid 13.99 for a bottle of BCBCS a few weeks ago at Manchester Wine & Liquors. Seems about the cheapest around, but that's not always the case. Surprised that Havest was so pricey.
  32. Cherry Rye has been consistently more expensive then Coffee at the same place.
  33. xanok

    xanok Savant (415) Connecticut Aug 13, 2009

    Really? I find everything at Harvest pricey compared to Liquor Depot in New Britain, which is one of my main shops.
  34. bootdown21

    bootdown21 Savant (445) Connecticut May 14, 2009

    Let me clarify, the price tag for Cherry of $18.99 I saw was at Liquor Depot in New Britain, not Harvest.
  35. Picked up cherry rye for 18.99 and coffee for 12.49 in Norwalk.
  36. pmlondrigan

    pmlondrigan Savant (315) New York Feb 4, 2010

    Can I be so forward as to inquire where in Norwalk?
  37. Old Lyme A&P had 7-10 bottles of Coffee as of earlier today ($20/ea)
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  38. xanok

    xanok Savant (415) Connecticut Aug 13, 2009

    Just validated this earlier tonight. Grabbed a bottle for $20 and split it with a friend. Delicious.
    Nice little store there in Old Lyme. Reasonably priced (besides the BCBCS) although a guy there tried selling me like thirty other beers.
  39. Haha is it the guy with glasses at the AP in Old Lyme? if so, he is always trying to push different beer on me. I actually try to avoid him when I go I or else it turns into an extended stay.

    On another note, I was at Grand wine and spirits in Groton today. They definitely had bottles of BCBCS left for $20. No cherry rye but they did have a ton of bolt cutter.
  40. How much was Bolt Cutter there ?