Cherry Rye Value

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    I just had a sort of impromptu trade occur when a couple guys came over to open some bottles. I ended up getting 2x Cherry Rye, happily gave up 2012 Darkness + Blushing Monk for one, and 750 Black Note for the other. Everyone was very happy, so I opened some Cantillon!
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    Gotta learn somehow. Needless to say I will never make a thread like this again.
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    "What I would suggest, is opening one, cellaring one, and putting one up your dick-hole and smashing it with a hammer."
    Read this while eating breakfast and needless to say spit coffee all over my eggs. Early contender for quote of the year.
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    Somebody else on here made this joke recently, though.
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    At all costs, don't drink them!

    Too much value and such
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    Why didn't we just let the South secede from the Union? I really don't understand why we even bothered.