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Cherry Rye vs. Bramble

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by tectactoe, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (870) Michigan Mar 20, 2012 Verified

    How do these two BCS variants compare in terms of trade stock/value? Just trying to get a handle on things, here.

  2. Identical basically, ive traded 1:1 seen it happen a bunch of tikes as well. Bramble may be a little rarer at this point, but cherry is the superior beer, so think more or less the same.
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  3. redblacks75

    redblacks75 Savant (465) Iowa Oct 29, 2010 Verified

    I'm going to agree with Atomicskis5 on that.
  4. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

    I traded 2 Hunahpu's for 1 of each.
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  5. atoulouk

    atoulouk Savant (435) Indiana Apr 25, 2011 Verified

    I think they are pretty close to even, both have almost the exact same # of "Wants." Personally, I feel like more people are ISO Cherry right now because its been pretty well-hyped since the release because of the initial reviews and the pedigree of BCBS variants, which might make it trade for more. I see a lot of ISOs specifically for Cherry, not very many for Bramble. I think the people who are ISO Bramble are more passive about it, like if they see it FT with something they think is fair they'll go after it, but not actively pursuing it.

    Personally, I had bramble last year and really liked it and have heard its even better now, so I'd like to get 1 but I am not actively pursuing it. I'd say they are pretty even, but maybe have to give up a little more for Cherry because of the "demand."
  6. Bramble seems to be much more of a "love it" or "hate it" kind of beer when compared to the other BCBS variants. I love it, but I'm a raspberry whore. A friend did not care for it at all. Plus, I've had Bramble three times, starting with it being very fresh and the latest tasting being about a month or two ago...Bramble is getting better.

    Personally, I'm loading up on Cherrys at the moment because I think it's going to keep getting better and better (and I already love it). I'll also be hunting down more Brambles soon, as I'm down to just one bottle.

    In my experience, I've given up more for Bramble than Cherry. This is likely due to Bramble being a year older, I think. They should be pretty equal in trade value really.
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  7. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (665) Colorado Apr 15, 2011 Verified

    Bramble used to be a polarizing beer. Most people who have had it in recent months have found that it really improved with some age.
  8. Bad_Trader

    Bad_Trader Initiate (0) Namibia Nov 8, 2012

    Cherry is the next Vanilla.

    Shit, it's a walez-bro now.
  9. HopsintheSack

    HopsintheSack Advocate (675) California Apr 17, 2012 Verified

    Wasn't bramble somewhere in the 15 dollar range and cherry 25ish?
  10. Brew33

    Brew33 Advocate (680) Ohio Oct 24, 2007 Verified

    I think at the same stage after release Cherry is trading slightly higher than Bramble did.

    Time will tell.
  11. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

    Bramble was a lot easier to buy from stores
  12. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (735) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Verified

    When did Bramble's trade value go up? I thought everyone said it sucked when it came out.
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  13. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    Bramble is my 3rd fav BCBS. People are missing out, I've been hoarding it. Much better than Vanilla IMO.
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  14. fortsambo

    fortsambo Savant (305) Colorado Feb 14, 2011 Verified

    I've had Bramble with some age and Cherry fresh, liked Bramble quite a bit more.
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  15. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (665) Colorado Apr 15, 2011 Verified

    A lot of people didn't like it fresh because it was super sweet. I've had it many times over the past year, and like many people say, it has only gotten better and better.
  16. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Advocate (670) Missouri May 11, 2012 Verified

    Bramble is fantastic. Cherry is pretty good now, hopefully better in time
  17. Is Bramble being made again this year?
  18. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (735) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Verified

    The sugar is still there. Raspberry is probably toning down. But I liked it's fruit intensity. Cherry wasn't as strong which is why I prefer Bramble.
  19. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    Probably not. The trend seems to be Coffee + a unique variant each year. I am sure eventually they'll repeat some.
  20. abecall98

    abecall98 Advocate (585) California Aug 11, 2007 Verified

    They did, until some cool guys said it was good, so now it's thought of as great. People only want what others want man. You don't want to be the only goof In Search of a certain beer, you want to be another wave in the ocean man.
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  21. iwantmorehops

    iwantmorehops Savant (420) Vermont Sep 25, 2010 Verified

    I don't really see why you would want to ignore the opinions of people who drink lots of barrel aged beer. Isn't the entire point of coming on a forum like this to gain information?
    I had Bramble fresh at a tasting of 07-11 BCBS, and though I liked it, it was really sweet and the berry flavor was super intense. When someone shared a bottle with me last November I enjoyed it a lot more, as everything seemed to have come together. Cherrys pretty devine right now though.
  22. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    My first Bramble was June of last year. Never had one "fresh". Loved it since day 1 of having it, when everyone was still saying it sucked.
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  23. abecall98

    abecall98 Advocate (585) California Aug 11, 2007 Verified

    Damn, you just twenty twelved all over my post. Good job.
  24. chuckycheese

    chuckycheese Aficionado (180) Maine Feb 18, 2010

    Does that mean it might trade for shelf Cantillon someday?
  25. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (735) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Verified

    Cherry is just as sweet as Bramble. Even BCBS is extremely sweet. For a forum that pisses Bruery beers I wouldn't think anyone would have a problem drinking either
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  26. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Savant (425) Manitoba (Canada) Feb 9, 2009 Verified

    It's been doing that since release, as I think I've traded "shelf Cantillon" $4$ towards at least a dozen bottles combined of Cherry, Bramble, Coffee, and even a couple of Vanilla (which was 1:1 for Fou'Foune, unlike the others).
  27. chuckycheese

    chuckycheese Aficionado (180) Maine Feb 18, 2010

    Oh yes I'm well aware. Inside thing between myself and Bad_Trader, ya had to be there. In short, she scolded me for having the audacity to swap CR for Cantillon lil while back. Informed me all styles of Cantillon, beers that have been in international distribution channels for decades, were "walez bro". But now it seems CR is "walez bro" too. Poor girl is mixed up.

    It stemmed from me simply asking somebody where they got the info implying 150 cases total of CR were produced. She then accused me of buying all the CR in my state and holding it as leverage over my fellow local brethren for nothing less than "walez bro", er, shelf Cantillon....and perhaps, gasp, the almighty KH....all because I said I preferred IP trades, oh the horror.
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  28. Bad_Trader

    Bad_Trader Initiate (0) Namibia Nov 8, 2012

    not sure what you just said, but meme .gif meme lulz .jpg .gif meme
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  29. Bramble tastes like robitussin and purple flintstones vitamins smashed up in an exceptional stout. It is like when someone buys a GTR and then puts a stupid ass body kit, wing, and extraneous shit on it, it's like, just leave it alone it was fine already.

    however, that purple medicinal quality is perfect for getting preteen palates drunk straight up Humbert Humbert style.
  30. drummermattie02

    drummermattie02 Advocate (695) Texas May 10, 2009 Verified

    Gotta roll that Ti exhaust/coffee; other than that, spot on.
  31. Anonymous1

    Anonymous1 Savant (490) Illinois Mar 19, 2012 Verified

    Let me guess, you haven't had it in 2013? I also thought it was medicinal fresh, but has now mellowed into the best variant at the moment. I had it against Rare, KH, Vanilla, Cherry, and Coffee '12 on Black Friday and Bramble was the winner on several scorecards.
  32. tell you what, I will open Rare, Vanilla, Cherry, Bramble, Coffee, and a 2012 and a 2008 BCBS head to head sometime in the next month. Then I will resurrect this thread and let you know if Bramble was not definitively the shittiest BCBS in the group. I suspect that it will be, but we shall see.
  33. badboy7113

    badboy7113 Savant (475) Florida Jan 19, 2011 Verified

    We just recently did a tasting of the bourbon county lineup, and behind rare and vanilla, my next favorite was by far bramble! Just had a great flavor and has aged very well! That's why I have been trading my huna's for it.
  34. Ten inches limp. I'd trade my Hyundai for a ticket to this tasting.
  35. Mjmoser

    Mjmoser Savant (420) Illinois May 6, 2012

    The brewer told me he is working on another berry variant; a mix of Boysenberry, Huckleberry, and another (I forget). Also testing coconut out in a bottle.....
  36. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (735) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Verified

    You would be foolish to drink those when you could trade that pod of shelf whales all day for rare loons
  37. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (665) Colorado Apr 15, 2011 Verified

    At the Black Friday event, my preference in order were Vanilla, Rare, Bramble, Cherry, King Henry, 2012 Coffee.
  38. ISO: Coconut BCBS (if it gets made)
  39. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Advocate (605) Massachusetts May 28, 2010 Verified

    Well actually bramble is better so I would have to say bramble trades higher. And since I'm always right there is really no
    Point in arguing
  40. Docrock

    Docrock Advocate (545) Illinois Jan 21, 2012

    Right there with ya Brother!