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Great Britain Cheshire Beer?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by rinhaak, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. rinhaak

    rinhaak Savant (410) Massachusetts Jun 23, 2009

    I'm traveling to England in February, and I have business in Crewe on a Tuesday and business in Hull on a Friday. That leaves me with a lot of dead time I need to fill in between.

    I'm hoping someone might have some suggestions for some good or interesting breweries or places I should visit. I've previously visited Huddersfield (which is smack in the middle of these two other cities), and though I had a lovely visit, I don't know I need to return.

    Any ideas?
  2. Chesire, Chesire, Chesire.... Hmmmmm?
    Now Congleton offers Beartown, not hugely exiting but highly competent brewing
    Spindle Street
    Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1QN
    United Kingdom (England)
    phone: +44 (0)161-477-2999
    Slightly further out is one of the front runners of CAMRA Indie brewing champions Wincle
    The Wincle Beer Company
    Tolls Farm Barn
    Dane Bridge
    Cheshire SK11 0QE
    Which takes you near Macclesfield and Red Willow
    Unit 5,
    Artillery House,
    Gunco Lane,
    SK11 7JL

    I would also recommend if possible zooming straight up the M6 Motorway to Altrincham
    which offers Dunham Massey Brewery Tap (Their Dark Mild is exemplary and their
    Bollington Bitter is so like Boddington's when it was an awesome pint of Bitter)
    3 very friendly world/Belgian beer bars and a fab little bottle shop.

    There is also a wealth of other brewing interests between Crewe & Hull which no doubt
    my more Beerxperienced Brit B.a.s will assist with :)
  3. shyhenry

    shyhenry Aficionado (175) Virginia Oct 11, 2010

    It sounds like you'll have a decent amount of free time!

    There's quite a few possibilities between Crewe and Hull; the world's your oyster. You have so much choice that you may want to narrow your travel plans a bit, unless you want to kick off a very general 'Where should I drink in the north of England' thread.

    Manchester, Leeds, and even Sheffield are all reasonable possibilities for visits. Manchester has a great bar scene. I've never been to Leeds, but have heard good things. Sheffield is practically made out of beer. Also, be sure to check certain 'other' sites that may have a more thorough list of beery UK places to visit.
  4. Yeah sure Manchester is okay and has the model of Microbrewing - Marble also Stockport has some amazing pubs
    but as an actual Mancunian still living in Manchester IMHO Altrincham is a little gem.
  5. Mark

    Mark Advocate (595) California Jun 18, 2001

    Robert, we will be in Chester on day trip from London later this month. I have chosen as pubs to visit:
    The Brewery Tap
    Bear and Billet
    Pied Bull
    Do you approve?
  6. If RN knows more about Chester area what about
    Weetwood Ales and where to get 'em on cask?
  7. ooh, sorry guys, not a Chester expert, the only place I have been is The Brewery Tap and I liked it, it's an interesting building in itself.
    I also think the Peak District would be a great place to explore in between, Buxton would be a good one.
  8. looked and Bear & Billet serves Weetwood Ales
    not had a bad one yet :)
  9. Mark

    Mark Advocate (595) California Jun 18, 2001

    Thanks! Going to that one and Brewery Tap for sure.
  10. rinhaak

    rinhaak Savant (410) Massachusetts Jun 23, 2009

    Super helpful!

    It's no doubt that "Between Crewe and Hull" is about as wide open as it can get. My main objective was to see what people recommend and then gear my trip in that direction.

    So what is in Altrincham that makes it a gem?
  11. Well first of all is the Dunham Massey Brewery tap
    offering up 3 types of mild(light, dark & Chocolate cherry) and Bitter, stout and strong ale.
    3 Belgian type bars with extensive bottle ranges, Belgian draught beer and a couple of handpumps
    The Market Tavern pub which is friendly and has 7 cask ales
    a beautiful historic market and an amazing independent bottle shop.

    As well it is a lot less busy as Manchester city centre and a bit more welcoming.
  12. If you're going to Hull then think seriously about a visit to York. Not just for the beer but for everything else that's there. England isn't that big that you need to travel far!
  13. rinhaak

    rinhaak Savant (410) Massachusetts Jun 23, 2009

    Excellent! Sounds like a great place to stop over for a day.
  14. If you're heading to Altrincham shoot me a message and I'll show you around. That's where I work. We're down to two Belgian bars now, not three as stated.

    Cheshire is my neck of the woods and to be honest I'd have a hard time putting together a list of 'must visit' spots. It's mostly rural but there's plenty of nice country pubs, if that's your sort of thing. Chester has a few nice places as already suggested, but Manchester is far more interesting to me. In Port Street Beer House you've got what I consider the best place for craft beer outside of London.

    Look up a place called the Bhurtpore Inn, near Nantwich. I haven't been but it has a really strong reputation as probably the best pub in Cheshire. They've got a big cellar full of Belgian and British bottles. It's also not far away from Crewe.
  15. rinhaak

    rinhaak Savant (410) Massachusetts Jun 23, 2009

    The complete itinerary is still very much in the planning (I'm loving these suggestions), but I'm thinking I will be visiting Altrincham, so I will certainly shoot you a line!

    I have English friends (living here now) who scoff, laugh, roll their eyes, or groan when I say I'll be hanging out in that part of the country. I have every intention of proving them wrong! (And I do love country pubs and local breweries...)
  16. I've been meaning to check that place out
    & you work in Alty, I live round t' corner lol if you are interested in chinking pint pots :)
  17. Suddenly I'm Mr. Popular! Glad I could be of help and I'd be happy to meet both of you chaps.
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  18. Happy to meet you both
    why not be Mr. Popular lol
    I always try and view and behave on the Ba forums like I was in a pub with my fellow posters.

    Like a pub there are people you get on with better and people you haven't met
    and those that you can't stand but you smile and give a cheery hello to all
    (though sometimes there is a little muttering whilst your pint is covering your mouth and the beer hasn't hit the tongue)
  19. I was going to chime in and propose exactly this :)

    York is great (I live nearby), and it must be exactly half-way between Crewe and Hull! Numerous quality pubs serving excellent beer and several beer shops for the fanatic. It's a mediaeval city with a huge cathedral and tons of history, so there's plenty for the sober individual to see and do. Would be happy to give more advice and/or meet for a beer if you decide to come this way.

    Your biggest problem when visiting the UK won't be finding good beer but discarding the options you don't have time for....
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  20. hope to see you in Altrincham then
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