Chicago Craft Beer Week

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by pschul4, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. pschul4

    pschul4 Advocate (635) Illinois Jan 7, 2011

    Anybody have any insider info yet? I know Haymarket is having 2 tap takeovers, 1 from Greenbush (May 18th) and 1 from Sunking (May 24th). Do neighborhood maps cost anything this year? Lets get this party started!
  2. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (345) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011 Verified

    NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm going to be in Tennessee during craft beer week... :(
  3. Dontcounttoday

    Dontcounttoday Advocate (560) Illinois Apr 23, 2010 Verified

    Oh god I hope I am not working or laid off for CBW. I want to enjoy every single day. Who needs a job
  4. Dontcounttoday

    Dontcounttoday Advocate (560) Illinois Apr 23, 2010 Verified

    Also, Revolution Brewing is doing the grand opening of their new brewery on May 25th during CBW, and they are supposed to be somehow involved in CCBW. Tickets are a cheap $15 and go on sale Friday at noon.
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  5. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (445) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

    Three words: Mash Tun Festival
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  6. OT (slightly)... Keep your eyes open for Ann Arbor Beer Week in July...official details to be announced soon
  7. Askchucky

    Askchucky Savant (260) Illinois May 2, 2011

    I'm pretty excited for some of the events. Got my tix for beer under the glass.
  8. moju

    moju Aficionado (150) Illinois Jan 18, 2011

    You'll definitely want to get tickets for the Revolution party on the 25th, trust me. We'll have a ton of great events throughout the week at the pub as well...lots of new beers and returning favorites, and a pretty kickass Firestone-Walker tap takeover. Details to follow, but save the date on the 25th, tickets go on sale on Friday.
  9. Moju, I'm just curious - is anything included with the ticket price for the event? Beer (samples or otherwise) or food, etc. I haven't seen any updates about what to expect since the first notice for the party.
  10. The22Lou

    The22Lou Aficionado (200) Oregon Jun 1, 2011

    This year is a complete revamp of last year (because it kinda sucked, lets be real). Any bar that wants to partake can do it for free (as opposed to 200 bucks last year) and the maps are free as opposed to the 15bucks they were last year
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  11. moju

    moju Aficionado (150) Illinois Jan 18, 2011

  12. trbergman

    trbergman Advocate (500) Illinois Nov 17, 2006 Verified Subscriber

  13. MarkFy

    MarkFy Savant (300) Illinois Dec 18, 2009

    I'm out of town as well and very bummed I can't go. What an epic tap list of all their great stuff. BA Baracus, BA Sodom, Very Mad Cow, some of my favorite beers that I haven't had in a very long time.
  14. Jerry

    Jerry Aficionado (225) Illinois Apr 15, 2012

    I can't even get on the Revolution website. It won't connect.
  15. RC0032

    RC0032 Aficionado (240) Illinois Mar 10, 2009 Verified

    Yup...its down.
  16. Not sold out -- website just totally crashed.
  17. flurker

    flurker Aficionado (125) Illinois Nov 10, 2007

    You probably just got served the old page. It said out of stock at 10 AM, when I first had a look. I'm on the page now and added tickets to my cart, but the hamsters are having a hell of time under the strain.
  18. Maybe they didn't want to do it because it's part of Craft Beer Week, but this seems like something that maybe they should have considered offering to their Party Members in a pre-sale, like Goose Island does with Stoutfest and MBAs.
  19. At this point, I wouldn't mind something official saying they'll try again in a few hours (or tomorrow... just something specific) once they can line up more server capacity so I don't have to keep trying right now.
  20. DanH11

    DanH11 Aficionado (180) Illinois Feb 26, 2012

    Feel free to stop trying :)
  21. Hehe, I remember last year (for some reason) their closing party didn't sell out for a few days. I wonder if that's what they were expecting this time around too.
  22. Zing!

    Also, via facebook ~2 minutes ago:
    Revolution Brewing
    Isn't this awesome? We should do this more often. I think We're getting close to a fix. Stay tuned for an update.
  23. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (445) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

    Just got through to the confirmation page - 4 tickets purchased. Tickets put in cart around 12:20 PM.

    Hang in there everyone!
  24. Thanks for the heads up flurker, got back in and got tickets :)
  25. Jerry

    Jerry Aficionado (225) Illinois Apr 15, 2012

    Same here. Tickets purchased.
  26. Working now, pretty quick and easy...
  27. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Advocate (590) Illinois Jan 31, 2012

    I got four tickets at about 1:10-1:15. Was an absolute clusterf**k for about an hour...
  28. paslaugh

    paslaugh Aficionado (170) Illinois Feb 17, 2012

    Just grabbed two tickets about 20 min ago. Should be a great way to end CCBW. Can't wait to try Gravedigger Billy again. That might have been the best barrel aged beer I had all winter.
  29. Askchucky

    Askchucky Savant (260) Illinois May 2, 2011

    Got 4 also here around 1:10. Wonder how they got it to be so smooth so fast.
  30. Vav

    Vav Savant (495) Illinois Jul 27, 2008

    I'm working at cant get tix D:
  31. No need to wait until May -- it's back on tap in the brewpub!
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  32. toolbrew

    toolbrew Savant (400) Illinois Feb 26, 2008

    Got tickets for Half Acre's event on Friday. Will probably also hit Farmhouse's "tribute" next Sunday.

    (I realize it's an older thread - thought I'd rekindle rather than start a new one)
  33. cjacobsen

    cjacobsen Savant (405) Illinois Aug 26, 2010 Verified

    I'll be at the Stone booth at Mash Tun on Saturday, May 19th. Should be a good fest.
  34. dvelcich

    dvelcich Savant (350) Illinois Feb 6, 2008

    Anyone know who to contact about volunteering at any events? I tried Pete Crowley already, but never heard back from him.
  35. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

  36. dvelcich

    dvelcich Savant (350) Illinois Feb 6, 2008

    When I let you take that picture you promised me it wouldn't end up posted on BA. For shame...

    Seriously though, I was just hoping to use my free time to give back a little to the craft movement and do a little networking on the side. What brewer wouldn't want an out of work electrician willing to volunteer his time for free?
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  37. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

    Haha, just having some fun :D

    Hopefully you land a pouring gig!
  38. Dontcounttoday

    Dontcounttoday Advocate (560) Illinois Apr 23, 2010 Verified

    So I am new to CCBW and want to make sure I understand how this works. You pick up a lanyard (on the 17th or can I get one beforehand?) at one of the listed bars. You then pick up a physical map at one of the event locations that has a featured beer, or you have to order the featured beer (it is different than the PDF that is already available and can be printed)?? Then you can go to the bars with Featured Beers to get a sticker. You should be able to get your map and immediately get 1 sticker correct?

    Do the participating bars only give out stickers and feature their "Featured beer" on certain days, or is it every day all day? I imagine it would be quite easy to get stickers in a day or two. Certainly should be easy to get the 2 stickers on 6 maps for the Revolution VIP I imagine.

    **Edit** Also, do you get 1 lanyard, or 1 lanyard for each section?
  39. Dontcounttoday

    Dontcounttoday Advocate (560) Illinois Apr 23, 2010 Verified

    Also, according to ccbw twitter, the lanyards should be available at most of the pick up spots already, though they might not give them out just yet. Anyone try to get one?