"Chili P" Red Rye

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  1. gbennett44

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    Hey all,

    Brewing up a chili pepper red rye this weekend. Let me know what you think.

    AG Batch
    5 Gallons
    Single Infusion Mash at 152
    OG: 1.061
    FG: 1.016
    13 SRM
    6% ABV

    7# 2 Row
    1# Munich
    8oz C-120
    4oz CaraMunich
    2oz Special B
    1.5# Flaked Rye
    1# Rye Malt

    .5oz Centennial 9.7% (60)
    .5oz Centennial 9.7% (20)
    .5oz Centennial 9.7% (10)
    .5oz Centennial 9.7% (2)


    1 stick cinnamon at flameout

    Roast Serrano and Anaheim Peppers, steam in plastic bag and freeze. Place in Secondary with additional cinnamon stick. (5 Days)

    Let me know what you guys think. Any input is welcome, especially when it comes to the peppers and cinnamon. Looking for a subtle complexity for half the batch. The other half I'm going to stick a chili pepper in each bottle :)
  2. inchrisin

    inchrisin Savant (470) Indiana Sep 25, 2008

    I'd taste it before you add that second cinnamon stick.
  3. ryane

    ryane Savant (380) Washington Nov 21, 2007

    I agree with inchrisin about the 2nd cinnamon stick,

    Also why 1# of munich? I see people doing this all the time, its a base malt, its not going to add much character when adding a single pound. If you want bready flavors use something like victory/biscuit/etc

    I might back down on the IBUs a bit if you plan on the chilis being spicy, as 35ish IBU, heat, and cinnamon might be too much. I think a very malty beer could mesh with the chilis and cinnamon though
  4. afrokaze

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    "I f*cking hate chili powder!!"
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  5. i think this is sound advice
  6. Herky21

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    Its for color.
  7. 1 pound of Munich wont add much/any color to a recipe. A 100% Munich grain bill will result in a red beer but as stated above it is a base malt.
  8. BB1313

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    I just came in here to see if there was a comment referencing Breaking Bad.. haha.
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  9. HeyJim

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    Don't drink it guys, there's ricin in it.
  10. I was going to be the first one to post and put something like "Yo, chili P's my signature!" but then being the first poster and running the risk of the OP not knowing what I was talking about...well, that's what made me not do it. :oops:
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    That's my signature!