Cisco Full and By Rye

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  1. I'm on the lookout for this but have never seen it the best of my knowledge. Has anyone else seen it anywhere sitting on shelves or is this one long gone?
  2. I saw a single bottle at Marty's a while ago (late 2010/early 2011 I believe). I have not seen it since. I have seen the others in the series, though, and I definitely recommend them.
  3. I think this one's been off the shelves for awhile now. Maybe they'll re-release it. I've seen some of the others slowly making their way back.
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    I bought a bottle back in October in Springfield. I feel like I have seen it since, but I always confuse a few in the series. I'll be in the area tomorrow so I'll take a look at the store where I originally found it.

    I did see lady of the woods on the shelf in CT. First time ever seeing that one.
  5. An old bottle still at Blanchards Allston, $19.99
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    Apparently, Full & By is no more (per their brewer). The bottles that you see on the shelves now are from the original batch and likely the last that you'll see of them.
  7. I just grabbed 2 bottles this week from Lukes in Rockland, there was 5 more bottles on the shelf along with 6-7 other types of the Cisco woods series.... love these beers.
  8. Gone now.
  9. There were several left and other Woods series at Yankee Spirits in Attleboro this Saturday.
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    If anybody wants to pick one or two up for me, I can almost certainly find something to trade to you for them!
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    I'd check WineNation. As established in several threads, they have old stock kicking around.
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  12. 4 bottles left at Russell's in amherst.
  13. Does anyone know if they are going to make anymore Pechish? I know it is still around, but was curious.

    Full and By Rye was at Granite Liquors up until last week for almost a year. I snagged the last two bottles I believe unless they had more out back.

  14. I was told that Pechish will be out again soon in a month or so.
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  15. i want this to happen.
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