CNN/Eatocracy Best of 2012 Beer: Wedge Brewery

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  1. Thought this was pretty cool - Wedge Brewery in Asheville (a favorite of mine) made a best of 2012 list on CNN with their Vadim Bora Raspberry Imperial Stout, which is amazingly tasty! One of the few fruit stouts that I think have the beer and fruit perfectly integrated.

    The rest of the list is quite interesting as well, with some BA standards on there.
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    Awesome! By far my favorite stop in Asheville.
  3. Agreed, best beer we had in Asheville, I was a bit disappointed in Asheville, overall. Wedge was good, Highland and Pisgah are good, but not really "in" Asheville. Everything else we had in the city was just OK, IMO.
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  4. I hear you on Asheville as far as pure beer quality. It's generally "good" across the board, with a pocket here and there of awesome. To me, the city is more than just a sum of its parts; the beer culture and availability, mountain setting, focus on the local and independent, great dining and arts scenes, and general vibe just add up to make one hell of a place. The fact that Olde Hickory is on the drive up doesn't hurt either!
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  5. And don't forget Catawba Valley Brewing Co., which is even closer!
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  6. I'm ashamed to say I haven't stopped in there yet... Tried their barrel aged stout at Appalachian Vintners and was quite impressed though! Looks like another trip down I40 is in the cards.
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