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Coming to Bend, wanna grab a beer?

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by harrymel, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    Hi all,

    I have just booked myself a room in Bend for the weekend of March 22-25, and plan to visit some of the breweries and sample some beer. I would love to get together with some fellow BA's to grab a beer or even set up a tasting if you are interested.

    Also would appreciate any advice on some good grub (beer need not be the highlight here, I'm also obese and enjoy food).

    Finally, if an IP trade is something you dig on, here's a link to my cellar ( http://www.cellarhq.com/cellar/harrymel )- my wants are not really a good place to look, but if any you got a bottle or two of Black Butte XXII, or a bottle of Abyss '06, I'd dig deep to make you happy.

  2. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

    I highly recommend hitting up 10 barrel, great beer, and outstanding food. That might be some of the best food I ate while I was in Bend.
  3. 10 Barrel definitely has very good food. (I've found their beers to be just average though) I've heard good things about the food and beer selection at Brother John's which is just down the street from 10 Barrel.
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  4. Sarlacc83

    Sarlacc83 Advocate (620) Oregon Mar 2, 2008

    My wife and I really enjoy Baldy's Barbeque when we're in Bend. They generally have some good tap lists, too.
  5. leedorham

    leedorham Champion (835) Washington Apr 27, 2006

    We ate at the Deschute's pub when we were there last and it was good stuff.

    Sorry no Bend people want to drink beer with you. They are probably busy spelunking or kayaking or something.
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  6. Sarlacc83

    Sarlacc83 Advocate (620) Oregon Mar 2, 2008

    There have been more sightings of Sasquatch than of Bend BAs.
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  7. sharpski

    sharpski Advocate (610) Oregon Oct 11, 2010

    I've got tentative plans to hang out with the 'squatch that weekend, but if they fall through I'd love to grab a beer with a fellow BA! 10 Barrel, Brother Jon's, Platypus, Broken Top, and lots of others have healthy tap lists. I'll BM you (harrymel) with my contact details.
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  8. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    Contact info locked in, thanks for the tips!
  9. I HIGHLY reccomend going to Crux. Great beer, great food, good atmosphere. 10 Barrel's pizza is good...that's about it. ( plus you have to wait about an hour and a half for a table on weekends). I live in Bend and might be available that weekend for some tasters! Remind me closer to the date, and I'll double check my availability. Also, do you take cash for your IP trades? I see some I want....
  10. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    Sounds good.

    On the cash IP trades, you'll have to let me know which ones you're eluding to. Just send me a PM.
  11. JohnGalt1

    JohnGalt1 Advocate (710) Idaho Aug 10, 2005

    Crux is awesome. If you can get an appointment, drive out to Ale Apothecary. It is a pretty awesome little brewery.
  12. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    I sent a message via facebook. Their website just launched so maybe it'll be easier to get a hold of them that way. That's honestly the brewery I'm most looking forward and hoping to go to. Love his beer.
  13. JohnGalt1

    JohnGalt1 Advocate (710) Idaho Aug 10, 2005

    My wife connected with him through facebook.
  14. If, for some reason, you can't get an appointment, both brew shops in Bend usually stock Latache and Sahalie.

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