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  1. I just found out that I will be coming to Ireland March 16th! We will be staying 1 night in Kilkenny, 2 nights in Killarney, 2 nights in Galway, and back to Dublin for a night. Any beer suggestions for me? I will be coming from Minnesota. Thanks!
  2. In Dublin I'd recommend the Porterhouse in Parliament Street for good beer. For pubs with a good vibe try any of the pubs in Temple Bar. For the other cities you mention try
  3. Just got back from a trip to Dublin and Galway. In Galway I'd recommend the Salt House for sure. Just up the street is the Bierhaus which has a more "international" tap selection (i.e. lots of InBev brands) but some Irish beers.

    As for Dublin, Porterhouse (Temple Bar), L. Mulligan Grocer and W.J.Kavanagh's were my favorites. The new-ish Black Sheep and Brew Dock (Sister pubs to the Salt House) were good as well. Had decent pints at Farrington's (Temple Bar), O'Neill's and the Bull & Castle. The Palace Bar (Fleet St) Surprised me with draft O'Hara's Leann Folláin and Cask Dungarvan Helvick Gold (tho' the latter was a bit past its prime). Some info on my blog.
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    Spent 3 months in Galway in college. I enjoyed Busker Brownes and the Quays pubs but I couldn't say that the beer selection was all that great there. Awesome place and better people, can't beat the people... Enjoy and have a pint of fresh Guinness for me!
  5. I wouldn't try and beat an Irishman if I were you, tough bunch the Irish, I won't end well.
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    what i remember about the killenny area (and much of Ireland) is driving down the street with an 1/8th of an inch between me and the oncoming cars and on the other side an 1/8th of an inch between me and the parked cars and pedestrians. i really thought i was going to get into a car accident going 2 mph.
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    If you can get it, theres a free phone app called Beoir that will let you find craft beer all over Ireland. Its great if you're moving from town to town as there are a lot of pubs with one or 2 local craft beers in places where there are no specific craft pubs.