Coming to VT 3/9 anyone want to IP trade? Looking for Hill Farmstead

Discussion in 'New England' started by benz08, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. benz08

    benz08 Savant (375) New Jersey Nov 9, 2008

    Title says it all. Going to alchemist cannery and warren store so don't offer heady topper or lawson's please. Hill Farmstead is the goal. Anything but sours is what I'm looking for. Staying in Killington but I'll be as far north as the alchemist cannery and Ben & Jerry's factory mid afternoon on 3/9 if anyone can meet in either one of those areas that has access to Hill Farmstead. a fresh growler of something would be pretty cool too. All offers will be entertained. I have access to everything available in New Jersey and New York so feel free to PM me with questions/offers
  2. codysjb

    codysjb Savant (460) Prince Edward Island (Canada) Jun 16, 2010 Beer Trader

    If your that close just make the trip to hill farmstead. Its only an hour away and if your driving back to new york it doesn't require backtracking
  3. benz08

    benz08 Savant (375) New Jersey Nov 9, 2008

    I'm staying in killington. I'm doing the shopping on the day I go up so it would add 2 hours to an already 8 hour day of driving. Also I looked at the hours and I wouldn't be able to make it up there before they close.