Germany Conrad Seidl (The Beer Pope) and his show on ServusTV

Discussion in 'Europe' started by nloetz, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. nloetz

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  2. herrburgess

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    Thanks for posting. Saw the previews, but didn't know the first episode is up. Prost!
  3. The formt is very reminiscent of the James May and Oz Clarke programme. Could be fun.
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  4. Thanks for posting this,
    quite interesting, although as far as I can judge it there are a few mistakes in the "facts" they give of the brewing process.
    The only thing that really bothers me is that they always use "Spezialbier" and "Gourmetbier" for any beer that isn't in line with the boring German beer majority. They really want to make a show that goes beyond Fernsehbier and yet they always put interesting beer in this one corner by using these two terms. Good/interesting beer does not need a Gourmet label.
    Meh - Germans have a hard time adapting to new things (or old beer styles that were almost forgotten)
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  5. Why is Seidl driving a bus with Munich plates??
  6. Stahlsturm

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    It does when you are trying to catch the interest of the lethargic Fernsehbier crowd.
  7. herrburgess

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    Tonight's (15.4.13) episode (for those of you who can view it) features a visit to Weyermann maltings. Should be cool.
  8. Gutes_Bier

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    I get this channel. I'll try to check it out. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. nloetz

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  10. I watched yesterday's episode a few minutes ago, and here's two of the things that really bugged me:
    (About 43:00 minutes in):
    "Im Brauhaus Gusswerk wird noch auf traditionelle Weise gebraut - mit lediglich 2 Sudpfannen. Trotzdem zählt das Bier-Sortiment 12 verschiedene Biere"
    "At Brauhaus Gusswerk beer is brewed in a traditional manner - using only 2 brewing coppers. The brewery makes 12 different beers regardless."
    (Please correct me if you find a better translation, boddhitree maybe?)
    That doesn't even make sense, it really does not matter if you use 2 or 3 coppers, or even one works for most homebrewers, it's not like the amount of kettles/lauter tuns enables you to brew more different beers :mad:

    (47 minutes in):
    "Flüssiges Malz"... "liquid malt".
    What's wrong with using "Liquid Malt Extract"? Makes more sense that way.

    I think I shouldn't watch this show, it makes me angry :rolleyes:

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  11. herrburgess

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    I may be wrong, but I think the mention of having the 2 kettles (or a brew kettle and a lauter tun) and it being "traditional" is that it allows for decoction mashing.
  12. Sure, it may be a hint at him using decoction mashing, but even that doesn't really influence the variety of beers you can brew. Decoction mashing is very niche as far as I know.
    I'm a German, I need to complain about everything :D
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  13. nloetz

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    Kudos on the connection. I checked that show out and you are totally right. I'd like to keep watching it to learn more about these regions, but Im having a hard time putting up with the character played by that guy from top gear. I don't think its funny and it wastes a LOT of time. He really needs to shut the hell up. I cant even hate him in a way that is fun to hate him. Its just annoying.
  14. steveh

    steveh Champion (885) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    Huh. A show about driving around and tasting all of that beer that's all the same, how can it work? ;)

    (wish I'd taken the invite when my German teacher offered private lessons to all of us that took her college course... long before the internet, so I had no clue it would be so easy to tap into such media!)
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  15. boddhitree

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    I always hear: "If Germans couldn't complain about stuff, they'd have nothing to say to each other." ;)
    I need to watch the show again,... I fell asleep about 5 minutes in. :oops:

  16. Well, it is a British sort of self-deprecating humour in that programme. Oz Clarke surely isn’t really the pompous fool that he pretends to be in the programme; if he were, he wouldn’t allow himself to be portrayed as such.
  17. nloetz

    nloetz Savant (285) Austria Jun 2, 2005

    Oh yea, I figured that it was just a character he was playing. And I feel like his being a distraction was more of a fault of the direction and editing. He gave them a lot of material and it feels like for some reason they chose to use all of it...

    Like the scene when the older dude is reminiscing about his summer trip with that pretty girl and then he suggests pitching the tent exactly where he and the girl slept; Oz makes a strange face and says, "Uhhh... I'd rather not." That was funny. But for some reason they didn't cut it there. They kept it rolling and he went on and on about how he didn't want to sleep in the same place as where the older guy once had sex and it totally killed the joke. Had they just taken parts of his comments for the final edit, I think I would have enjoyed him a lot more!
  18. nloetz

    nloetz Savant (285) Austria Jun 2, 2005

    I'm watching the second episode now and thinking that Conrad seems like a funny guy. If you enjoy his stuff, you might also want to check out his youtube channel. Half of it is in English, so you can watch it even if you don't know German.
    Here is one video about a beer which I regularly keep in the fridge.

    It usually tastes quite fresh.
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  19. Thank you for posting that video. I am a big fan of Kellerbiers and that beer did indeed look tasty!

  20. Gutes_Bier

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    New episode tonight! (22.04.13)

    Beer & Religion. Should be interesting...wish I understood more Deutsch!
  21. steveh

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    Okay -- that's about the best description and discussion of a singular beer I've seen since Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter series.

    Any BA who wonders how to taste a beer, how to describe characters, and even how to understand why you should use all senses when drinking a beer (and yes, maybe not always to such focus, but be aware of them as you drink) should watch this. I'm going to check out his YouTube channel now.

    Danke NL.
  22. steveh

    steveh Champion (885) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    Maybe this will answer the Monastery question? (though I wonder why Ron never chimed in -- you'd think he's been hunting down that sort of thing)
  23. nloetz

    nloetz Savant (285) Austria Jun 2, 2005

    ...and the third episode is now up for streaming.
    I suppose it's going to get annoying if I link to that every time a new episode is online.
    For the future, the new ones seem to be available every Tuesday.

    In other news, he will be at the Vienna Beer Fest at 16:30 on 2.5.13 doing some sort of moderation.
  24. steveh

    steveh Champion (885) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    I looked up his bibliography on Amazon, it appears he has no books translated to English yet. Hope that changes.
  25. Saw Conrad Seidel at the CBC in Chicago, along with the guy who has the green vest and clogs with different colors.

    I do believe that Conrad Seidel wrote the German Pils article in the OCB.
  26. He did and it’s a very good article.
    I wish that Seidl had written much more of the OCB, in preference to certain other contributors.
  27. One of the interesting parts of the Conrad Seidl write-up on German Pilsner in OCD:

    “In 1973 the average German Pilsner would have had a bitterness of 34 IBUs, with extreme samples going as high as 50 IBUs and the low end having only 16 IBUs. There was little change until 1985, but by 1995 the average bitterness was down to 30, and another decade it was 27. Statistics from 2008 indicate an average bitterness of 26.5 IBUs….”

    “In the style guidelines for the prestigious World Beer Cup competition, German Pilsner is still defined as having 30-40 IBUs, but the German brewers themselves have allowed the snappy hop character of pilsner to erode.”

    The dumbing down of the German Pilsner over the past four decades; oh, the humanity!?!:(

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  28. herrburgess

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    I thought average Northern German pilsners 40 years ago were hopped to the levels of Prima Pils (50+ IBUs)? It's possible to "dumb up" a beer, too, ya know. ;)
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  29. Nah! More herb!:)