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  1. Anyone ever purchase from this company before? Are they reputable?
  2. telejunkie

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    i gave them a call once with a couple questions, left a voice message and they never called back. my only experience...that was at least a year or two ago now.
    I've never seen or heard any negative comments about them like I have, that's a place you definitely want to avoid.
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    I ordered from them and they are good by me. I ordered a 4 pack of converted pin lock kegs in October, which the 4th keg I did not put in rotation until February. This keg I could not get the lid to seat correct and hold gas. One side seemed out of round, so they sent my a different seal first. After that did not work, they sent my out a replacement keg no questions, and a tag to return the keg that I was having difficuties with. So don't judge by the website, and try not to be nervous. Those are my facts.
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    Never used them, but they have good prices on regulators. The website, itself, looks fine to me. It's graphically simple but functional. Let us know how they work out. I might be interested in replacing a couple old regulators.
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    ah ya know what, I copied the link from his post, different site than, the other site looked like crap

    I would still go with beverage factory though, as their kit is ~$26 cheaper and you get an aluminum rather than a steel co2 tank, a SS drip tray, and a chrome faucet rather than a picnic tap
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    Just curious why you see this as an advantage. Weight?
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    and aluminum will never rust..
  10. Aluminum sure is pretty! But I won't be suckered into that again. Waaaaaay overpriced for the perceived 'advantages', IMO. (why is your tank rusting?)
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    I've had tanks rust being stored in my kegerator and I get the rust stain after a couple months of it sitting on the fridge floor.
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    beverage factory has 5# aluminum tanks for $56, where are you gonna find a steel one cheaper?
  13. Thanks for taking the time to share your story. I made a purchase from them on Friday, and the web site displayed my shipping info wrong the first two times I entered my shipping address. Third time it took, however the confirmation email sent to me displayed the proper billing info, yet displayed my shipping info name as "mm mm", and my street address as "32mm". I sent an email to customer service, and have not heard back.

    Ryane is correct with the name of the company, I was wrong.

    I'll ride it out, and update everyone pending the outcome. The company has great prices on tanks, regulators, and corny keg parts, so hopefully my purchase arrives.
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    Look at the prices on the beverage factory, they beat out, and you get better stuff. If you could I would try and cancel the order
  15. Funny thing is, I made an order from them as well on the same same day. I used price to determine what I purchased from whom, because I'm cheap. I mean, "cost effective"!
  16. Received an email from, looks like the order is squared away, and on it's way. Can't wait to keg a brew.
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    I always had cornykeg bookmarked because it looked like you could get a really good price on a pack of kegs. Call them up and talk it over with them. If you get a bad vibe from them, find someone else.
  18. Depending on size. Micromatic has a 15lb tank for $87 while their SS 10lb tank is $92.

  19. My order came in today, so I'm happy about that. Just wanted to inform everyone that CORNYKEG.COM is a reputable site with great prices. Can't beat a 10lb. CO2 tank for $69.95 , or a dual guage regulator for $51.95. Now I can run two kegs at different pressures!!
  20. Sounds like a good price for a new aluminum tank. When I was shopping many years ago, stores that carried both aluminum and steel charged maybe 50% more for aluminum. A 5# aluminum tank was closer to $80. That said, if I was in the market for a replacement today, I would definitely seek out a used 20# tank or bigger. I wouldn't buy a new one. They're much cheaper and i have the flexibility to swap if necessary. The last steel tank I bought on eBay was $20 (I now have two 20# tanks). Craigslist is also an excellent source (and they frequently still have gas in them).
  21. I store my tank outside the fridge, so rust is not an issue.
  22. I see they have lid o-rings for $1.25. I believe that's the same as McMaster Carr's 10 lot price.
  23. Actually the tank was steel, but the website said that the re-certification was good for at least 5 years, and the tank was re-certified on 3-12, not too shabby!
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    Depending on your gas supplier, they may only take 'trade-ins'. My local gas supplier in Texas wouldn't fill my aluminum tank, only trade out. Which isn't a bad thing as the hydrostatic inspection on aluminum is less than steel. Plus I didn't want to wait a week to get my tanks back.
  25. My supplier will refill, but I have to leave the tank. A swap can be done immediately. When he offered to swap my shiny aluminum tank, I hesitated. But he had one as pretty as mine, so I did the swap. FWIW, when you get near the inspection date, do the swap. I think we all do that with propane tanks ;) (though the premium you pay for a propane swap probably covers the price of an inspection)