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Countdown to Brewvival

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by Rymar9, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Rymar9

    Rymar9 Savant (315) South Carolina Jan 24, 2011

    So, who's going? Now that it's less than a month away and the beer list is starting to take shape, which beers are you most looking forward to? of course there's a few breweries that have yet to announce what beers they are bringing, like founders, coast, and westbrook, to name a few. Not to mention the rumored surprise breweries like Funky buddha and cigar city.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the Allagash sours, and the New belgium peach whiskey barrel aged prickly passion saison blended with felix. Also the Imperial doughnut break from Evil Twin, but really everything sounds awesome. Can't wait!
  2. I am going. The beer lists are definitely filling out, but remember last year many of the best beers were last minute surprises. I am sure that will be the case again.
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  3. I'll be volunteering for the fourth year. I've wondered, at five years do I become a brewsuit (jesuit of beer)?
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  5. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    The list is great so far, but some of the best is yet to come! Hope everyone has their tickets.
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  7. I'll be there!
  8. I'll be there as well. Coming in Thursday and hoping Craftsman is open by then so I can check it out before the beer geeks descend on the city.
  9. I'll be there. And seeing Funky Buddha coming makes me even happier!
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  10. I was reading an article while I was in CHS last weekend and it said Craftsman was looking more like March.

    I will be there with a full carload from Charlotte. Looking forward to a good time (and the times I won't remember at Closed For Business post festival). Probably shouldn't have gotten a hotel less than a block from there...
  11. http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/.../the-craftsmen-almost-ready-to-wow-beer-geeks Says hopefully early Feb. No matter either way though, it's not like there aren't any other good places to eat and drink in that city. We've got about 15 people in our group coming from Charlotte so the Queen City will be well represented it seems.
  12. Yeah that article is newer than the one I read. Hope it does open in time.

    Side note, no body ever really talks about The Griffon (on Vendue) as a place to check out but their tap list was really really good. Shithole dive bar, but great beer selection (and had some good blue grass music last weekend). If your down that way or at CBX, worth a stop.
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  13. ksurkin

    ksurkin Savant (250) Virginia Jan 9, 2009

    i'll be there. first time since the original which was the best fest i've been too. sounds like this one is going back to that style and should be incredible. the beer list always looks awesome but it's the surprise and secret beers that really make the festival.
  14. I am going for the first time this year, any tips? I am very excited after RRB yesterday!!!
  15. we are going to brewvival but we won't be pouring
  16. i am going this year. first time attending. looking forward to the imperial doughnut break and barrel aged wake n bake and the allagash wild ales
  17. Does anyone have pictures of the glassware?
  18. (of yesteryear)
  19. And those of us in S.C. that have never had the opportunity to drink a Funkybuddha beer, all collectively frowned.
  20. And, just like that, a wave of sadness has engulfed me.
  21. I usually pour but I will be in Savannah for the weekend this year. I'll be back in 2014. Everything looks amazing so far and I know my coworkers, breweries, COAST and CBX are working hard to make it the best one yet!
  22. Rymar9

    Rymar9 Savant (315) South Carolina Jan 24, 2011

    So, by that you mean someone else will be pouring your beers for you right?...right?
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  23. Previous glasswares: [​IMG]
  24. I was just messing around. We will be there pouring and hopefully you guys enjoy what we bring. I'll be the smartass in the Buddha shirt, so come say hi.
  25. So wrong...and yet, it makes me happy! Go go crazy flavored beers to pour!
  26. That was the meanest trick ever.

    Now I'm happy again!!! Maybe you should bring a few bottles of your stuff to prove to us (well, me) just how sorry you are for your transgression.
  27. I will take several 2oz samples as payment for the pain and suffering your joke caused me.
  28. Thank goodness! You guys rocked last year! Now that they fixed all the issues I may get to try more of your beers.
  29. Today on FB craftsman said they are hoping to be open by valentines day.
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  30. Ill be there...should be awesome!
  31. Dear Mr. Future cowboy. What happens after this year? It only hold 4 sample glasses ;)
  32. Champagne like glass pyramids, possible with more paddles?
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  33. RyanBeer13

    RyanBeer13 Initiate (0) Virginia Jan 24, 2011

    Cant wait, funky buddha rocks
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  34. What is everyone's post-brewvival plans? Pass out?
  35. I was thinking of something more like a Rambo-style ammo belt.
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  36. Last year I think it led to CFB where many drinks were had listening to stories from the brewer from New Belgium (Martin maybe? I think he's Belgian or at least from somewhere in Germany). It led to me going, "Huh?" a lot and nodding a bunch.

    I think brunch somewhere Sunday would be nice.
  37. compton

    compton Aficionado (190) Georgia May 20, 2009

    I'll be there for the first time from Atlanta. Looking forward to it.
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  38. It's the best fest in the southeast. You will enjoy. Where you staying?
  39. compton

    compton Aficionado (190) Georgia May 20, 2009

    my grandfather has a sailboat in a marina i'm staying on with a couple of buddies. should be a fun one!
  40. Many people last year went to "Closed For Business." This year there is a brand new Craft Beer Bar "The Craftsman" which should be open then. 30 taps or so and run by Beer Geeks. There have been several articles in the "Charleston City Paper."