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  1. No 'the' and cfb = closed for business.
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  3. After Brian's last tasting, I had to start reloading for the Brewvival-eve tasting. Got this in the mail today. Starting to get excited about that weekend.

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  4. I'd single handedly, thrash that Raspberry Tart and Serendipity. Such GREAT beers in my mind. I need to see when I'm coming down for the Brewvival weekend!
  5. Making my first Brewvival trip since the first one. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends I haven't seen in a while. Oh, and the beer list looks pretty good, too.
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  6. Between the current brew list, and Funky Buddha saying they'll be there.....I'm pretty hyped for Brewvival.
  7. Brian has generously invited me and some of my friends to his pre-Brewvival tasting (for several of us it's our first Brewvival), and we'll be bringing some good stuff to show our appreciation.

    Hope you guys are interested in trying Kern River Citra.

  8. Kern River? Gross. Ew.
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  9. If that's not your thing I'll have plenty of sours too. :)
  10. I think I'll bring some vintage stuff I've been needing an excuse to crack.
  11. Haha. That reminds me, I'll bring a Sang Royal. Wicked good stuff.
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  12. Had a good time at Brian's last get-together a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Also, beer.
  13. Who is bringing the Ghost Face Killah this time? :mad:
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  14. Bring. It. On. (Actually, no. Please don't.)
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  15. Someone should bring a flight of the most awful/uncomfortable/intense beers: Cave Creek Chili, Ghost Face Killah, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, SA Triple Bock, etc.
  16. I actually own some Triple Bock and Cave Creek Chili.... hmm...
  17. I have a bottle... I could also try to get a small fliptop of this made with Trinidad Scorpion Peppers
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  18. Comes with a free colon cleansing as an extra...
  19. Ok, those reviews are hilarious.
  20. Yeah, I like this one:

    "Nose pure capcasin, just pure extract of hot pepper smells like satan fucking my sinuses (thanks for the descriptor Mark), Pure Jolokia flesh grown in the depths of satan's bowels, I need a nose or tongue condom to even get close to this one. Beer? Unlikely to actually be any beer in this liquid hot sauce.

    Tongue , oh god do I dare... Best of luck to us all... Well its quite hot but not kick me on the balls hot, yet. The heat ramps even more on the second sip... by far the hottest beer I've ever had, lots of crazy hot pepper, extract of capcasin hot, my stomach is curdling and my face is steaming and feels like it's swelling, wow..!!!"
  21. I was thinking "Worst. Beer. Ever." thinking about them together, but the same principles brewed properly, could be quite good. In the immortal words of King Jaffe Joffer, "There is a very fine line between love and nausea."
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  22. We could do some more experimenting. The Arctic Panzer and Dark Lord half and hafl was pretty tasty. We could go for something like a Creme Brulee / Ghost Scorpian. I think Nick would love that.
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  23. Not quite along the same lines, but I suggested to Nick on Twitter that a blend of Creme Brulee and Sam Adams Merry Mischief could be fun to try. Gingerbread milkshake beer anyone?
  24. I don't remember if it's Dark Lord that's the other half, but I do remember drinking a great mix sitting at your table saying "I'm sorry I ruined your Black Panzer party." Norgart probably knows, all the Three Floyds stuff is invariably his.
  25. i am going to brewvival and will be in charleston on friday. if there is a bottle share going on i could join up and bring some bitter valentine
  26. Only if you garnish it with a Ghost Face Killah ice cube.
  27. It was dark lord. I brought it to that tasting when we did the black panzer party
  28. Actually, at a tasting in Seattle, there was a bottle of Ghost Face and a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, both opened and everyone had had their thimbleful of each to determine that was all they wanted... I said what the hell and blended the two in my glass... it actually worked and was drinkable!
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  29. So a super-generous BA just dropped a Bruery White Chocolate on my doorstep - as an extra. I'm going to pay the generosity forward and bring this to the tasting.
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  30. I got a chocolate rain. We could make a wicked black n tan.
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  31. We went last year and was really looking forward to it but we didn't enjoy it at all. Ridiculous lines, took almost an hour just to get in, friend waited an hour in the food line for some doughnuts, and it's the only beer festival I ever attended where I left with hardly a buzz...I'm really looking forward to feedback this year to see if they worked out these issues as it's hard to spend the $$$ on travel, lodging, and gate cost just to drink 60 oz of beer. I hope this year is much better for everyone and they don't oversell.
  33. They're selling fewer tickets this year and increasing the amount of beer and food available. Everyone involved is well aware of all the problems last year and have taken a lot of steps to correct them. It's sounding as if this year's going to be the best yet.
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  34. Guess we'll know for sure in a few weeks! I think the biggest annoyance was the incredibly slow line to get in last year - I was right up front and got in immediately, but had friends who also had to wait over an hour just to start tasting beer. Sorry to hear you were one of them... we'll let ya know how #4 goes down!
  35. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    I sampled 90% of the beers I wanted to. I am guessing anyone that didn't get many samples was picking the rare popular beers. I think the best change this year is the elimination of DD tickets. There were many many DD ticket holders sampling beer. That added to the lines and reduced the beer for paying drinking ticket holders.
  36. 2 Brewvival tickets for face value. Hit me up!
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  37. trevord13

    trevord13 Aficionado (145) Virginia Sep 30, 2010

    I`ve also got 2 tickets avaiable for face. Shoot me a message and we can try to work something out
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  38. trevord13

    trevord13 Aficionado (145) Virginia Sep 30, 2010

    Never been to Charleston and trying to figure out where to book a room Fri/Sat. I don`t really want to pay the price of a room downtown, but would like to be within a cab ride of downtown and Brewvival. Any suggestsions? Looking to spend maybe $100-$130 per night at most.
  39. I've never been to the Charleston area either. Just booked a room (King Smoking) @ The North Charleston Inn (I hope the locals don't start trashing my choice) $62.99 a day. Located within 4 miles of Coast Brewing (Brewvival), Holy City Brewing (fish fry 4-8 p.m. Friday), and the Pre Brewvival bottle share. It works for my needs.

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