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Counterfeit Cantillon John Chris Nomad

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by JealousChalice, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Centennial

    Centennial Savant (450) Vermont Nov 9, 2009

  2. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (465) New York Jun 7, 2005

    Which BA DL? It seems that he actually bought one in early May (Bourbon Barrel)....
  3. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (465) New York Jun 7, 2005

    You betcha. I got a Kuhnhenn 2009 BBBW at a pretty reasonable cost (threw in a 2010 4D as an "extra"). Bottle was entirely legit.....however, his shipping/communication practices were not.

    EDIT: My feedback was on his iron_man account, not game_henge. The former was apparently suspended for reasons that were never really explained. If you check through his history on both accounts, you'll see that he was cross-selling identical bottles...even using the same photos.

    You'll also see that I left hop-one some feedback as well on one of those gnarly looking Mort Subite's from the "70's".
  4. JohnGalt1

    JohnGalt1 Champion (920) Idaho Aug 10, 2005 Beer Trader

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  5. futura123

    futura123 Savant (340) California Jul 29, 2010

  6. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (465) New York Jun 7, 2005

  7. Not really, he used the 'I'm the best trader' shield for so long while pulling shady stuff, it was a matter of time.
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  8. Yep - I've been using Ebay for 15 years. (not beer) Yes, they do take buyers seriously, but the product in question here is a big gray area. It is also not open and shut in favor of buyers - they do go through arbitration and will side with the seller plenty.

    Also, there's not much Ebay can do if a buyer opens their $200 whale 3 months after purchase, determines it was fake, and the seller has already wiped their PayPal account.

    I am one-sided, because I've watched Ebay slowly turn limited craft beer releases into event tickets. That sucks. Dealing with scalpers, lines flooded by people who have no interest in enjoying the item, paying 10x the price, counterfeit concerns, etc. It's already here and/or coming soon if this pace keeps up. How can anybody actually want that?
  9. nobody does. please don't straw man and appeal to emotion here. it's perfectly legit to point out that the same pitfalls of buying on ebay exist in trading on ba. the fact that this purported counterfeit was obtained through trading should be enough to establish that.

    at least ebay has arbitration. what protection does ba have? look at how long mikesgroove got away with his shit.
  10. heyta

    heyta Savant (340) Georgia Jun 16, 2009 Beer Trader

    What makes trading scarier is that sometimes the person who is potentially trading a fake doesn't know it is a fake -- then are they really at fault? In the OP's case, it sounds like this could be what happened... When you trade for your next whale, won't you ask the other guy to send you pictures?

    FWIW, I checked my JCN bottle, and the text seems crisp, and has correctly rounded edges on the label. It also has a 2011 cork.
  11. Domeshot14

    Domeshot14 Savant (270) California Jul 10, 2011

    Last time I checked, Yes. If you have a fake $100 and try to give it to someone, guess who's at fault.
  12. heyta

    heyta Savant (340) Georgia Jun 16, 2009 Beer Trader

    You are not at fault when you have a faulty $100 bill. You are subject to forfeiture, but you don't go to jail.
  13. claaark13

    claaark13 Advocate (725) Indiana Nov 29, 2007 Beer Trader

    He bought way too much De Muerte.
  14. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Champion (750) Jul 19, 2009

    Holy shit, between those two accounts he has a serious amount of BADLs, just wow.....that is one fuckton of money spent.
  15. alcstradamus

    alcstradamus Savant (440) Iowa Aug 10, 2008 Beer Trader

    WOW...so this dude spent like $6000 last month on BA Dark Lords and we are supposed to believe his 'lost my job' story as to why he is a bad trader? Fuck that guy.
  16. Soonami

    Soonami Savant (465) Pennsylvania Jul 16, 2008

    out of curiosity, I counted them--there's 20 BA DL at an average price of $250 with shipping. That's $5000 in beer he bought in the last month and a half...There's also a dozen or so bottles of BA FFF beers like Alpha Klaus and Behemoth.

    Maybe he's buying up all this beer before he declares bankruptcy and then he'll send everyone he owes beer to a Bourbon or Brandy DL!
  17. jsilva

    jsilva Savant (365) Massachusetts Nov 10, 2009

    Funny that on page 9 and we still dont know anymore than on page 1
    So do we know where this supposed fake Nomad came from?
    Does anyone have anything in writing/email from cantillon or the chocolatier stating this is definately fake?
    OP where/who did you get this from and where/who did he get this from?
  18. alcstradamus

    alcstradamus Savant (440) Iowa Aug 10, 2008 Beer Trader

    The potentially fake bottles came from a private seller in Belgium
    The OP received it in a trade, the trader purchased it from that private seller

    So basically, until more investigation is done, buyer beware. Sorry if I am being a bit vague, but it is not my place to be exposing potential fraudsters until it is shown that they have indeed committed fraud. It might take some time to get the full details.
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  19. Rempo

    Rempo Advocate (635) Indiana Jan 18, 2010


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  20. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    Hard to say how much he's making from selling. It can be a lot easier than trading too. Sell a bunch of bottles that would never land a BA DL on here then buy a BA DL. Ebay is more than just a bunch of capitalists.
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  21. alcstradamus

    alcstradamus Savant (440) Iowa Aug 10, 2008 Beer Trader

    I recognize that name from back in my daily ebay browsing days. Always had a ton of rare shit for sale, I might have even bought some from him I don't remember. Dude was DEEP in the ebay game even back when he was on his high and mighty trader shit.

    I want to clarify that I have nothing against ebayers, but I do have something against people who portray themselves one way and act a completely different way behind the scenes.
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  22. cmmcdonn

    cmmcdonn Savant (400) Virginia Jun 21, 2009

    The guys he screwed over should pool their money and buy his foreclosed house. Then they can call it even. :p
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  23. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Just gonna throw this out there, but this thread is probably one of the most legit I've seen on BA as far as being helpful to people. If you guys take it too far off course it might not even exist anymore.
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  24. Hoosier12390

    Hoosier12390 Disciple (60) Illinois May 15, 2012

    What a ridiculous scheme....20 BA DL's. Good lord.
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