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Craft Beer in Guatemala

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by standardcherry, May 14, 2012.

  1. I doubt any people on this site live in Guatemala since the craft beer scene is pretty much non-existent. If you're ever traveling to Antigua Guatemala check out Reilly's (they don't have a website and I don't know the exact address but the city is small and this place is pretty well known). They had Brooklyn East IPA, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Summer Ale and Guinness. The owner of the place is very interested in bringing more craft beer (hopefully some good stouts) to Guatemala so the list may change in the next few months depending on how successful this first round is.

    There is another place in Guatemala City that I've heard also has Brooklyn Lager and IPA. The place is called Bajofondo in Zone 10 but I haven't been so I can't confirm this. I know there are also a few shops around the city (in the basement of Oakland Mall, in Plaza Obelisco and in a few other places) that occasionally stock some decent European (mostly German and Belgian) beers. Nothing special, but I've found some decent pilseners, bocks, hefeweizens, ambers, and golden ales.
  2. PaulQuinn

    PaulQuinn Savant (295) Brazil May 27, 2011

    Brooklyn seems like the most international American brewery.
  3. I found some Brooklyn Brewery at Buddha Bar in San Pedro on Lake Atitlan.
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  4. DavenJDGT

    DavenJDGT Initiate (5) Jul 16, 2013

    I am from Guatemala and you can easily find Brooklyn Lager on the local supermarket now. Even some others like Benediktiner, however Reilly's is the only place that seems to sell Guinness
  5. Mojoguate

    Mojoguate Initiate (15) Guatemala Jun 14, 2014

    There's Guinness at Buddha in San Pedro la Laguna as well as the Brooklyns. They've got home made cider as well as Strongbow Gold cider in the bottle. They've had up 47 beers available at their peak during the last Oktoberfest including most of the Guatemalan beers, a wide array of German beers, Trappe and Leffe monk beers, a wide variety of Mexican beers, etc... Now they offer Moza and Gallo on tap, the only place in town!!
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  6. There's a place called Hops & Tales Pub in Antigua Guatemala, they have a really good craft beer selection from Guatemala and El Salvador. The craft beer from El Salvador is actually on tap and it's the only place in Antigua where you can find it. It's a nice calm place, so you can hang out with your friends and have a good chat. They play mostly rock and the wings are awesome! And if you're not a craft beer drinker, they do have a lot of the Gallo and Brahva products too. So yes, you can find Craft Beer in Guatemala!!!
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  7. JCastle

    JCastle Initiate (10) Massachusetts Aug 20, 2014

    I've heard about that place. There's some decent options now if you know where to look. Birra Bier in Z.14 has some good stuff, though the selection is always rotating (I know they've carried stuff like Sierra Nevada and Rogue in the past). Fernando's Kaffee in Antigua is also supposed to have some decent options though I've never been there.

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