Asia Craft beers in Thailand??

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  1. I'm going to Thailand next year and I was wondering if there any where American craft beers available in Thailand??
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  2. shyhenry

    shyhenry Aficionado (175) Virginia Oct 11, 2010

    Not really. If you search hard, you'll find stuff from Rogue or some of the more common Belgians.

    I recommend you forget about beer while you're in Thailand. Embrace the amazing culture and scenery, knock back a Chang, and have fun.
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  3. There's a Belgian beer pub ( and restaurant ) in Chiang Mai that has a good selection of Belgian beers !
  4. Yeah, I heard there is HOBS, house of beers, but they mainly serve begian.
  5. drewmprs

    drewmprs Initiate (0) California Dec 12, 2005

    There's a few small German brewpubs in Chiang Mai.
  6. There's a company importing American beers from Rogue and Anderson Valley. Check out they have a list of restaurants around Bangkok serving the brews.
    Number 1 Bistro in Chiang Mai has an impressive selection of Belgian beers. It's in the night bazaar area off of Loi Kroh Road.
  7. krouge

    krouge Aficionado (155) Thailand Dec 22, 2006

    Not exactly. There was one the outskirts of town but it recently closed its doors forever. At the moment there are no brewpubs in Chiang Mai; unfortunately imported beer is now the only game in town.
  8. aschwab

    aschwab Advocate (585) Texas Mar 3, 2009

    I was in Bangkok a couple of days ago and walked past a place called "The Game" that advertised to be the craft beer bar of Bangkok. It is just off of Nana on the BTS line.

    They had 4 beers...2 rogues and 2 anderson valleys....all for the price around $12/12 oz bottle. Needless to say, I was thirsty and needed an IPA. I ended up with a Yellow Snow from Rogue, which was not worth it, but so worth it after drinking that many mediocre beers for so long.
  9. krouge

    krouge Aficionado (155) Thailand Dec 22, 2006

    In Chiang Mai at a restaurant called The Duke's, 12 ounce bottles of Rogue and Anderson are going for 210 baht (US$7.15). Still not cheap compared to European imports but luckily not as obscenely priced as the $12/bottle in Bangkok that was mentioned above. Drank the Rogue Mocha Porter there but since they also have Fullers London Porter at 180 baht per 500ml bottle I'm not sure that I'd buy the Rogue again the next time that I visit.
  10. comets55

    comets55 Disciple (60) Thailand May 25, 2011

    There're 2 places that I think their craft beer is very good and brewed on site:

    1. Est33 in Crystal Design Center (CDC), Bangkok. They have 3 beers that brewed there seems to me they are Lager, Copper ale and white ale (i don't called it wheat because it taste to me like Lager). My favorite one here is Copper ale as it is the most hoppy beer they got. I assume IBC around 15-20.

    2. Full moon brew works in Jungceylon shopping center, Phuket. According to them, they have 3 beers as well. Phuket lager, something like Nut brown ale and American style wheat. I was upset because when I got there, their Phuket lager was out, but they got Green beer, what amaze me was the point that they used fresh "Pandanus" leaf to bring put the light green color and aroma. I met with the head brewer, he said he used only natural ingredient. However, my favorite one is Wheat beer here. In fact, very great nose and finished and they used tangerine peels and other herbs from King's project.You can rarely find any wheat on draught in Thailand.

    Hope it helps.
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  11. Stick to Chang Beer, most imports end up tasting rancid because of be stored in hot conditions. Drink local.
  12. krouge

    krouge Aficionado (155) Thailand Dec 22, 2006

    I disagree with that. German imports such as Paulaner and Weihenstephaner are usually fresher here than in the US. And Chang is not only swill, even after a couple of Changs most people get a headache. It's so famous for that that they have a name for it, it's called a changover. If you must drink local, my advice is to stick to the Leo. That's inoffensive and cheap.
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  13. But thats the fun with Chang. sometimes it is 5% and other times seems near 8% :) It also makes a great shandy.
  14. krouge

    krouge Aficionado (155) Thailand Dec 22, 2006

    There are three different versions of Chang that are commonly sold inside Thailand. Two of them are advertized to be 5.0% ABV and the other is advertized at 6.4%. While Chang might have quality control problems in their breweries that cause some variation in ABV, I don’ think that it’s the ABV that causes the hangovers. I say that because I can’t think of any other beer with an ABV of less than 10% that gives me a hangover after only a couple of 12 ounce bottles.
  15. jlelouer

    jlelouer Aspirant (40) Thailand Jun 28, 2013

    Try Wishbeer (, they have a huge selection of beers and deliver anywhere in Thailand.
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  16. nicks6217

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    I just spent 2 weeks in Thailand and ti be honest if your going in the summer than just stick to Chang, its a god sent after a day spent in traffic and humidity.
  17. krouge

    krouge Aficionado (155) Thailand Dec 22, 2006

    I find Chang to be horrible but I agree that it's not worth the trouble to seek out American craft beers in Thailand, especially considering their exorbitant prices.
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  18. Chang is best only for cool graphic T-shirts... Leo is OK but Singha is by far my choice, and perfect with the food. Anyway, I'm back in this forum because I'm planning another trip out there so grateful to know about some of the other places out there that are at least trying.
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  19. tbeckett

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    Chang is great for severe gut rot
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  20. HRamz3

    HRamz3 Advocate (630) Pitcairn Feb 9, 2010

    Anyone currently in country?
  21. iHia

    iHia Aficionado (115) California Nov 8, 2013

    I just landed yesterday from LA. Thinking about checking out the Mikkeller bar sometime. Let me know if you want to go together. I used to live here so know the language and my way around.
  22. HRamz3

    HRamz3 Advocate (630) Pitcairn Feb 9, 2010

    Unfortunately I'm not currently in the LoS, though will be later this year. I'd love to hear your opinion of the Mikkeller bar, it's definitely the most "must do" the next time I'm BKK.
  23. HRamz3

    HRamz3 Advocate (630) Pitcairn Feb 9, 2010

    Just wondering if you made to ?
  24. Thoroughbred88

    Thoroughbred88 Savant (270) Illinois Mar 27, 2014 Verified

    I'll be making my way to Bangkok for Honeymoon. Hotel is a 10 minute walk to the Mikkeller bar.

    What are my odds of finding some rare-ish Belgian lambics and sours in Bangkok?
  25. ASirahSyrah

    ASirahSyrah Zealot (75) Texas Jul 13, 2014

    If you go to any major travel destinations, like Phuket, there are going to be a few options (I'm using few loosely here) - in Phuket alone, I think I remember at least five English style brew pubs. You're not going to find many microbreweries in Thailand, but if you follow this link - - you may be able to find a couple spots. But no worries, my friend, you can always grab a Singha or a Chang and enjoy yourself just as well! Enjoy the people, drinks, and countryside and be safe! Plenty to do.
  26. Thoroughbred88

    Thoroughbred88 Savant (270) Illinois Mar 27, 2014 Verified

    Excellent, thanks for the website and insight. We will be in Bangkok for 7 days and Hua Hin for 7 more. I'm guessing my odds of finding anything in Hua Hin are slim to none.
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  27. HRamz3

    HRamz3 Advocate (630) Pitcairn Feb 9, 2010

    You can find craft beer in Bangkok. The previously mentioned Mikkeller bar/brewpub has an extensive selection. Also there is this:

    I'm sure there are others, though all are going to be expensive. In Hua Hin, I think your guess is completely accurate, enjoy the Singha's, avoid the Chang(over).
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  28. Harnkus

    Harnkus Savant (395) New York Oct 31, 2013

    At JFK now heading for Thailand. Looking forward to the craft beer break and drinking yells suds for two weeks. Hopefully when I return Beer Camp will have arrived in NY
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  29. BlumBeer

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    Just stay away from anything called a "pook bar"
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    Is that where all the loons are and you are keeping them for yourself??
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    hahahaha....loons,not so much...chicks who were once (or might still be) dudes..plentyfull!
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    No likey the Katoey?? That's Thailnad. You never know, until, well...
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  33. patre_tim

    patre_tim Advocate (550) China Mar 29, 2012

    In ChiangMai, Rimping Market has several locations, and generally carries a good selection of imported beers, mostly Belgian and German, though a couple American ones as well (same as above mention Anderson Valley and Rogue). Found some Japanese Hitachino Nest, and other cutting edge Japanese brews as well. All at a price mind you, but worth checking into if thats what you are looking for.
  34. patre_tim

    patre_tim Advocate (550) China Mar 29, 2012

    I was bummed that the German Micro Brewery closed. It was awesome to have had fresh brewed beer brewed locally in Chiangmai.
  35. Anything cropped up of late in Bangkok? Will be in the south for roughly Christmas week (so never mind) but then a few more days in the capital, of which I can't get enough -- but wouldn't mind something to break up the flow of Singha.
  36. To clarify, I am checking in not just about American craft, but any (esp. non-Belgian). Sorry for the thread-jacking.
  37. I think Thailand it asian countries for that matter need to rethink better yet need to be educate that there are more to life that a pils and a lager; though Singha is a good pils/lager but that all Thailand has, sad they are missing out quite a bit:
  38. iHia

    iHia Aficionado (115) California Nov 8, 2013

    Try the Mikkeller Bar on Ekkamai. Sadly it's one of the best places that I've found for beer in Bangkok. Beers are not fresh, but there really isn't anything in this city outside of Thai beer and Belgian imports. Some of the staff are homebrewers and might be able to let you know where to get some of the local underground craft beer being brewed here (it's illegal so they might not be open to letting you in on it, lol) I haven't tried any yet, but am not really expecting much...
  39. iHia

    iHia Aficionado (115) California Nov 8, 2013

    Oh, Mikkeller bar had bottles of Hill Farmstead Daybreak as of a few days ago. Not listed on the's kept in the back for regulars. Ask for it!
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