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Craft beers in Vegas?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by wafels_and_schnapps, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. I'll be in Vegas for a few days during the first week of March. Are there any good microbreweries, or better yet, nanobreweries I should be checking out?
  2. nogidrew86

    nogidrew86 Savant (250) Nevada Aug 16, 2010

    Search function ?
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  3. I won't be a dick just because you're new.

    As far as breweries go, I think you're pretty much out of luck, but there are some decent watering holes. I just made a trip to Vegas and found a couple helpful threads here:

    I stayed in The Palazzo/Venetian and visited the Public House on many an occasion, great selection and casks, too. But yeah, as nogidrew mentioned, there are quite a few threads so finding a place won't be hard.
  4. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Have you been to Tenaya Creek, Big Dog's Drafthouse, Chicago Brewing, Triple 7, or had any Joseph James around town? Tenaya Creek and Big Dog's have been making good beer for years, Joseph James has really improved in the last year, and Chicago won GABF gold this last year.

    Can we get this pinned at the top of the forum already? LOL...

    If you are just limited to the Strip:

    1. Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay - Has a good beer menu and good food.
    2. Yardhouse at Town Square - Located just south of the Strip, big selection and reasonably priced (at the end of the year there will be a Strip location at project LINQ, along with a Tilted Kilt).
    3. The Pub at Monte Carlo - Pretty decent tap list (80 or so?)
    4. Todd English PUB at Crystals/CityCenter - Some interesting food items, decent beer menu, and beer engines.
    5. Pour 24 at NYNY - Not a bad little satellite bar to try some good beers
    6. Whole Foods at Town Square - If you are looking to pick up a few bottles, find the leprechaun for the good stuff.
    7. Sin City Brewing at Planet Hollywood - Tickers gonna tick?
    8. Public House at the Venetian - Has a certified Cicerone, Russ Gardner working there. Good selection (some casks too) and service, but very expensive and the food is good but not worth it.
    9. Rattlecan at the Venetian - Really good burgers, but not nearly as good a selection as the above.
    10/11. Gordon Ramsey BurGR at Planet Hollywood and Pub and Grill at Caesars - Haven't had a chance to try them but both are supposed to have a larger selection of beer than your average strip restaurant
    12. Strip Liquor - A small liquor store just North of the Wynn at LV Blvd and Convention Center. I've heard they have a very small selection of a few of the local breweries. Its the unbranded little stepchild store of Lee's Discount Liquor.

    If you don't mind going a few miles:

    1. Money Plays - A couple blocks west of the strip, just past The Palms. Small little dive, but local BA Nick (Here4Beer) is doing some good things with their beer selection. Sunday's we have a small gathering and bottle share. I think they are up to 24 taps now...
    2. Downtown - You can hit up 777 Brew Pub at Main Street Station and the Chicago Brewing Company hub at Four Queens.
    3. Freakin Frog - Beer bar with the biggest bottle selection in town, but you pay a big premium especially for the bottles

    If distance isn't an option (and sadly these are better than any of the above):

    1. Aces and Ales - Best draft selection in town, has a lot of tapping parties and beer events, and hosts the local homebrew club. A few miles East of the strip near Sams Town. Tuesdays there is a $20 tasting pairing. You get 6 beer tasters and a special food item. Some locals tend to bring in bottles for a small share as well.
    2. Khoury's Fine Wine - The local bottle shop that also has 11 tap lines and some Vinotemps). Good selection, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices. We have a weekly meetup every Wednesday from 6-10 and there is usually a food truck. Bring something fun in or buy something off the shelf to share. They just bought a randall to start experimenting with specialty pours of beers.
    3. Big Dogs Drafthouse - The best brew pub in town. Dave brews some great hoppy beers and the food is great. Oddly you can usually find 1 or 2 of their beers on draft at Carlsbad Pizza Port and vice versa. Farthest trip from the strip though.
    4. Tenaya Creek - Another Nevada brew pub. Anthony has been making good beers for quite a while. Especially dig the wood-aged nitro pours of their barleywine.
    5. Joseph James Brewery - You can find their beers around town and they do brewery tours if you are into that. Matt and the other guys are around at most of the beer events and their last brewer really stepped up the quality of the beers.
    6. Chicago Brewing Company - Up in the Summerlin area, this is one of our other solid brewpubs. Won GABF gold last year.
    7. Fireside Lounge - A "Nevada" style tavern (think PT's) with better food and much better beer. Good place to combo with Khoury's since they are about 2 blocks apart.
  5. Triple 7 at Main St is solid. Decent bar food, feels like a Rockbottom
  6. You didn't realize it, but your posts helped me a lot in my short stay there a few weeks back, so thank you sir.
  7. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Glad I could help!
  8. nogidrew86

    nogidrew86 Savant (250) Nevada Aug 16, 2010

    FYI rattlecan at the Venetian has closed.
  9. every time I see this I want to ask and forget. What is a Nevada style tavern? Thanks!
  10. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I've only been once (a few hours before I got married), but it was kind of like a cocktail bar that was designed to look/feel like a strip club. The food was pretty good, and they had a huge menu of oddball mixed drinks. I have no clue about their beers, though.
  11. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Different fireside. This one is off the strip.

    The "Nevada" style tavern is just some made up thing that the chain of PT's and their related bars call themselves. Basically a large bar with video poker machines, plenty of sports on TV, lots of happy hour specials, and serviceable bar food. You won't really find much good beer at PT's.

    Fireside has a similar setup, but has an interesting selection of handles and the best bar food in town (I recommend the seafood bisque, fire burger, and the filet chili cheese barrels.
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  12. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    That explains a lot :p The one I went to was fun, but it didn't strike me as much of a beer joint. PT's in Denver is a chain of strip clubs.

  13. do they still do this? im about to move to vegas in september and will be taking some texas with me. it'd be nice to meet some beer geeks in the area....
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  14. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Yup, Wednesdays are still going strong with the weekly gathering and food truck. Friday there is also now a corn hole league and often a truck and the Randall experiments
  15. Wasatch

    Wasatch Advocate (720) Utah Jun 8, 2005

    Love Big Dog's!

  16. I'll be dropping by these in late sept. thanks for the heads up!
  17. We always hit up Ellis Island when we're in Vegas for one meal for sure. Their bbq in the beer garden is pretty f'n tasty and the price is definitely right (cheap). Their brews are kinda so-so but in my opinion, not drain pours. They're cheap, too, and free if you're playing. And if you're there around Turkey Day or so, their Holiday Nog is outstanding!
  18. nogidrew86

    nogidrew86 Savant (250) Nevada Aug 16, 2010

    Ellis island the only place where the IPA tastes the same as the stout!

    Their hefeweisen is awesome with pancakes!
  19. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    To be fair, so does Boulder Dam.
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  20. Wednesdays and Fridays are the days to be there. Fridays have turned into another bottle share as well. Friday is a more fun day to be there imo.
  21. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Nothing sounds better than a large group of men with nothing better to do on a Friday night than to cornhole with each other.
  23. besides the 6 girls that play... you're right.
  24. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    So that makes it only about a 7 or 8 to 1 M/F ratio now? ;)
  25. ^^ sorta my style i guess.
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  26. Do you guys still do a bottle share on Friday nights? I'll be in Vegas 1/25, and if I've got a car, I'm pretty sure ill be there. Anything anybody is dying to try from WA/OR?
  27. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I'll actually be in Vegas next week, but am confined to the strip (as usual). I know all of the typical haunts and stops. Has anything new opened (or closed) since the summer?
  28. denver10

    denver10 Champion (900) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    I was just at The Pub at Monte Carlo this past weekend and know they have some kinda special coming up focusing on breweries with special tappings. The one I remember was with Firestone Walker, which promoted their latest Anniversary release amongst others. Don't remember the dates of these events unfortunately, but is probably worth calling them to find out if that sounds up your alley.
  29. Curb71

    Curb71 Aficionado (230) California Oct 22, 2012

    In the last year or so is there anything that definitely has to be added to this list? @Destral with that post #4 FTW Thanks!
  30. Bad Beat Brewing opened. Should check.
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  31. Destral

    Destral Savant (365) Nevada Oct 20, 2009

    Yeah I'll need to make some updates. Like VegasHopHead said, Bad Beat Brewing is the most recent thing worth checking out.
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  32. Was bummed when that closed down, I did a lot of the art work inside RattleCan
  33. I want to check it out but of course I work Thursday-Sunday nights and they are open Thursday-Sunday nights...fail for me

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