Crooked Letter Brewing Company denied in Jackson County, MS

Discussion in 'South' started by Todd, Jun 19, 2012.

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    It's 2012, right? Props to the one Jackson County "supervisor" who was for this, the rest should resign in shame. Saying no to the creation of more county/state/federal revenue and jobs, especially these days and for the reasons they gave, is simply unacceptable.
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  2. One of the opposed commented on their facebook page. I guess she was tired of people being angry about it.

    She claimed that it would make property values go down. And that there could be an explosion. Most of the people opposed were from a local church but she claimed the Church had nothing to do with it.

    They wanted to build a 50' x 50' building on 2 out of their 13 acres. If you look at Google Maps, it's a rural area. Not very crowded.
  3. lhutson

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    That's like saying people who drink alcohol are all beligerent, reckless, and drunks. Sweeping generalizations don't do service to any group.
  4. Lantern

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    You should meet the ones from my town.
  5. yamar68

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    I realize that this might take this thread completely off the rails but I can't resist...

    I am perhaps the most atheistic person you'll meet. That said, I believe religion is the most fundamental social structure in existence, now or ever. These religious fundamentalists may seem to have some whacky ideas but at the end of the day you have to realize that the bulk of their worldview is far from harmful and often commendable. Read any major sacred text at face value and you won't find much of anything offensive. But you will find all kinds of universally applicable proverbs and moral assertions. Mainstream religion only fails when it is misinterpreted or abused.

    Personally, I think these Jackson County folk are misinterpreting their tradition, and I hope they reassess their stance on the matter. But I don't think that means religion as a whole deserves a public flogging.
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  6. pixieskid

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    There is a huge difference between religious and "ignorant" my friend.

    For example, my dad is increadibly religious/spiritual (he's a Franciscan Catholic and an ordained minister in a small Japanese based church). He holds a bachelors and a masters in different subjects and is increadibly liberal. He is also quite open minded when it comes to modern debates and opinions and a huge advocate of craft yeah, generalizations are often inaccurate.

    As an agnostic, I can certainly don't agree with those that place a heavy emphasis on religion, but at the same time can respect those that are well educated an informed despite being religious...
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    I thought it was obvious that stereotypes and generalizations aren't entirely accurate. Sarcasm and humor are two things that rarely come across correctly online. I'm just trying to tell you I could create my own little Jonestown where I live, and no one would bat an eye. It's a mostly poor, severely undereducated area comprised of folks who 'look to the lord' in lieu of solving their own problems or thinking for themselves. The same ones that don't know the difference between a straight-up brewery and a bar.

    Also, all old people are useless, all whites are trailer trash, and Mexicans only eat burritos.

    Seriously, though... Look at the projected revenue for this brewery. What town couldn't use a boost in this economy?
  8. Knifestyles

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    Did you even bother to consider the fact that Belgian Trappist ales are actually brewed by "the religious"?

    Speaking of narrow-minded, ignorant and uneducated...(yeah, I said it).
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  9. franklinn

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    Shoulda known better, trying to open a brewery with the word crooked in the name, in MS.

    Next time name it Straight Letter Brewing and you might be able to pull a quick one, get approved and have drunkards driving ALLL OVER the roads in no time.
  10. lhutson

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    You're right. They absolutely could use the economic boost. And you're also probably right about them not thinking for themselves. I lived in rural MS the first 25 years of my life, lived in a dry county, and was brought up to believe that nothing good came from alcohol. I was always nervous when I was around people who had it, sometimes rightfully so. Being taught this is fairly common. This is what causes the strong opposition to breweries and anything alcohol related. Therefore, we have to face the fact that since there isn't a huge influx of statewide enlightened free-thinkers in MS, change is going to happen very, very, very slowly, but it will happen.
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  11. Eriktheipaman

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    That is a bummer for sure. Everyone should add them on Facebook and try to show support. Even spreading the word from a distance is still a good thing. Advocate!
  12. ao125

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    I was born in that part of MS, though I was adopted at a really young age.
    Happy as hell I don't live there.
  13. It seems that the whole zoning hearing was a shame, if they board of Supervisors had a prepared statement they already had their mind made up. It's amazing that that the WLOX video showed one objector mentioning that he didn't want "drinking and driving" on the road. State law prevents them from selling and would limit them to 4 six-ounce samples (but the owners said they would NOT even have samples). People who attended the hearing said most of the objections were misguided or completely inaccurate.

    Either way, due to this I'm going to go out of my way to support them when they get up and running. This could prove to be a "blessing" (not trying to start a religious debate) in disguise.

    Hopefully BA's on here will like their Facebook page and keep up with them. I have a feeling they're going to be ok.
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  14. nanobrew

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    then you should meet me and a lot of other BAs who are not like that.

    Edit: This brewery not passing is not a religious issue, it is THIS town's issue. Short's Brewery was fought against opening by a lot of people (including one of the nearby churches, but not a few others). Remember the general public is not educated in what real beer is. Now that the people of Bellaire understand what Short's brings to the community I am guessing the majority of the early naysayers are happy the brewery is there.
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  15. Thanks for all the support folks, and yes... we will open soon. We've been in planning for close to 3 years, so although this was a complete fiasco, in no way shape or form are we giving up. We've narrowed our search down to two possible locations, but since nothing's in writing yet, I'll refrain from announcing at this point. Please keep up with us!
  16. I said it before and I'll say it again, this may turn out to be a good thing. While I don't know a lot about what beers you plan to brew first - I plan to purchase and support your beers just because I think it's a shame a landowner can't use his/her land as they see fit.
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  17. Curmis

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    Barring any objection in the city of Ocean Springs they will be opening their brewery in our warehouses on the back of our Government Street property. They have a meeting with the city on the 2nd Tuesday of August.
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