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Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Members ?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by claspada, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. domtronzero

    domtronzero Initiate (0) California Aug 18, 2007

    Anybody have a clue how long the bottle sales will be up online for? I'm thinking long and hard about what to get and don't want to miss the deadline. Do they typically send out reminder emails to the members telling them when the cutoff time is going to be?
  2. Origins they gave a deadline. They didn't send out a reminder of the deadline that I remember but I'm old so memory could be going.
  3. Prospero

    Prospero Advocate (685) Colorado Jul 27, 2010

    Me too, I'm a non-member looking for a couple of each. Thanks.
  4. domtronzero

    domtronzero Initiate (0) California Aug 18, 2007

    Yah I now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing a deadline for Origins. Hmmm... I'll wait a couple days to email them to see if they send a follow-up email about it. I imagine they're gonna get a ton of emails today and tomorrow.
  5. mkurylko

    mkurylko Savant (270) New Jersey Feb 10, 2011

    The biggest surprise for me by far (comparing CR to Bruery's Reserve Society,) was that it's first come first served for the bottles as long as you're within the limits (as opposed to what I'd been used to with the Bruery where you had a limit and until X/Y/Z date to purchase them but were guaranteed those quantities as long as you ordered before then.) I'm glad I called them to confirm, I'd hate to have waited onto to hear that I missed out and been surprised.

    Put a different way, it would appear as the volume (inventory) that they have on hand is less than the number of total CR members with each maxing out their allocations.
  6. poonamibaxter

    poonamibaxter Savant (325) Colorado Jun 26, 2007

    Last years party was low key with about 100 folks or so, I'm sure this year will be completely different. Last year you could bring a guest and I am sure it will be the same.
  7. You called them to confirm that it's first come, first serve for the additional allocations? That is surprising to me as well.
  8. wdeck9

    wdeck9 Aficionado (175) Colorado Jun 24, 2008

    so lets get this all out in the open - if it is a 6 bottle limit and you purchase all 6 online - as a member you will get 8 total bottles. correct?
  9. Based on poonamibaxter's post, yes, 8 bottles
  10. wdeck9

    wdeck9 Aficionado (175) Colorado Jun 24, 2008

    makes sense......should be tasty
  11. Between this, chocolate rain, and parabola, im going broke.
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  12. poonamibaxter

    poonamibaxter Savant (325) Colorado Jun 26, 2007

    I got this straight out of the horse himself, Chad.

    He said if any of the beers go unsold he will open it back open for members to buy more.
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  13. scray24

    scray24 Savant (275) Colorado Mar 12, 2008

    this... but hard to complain too much about too much excellent beer.
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  14. guyforget

    guyforget Aficionado (205) Colorado Nov 12, 2009

    why are you guys worried about any of them running out?

    is it not presumed that there are enough bottles for each member to receive their 2 but also the full limit of online purchase? seems weird that a few could max out and a few could get none...?
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  15. mkurylko

    mkurylko Savant (270) New Jersey Feb 10, 2011

    Yes it was surprising for sure, I spoke with the accountant (I think Rob?) Again, I may be making a mountain out of a molehill but the lack of date to order by definitely raised some suspicions (hence the call.)

    The more I think about it, there's nothing guaranteeing you that you'll get more than the 20 bottles (375s, formerly 10 750s) as part of your membership.. just the fact that you're guaranteed to have the option to purchase more.
  16. guyforget

    guyforget Aficionado (205) Colorado Nov 12, 2009

    true that, but i guess i did assume that there would be enough bottles to serve every member if they chose to buy their full allocation. of course, it doesnt sound like any of us are sure thats not the case, really...

    either way, i maxed out my purchases...
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  17. coreymcafee

    coreymcafee Savant (350) Colorado May 30, 2006

    It should not be presumed. It is first come, first serve, and there is not necessarily enough for every member to order their full additional allocation. The only guarantee is your CR allocation, e.g. 2 bottles.

    Source: people who know.
  18. bugdoc

    bugdoc Savant (255) California Apr 4, 2011

    Welp, if the first-come, first-served paradigm was intended to instill some urgency into CR members to place their orders tout-de-suite, it certainly worked in my case. Order placed (though I didn't quite max out on everything offered, it was close enough)!
  19. mkurylko

    mkurylko Savant (270) New Jersey Feb 10, 2011

    When I called them, the guy on the phone said that there were already about 90 orders in (in less than 2 hours after the deployment.)
  20. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Hopefully they'll pull those items off of their site once it's clear they don't have the stock to fulfill more orders.
  21. mkurylko

    mkurylko Savant (270) New Jersey Feb 10, 2011

    In my talks with the guy on the phone. Their web/inventory provider will send them a low inventory notification at which time they'd send out a communication to the Cellar Reserve distribution list as a warning.
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  22. guyforget

    guyforget Aficionado (205) Colorado Nov 12, 2009

    good to know re: first come, first served on membership extra allocations

    you guys can pretty much just expect to see my post saying "dont care, maxed my allocation" every time we get something new...

    wish i could make the membership events but theyre on saturdays which is the busiest night of the week for a chef like me.
  23. moth72484

    moth72484 Zealot (90) Illinois Mar 6, 2010

    Email said party would be on Sunday, June 2nd
  24. Moc513

    Moc513 Savant (315) New York May 24, 2012

    Correct...I emailed them and they confirmed
  25. i will love someone forever if they let me buy whatever extras they have
  26. mjmadsen21

    mjmadsen21 Savant (255) Indiana Jan 13, 2012

    Anyone want to let me know what beers were realeased for the first quarter allocation?...

    I have a trading partner who said he would grab me one of each at cost but I would like to know what beers they are...thanks for the help!
  27. adkieffer

    adkieffer Savant (360) Washington Nov 23, 2010

  28. mjmadsen21

    mjmadsen21 Savant (255) Indiana Jan 13, 2012

  29. anybody?
  30. tacosandbeer

    tacosandbeer Savant (455) Colorado Sep 24, 2010

    Sometimes love is not enough.
  31. just saying I'd help a brother out
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  32. jp7161

    jp7161 Savant (345) California Dec 22, 2011

    Just maxed out. Can't wait for theses. Finally some releases heading our way.
  33. ChadCSU

    ChadCSU Aficionado (125) Colorado Aug 28, 2007

    To the original post about Hoodies.. They are pullover hoodies with this years CS logo plastered on the back and Crooked Stave on the front. They fit pretty normal with a slight slim cut to them.

    Soon, another email will be sent out, and as people get use to the Cellar Reserve, and the way it is ran, everyone will have a fair chance at purchasing past allocation levels within the first few weeks time. No need to set a deadline, unless people absolutely need one to kick it in to gear.. We'll gauge sales for you, and when it's time, send out reminder emails. The limit is set so that if everyone ordered their max there would be enough for every member. So in about two weeks (email will be sent soon!) all members will have a second chance to order seconds on allocations seeing there is more to go around, at that point it will likely sell out quickly, so don't wait. We think two chances, and 4+ weeks is plenty of time to grab extra allocations. Surette and St. Bretta and Vieille(about to be put online..) are all part of our core batch to batch releases, we are putting them online so that primarily out of state members can purchase bottles without bothering their trustee to come in and pay up front. For Colorado members, come in and buy them at your discount, or go to your local store who carries us, as we will not be releasing the beers purchased online until the members party which is a long time to wait when they are available for purchase and tasting great now.

    Worth mentioning about the core Batch to Batch releases, I change blending methods and volumes of vintage aged sour beer for Vieille and Surette based on taste. The dry hop variety for Vieille will continually change as well. Each batch is different and worth tasting side by side over a given time. We hold beer back at the brewery to taste how they are aging and how we can tweak our methods to achieve greater complexity, flavor, aroma, etc.. For St. Bretta I will change the citrus each season. This first batch (spring) is Minneola Tangelo, the second batch (summer), in the foeder already, is Blood Orange, likely a second Blood Orange batch.. then Fall and Winter have not been decided yet. HopSavant is regularly changing hops and dry hopping ratios so that each batch is a new hop experience. The first batch which will be packaged in 2 weeks or so and will be split into 3 batches: 2 with different experimental hops shipped straight from the grower! and the other a blend of Citra, 369 and Experimental Hops 366.

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  34. guyforget

    guyforget Aficionado (205) Colorado Nov 12, 2009

    perfect. thanks for the clarification. still happy that i maxed out early.
  35. tjmodica

    tjmodica Savant (400) Texas Oct 2, 2007

    The release party is Sunday June 2nd, Are the beers each member has purchased available before, during, or after the member party on this date? I plan on making the trip to one of these release parties.
  36. coreymcafee

    coreymcafee Savant (350) Colorado May 30, 2006

    I believe the beer is available at any time during or after the party on the 2nd. Not sure how it will work for future CR releases, but that's what I've heard for this release/these beers.
  37. anyone know if will violet be for sale on the website? is there a release date for that?
  38. Prospero

    Prospero Advocate (685) Colorado Jul 27, 2010

    I think I heard mid-May, they were hand bottling it this week.
  39. drlovemd87

    drlovemd87 Savant (265) Colorado Aug 6, 2009

    I think I heard it was made with the tears of a unicorn and would be out in two weeks.
  40. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I made it over to CS yesterday and the staff opinions of Violet seemed to be VERY positive.
    A quote I'll remember is "it's up there with Persica..."
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