CSU Pueblo extension zymurgy program

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by SFACRKnight, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Advocate (615) Colorado Jan 20, 2012

    Has anyone attended this program in the past? The information on their website is pretty general, I am hoping to get some input from anyone who has attended iiin the past, or from anyone affiliated with this years classes at Pikes Peak Brewing. From what I have read it sounds interesting, I would love the hands on experience with a pilot system. However I would hate to spend the money just to sit back and watch someone else do it.
  2. scray24

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    I have not attended any of these but would encourage you to get involved with a local homebrew club if you're not already as it may cover much of what you're looking for. IIRC, the prices on these were pretty steep per session.
  3. mklever42

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    I did both classes. The "intro" classes were boring and pointless. They were pretty much for people who have zero knowledge about beer and/or have never even heard of beer.

    The brewing classes at PPBC were a lot better. I am glad I took it because I was thinking of getting the Brewmagic system and after the classes, no way will I spend the money to buy one. The Brewmagic is cool, but it isn't any easier, faster or more efficient than my own all grain set up. The brew classes were about 5-8 people and we all did the brewing and bottling. The results weren't all that great. The stouts were way too thin, the IPA was disguting and gushed all over the place drain poured all of them. And the saison needs to sit in bottles for a very long time because they are still flat. The flavor is good, but flat as can be. So I am glad I spent $350 to find out I don't want to spend $6,000 on the Brewmagic System.
  4. joshclauss

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    Did you make their recipes, or did they allow people to make a beer of their own design? Do you think the beers came out poorly because the recipes were bad, or because they weren't great at having people us proper process?
  5. SFACRKnight

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    See, my end game is to possibly start a brew pub one day. But I want to get some hands on experience in a brewery setting before making that kind of a life changing decision. I would hate to dumps thousands of dollars into something I don't enjoy.
  6. mklever42

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    The students had zero input in the recipe and the recipe wasnt even discussed as far as why which grains and amounts were used. They picked up the grains, yeast, adjuncts but we did the crushing, mashing, set up the system and did all the brewing with them hanging around and watching us do it. It was a fun time and had a blast getting to know everyone and especially PPBC for letting us use their space.

    As far as the beers coming out poorly, for the IPA, some of the grain used was Special B which I thought was strange. The stout was spilt up into 2 batches: 1 on oak chips and 1 on bourbon soaked oak chips. The flavor in the stout wasn't bad, just watery thin. We never had an issue with hitting the OG or volume or stuck sparges.