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Dale's now in YVR

Discussion in 'Canada' started by JonnyBeers, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Noticed the other day that Oskar Blues Dale's Pale ale is now available in Vancouver. At Legacy for sure, possibly other stores. Southern Tier just made a return as well. Many others already here and expanding their distribution north. With Founders coming to Ontario, what are people's thoughts on the 'US Invasion' as some have called it?

    I'm all for it. The more competition the better the beer will be. Far too many average brews coming out these days. I would however like to see more gov support for local breweries starting up ie: less red tape.
  2. I can confirm southern tier, we'll be likely contacting beerthirst for some sku's in the near future. And i'm all for it, while others may see the beginnings of an over saturated market I see oppurtunity and new jobs for beer dorks and business savvy vancouverites alike.
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  3. Ten Fidy woulda been better! Hopefully on the horizon.
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  4. Dale's Pale Ale is at Brewery Creek also.
  5. Ten Fidy is coming in too, at least into Alberta. I dread to think what this will cost seeing as a 6 pack of Dales is close to $21.00!!
  6. :eek: Dale's is good but not good enough to pay 21$ for. Ten FIDY probably.....
  7. That is
    That is crazy. 9.95$ in NYS! I could see a mark up of 4-6$ But more then double... No thanks.
  8. Wow.... got my last sixer for $7 in WA, havent actually checked to see what it costs in YVR but I can't imagine anyone paying $20 for it.
  9. The rep has stated he's priced the Dales the same as any other US import in his portfolio, so it's the liquor stores doing the cash grab.
  10. I would gladly pay $21 for a six pack of Ten FIDY but I'm guessing it will be more than than for a 4 pack.
  11. Isn't Ten Fidy only sold in 4 packs? That's all I've ever seen across the border, and they typically run to around $15.00. Guessing Ten Fidy will be closer to $30 once the stores get their hands on it!!

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