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Dan Shelton informs: tax credit for New York and excise tax break for all small brewers in the works

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by Todd, May 7, 2012.

  1. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (515) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    I assume anything any Senator says is a lie.
  2. nanobrew

    nanobrew Advocate (645) California Dec 31, 2008

    Instead of arguing whether the price of the beer will go up $1 or $0.25, or whether local beer was cheaper before hand, I think the main impact will be in the rate of the NY breweries growth and expansion. I am guessing a lot of the money coming into a brewery is going to paying off the huge amounts of debt, reinvesting in equipment, hiring new staff, and expanding their market. I don't think this savings was going into the owners/brewers pockets as they rolled around in Porsches.

    Therefore, this change in tax will not necessarily be affecting the lining of owners' pockets, but rather the economical growth of the brewery, which factors into the growth of the community.
  3. Either way, everybody talks the equality game, until it comes time to actually live by those terms. That's where I'z coming from, and simply took the overwhelming general inclination of the political spectrum in NY.

    I think in the ultimate oxymoron, one can be progressive and conservative at the same time. But correct, its neither here nor there.
  4. We agree that the $1 increase will happen. Whether you hold breweries/bars accountable for jacking the price up $1 per pint on a $3.50 per 15.5 gallon tax increase seems to be where the question remains.