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Dark Horse Lambeak Wants Blood Orange...what's the deal?

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by Duff27, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. burica2020

    burica2020 Savant (400) Illinois Nov 17, 2009

    granted you had a spare 28 bucks to spend (and wanted to try those instead of the other 20 awesome beers on tap) or didn't mind sharing germs with your neighboring beer aficionados who were trying them. Some poor version of Howard Hughes/Mendel I saw shaking in the corner, I think he was in a bubble.

    And what if your section of the line all had cold sores and they we're asking you to sample what then became known lambeek wants herpes.
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  2. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    All of these are very good points, and were tossed around our little "group" at the event as well. We had heard the stories of the Lambeaks being acetone bombs the night before while enjoying some pizza at the pub, so sure as shit, in the first hour or two while waiting I made sure to try the ones that were available on tap (including Aigre)...
    Something was definitely off, even if you just nosed these beers, you didn't have to actually let them hit your lips, although all it would take was a quick sip and it was apparent. I'm not sure how they could have released these beers, and I hate to say it, but I'm with the ones that are saying they may did more damage by releasing this product then by drain pouring it...Maybe the lack of negative feedback from last years BB Perk and King of the Forest, they said the hell with it, lets release em, make the money. I really don't know. Ive never purchased a four or six pack from the store, and had any issues with that, so it just makes me wonder...Were these sours "good" to them, so they released them? Lots of questions.
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  3. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    Freaking doomsday preacher over here, holly cripes.
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  4. burica2020

    burica2020 Savant (400) Illinois Nov 17, 2009

    [​IMG] "I'm just asking questions"
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  5. Yes, I agree there are always exceptions. Most people, even those towards the front of the line, were waiting for hours with plenty of time to taste beers. Most people didn't come alone or knew someone to share beers with. Therefore, for most people, if they bought a bottle it was their own fault. My comment was obviously a flippant suggestion not dogma.

    Why would anyone think they couldn't get back in line even if there was a sign posted contrary to that? We all had numbered tokens and the only person keeping track of the line was the employee collecting the tokens at the front.
  6. sarcastro

    sarcastro Savant (405) Michigan Sep 20, 2006

    There was a sign that said you couldn't get out of line or you lost your spot. I cant tell you the logic behind the sign, because it was lost on me.
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  7. northernbrews

    northernbrews Savant (355) Michigan Apr 12, 2006

    Why would someone stop at a stop sign when there's a big red sign that says STOP. Clearly its just there for decoration.

    I wasn't at the release so not sure exactly what the sign exactly said or how things were handled but why even put up a sign "if you get out of line you will lose your spot" if that wasn't being enforced? Seems like it added alot more confusion and had a negative affect on those that "followed the rules".
  8. This gives me more respect for breweries with great QA/QC.
  9. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    OMG, talk about confusion. Here we go...
    IMO, the way the release was organized wasn't too bad at all, except for the way things were communicated to the masses. If you have 450 people standing in line, yet have 40 taps, and a sign saying "If you get out of line, you WILL lose your spot", how the fuck?
    If they would have done the "Calling numbers x thru x" but, instead of making us line up like cattle, I think there would have been less "I'm gonna punch BrohammedAli" in the face type stuff going on. Just odd...
    Too much of "The line starts here" "No the line starts here" shit from the DH volunteers.
  10. I was there and didn't see a sign because I didn't wait in line until my number was about 10 away from being called. Immediately after they made the "get in line" announcement, I asked a worker if we had to wait in line the whole time and he said as long as you were there by the time your number was called they didn't care. There were a few things with this release where you just shake your head and wonder why DH did what they did.
  11. Keffa

    Keffa Savant (475) Ohio Jan 8, 2009

    Here's a thought:

    Instead of bash the hell out of a brewery anonymously on an online forum, why not bring the quality issues to the attention of the brewery and brewers so they can possibly make things better? I mean, I'm no expert on the issue or anything, but for goodness sakes, they can't fix something that is wrong if they don't know it's wrong.
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  12. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (265) Illinois May 1, 2012

    If they don't know it is wrong, then that is what is wrong.
  13. tinypyramids

    tinypyramids Savant (445) Illinois Jul 19, 2012

    this. i've never had a dark horse sour, but there are so many reports of "totally undrinkable acetone bomb" just in this thread that i can't imagine there's any way they didn't know exactly what they were selling.
  14. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    I don't really consider this conversation "bashing the hell" out of Dark Horse. Just some beer geeks throwing ideas around. I'm sure half of us have already contacted them, in fact some have already gotten refunds on beers (BBN Perk). But I do respect your comment, and mostly agree.
  15. I like sour's as much as the next guy, I had no intention of buying bottles of them from DH, but wanted to sample one on tap. Tried the Blood Orange lambeak and it was god awful and passed it around to those willing to try it, but what If I didn't know any better...and drank several of them for whatever reason? Before this thread I had no clue that a beer could potentially make me go blind, or poison me. That's like, pretty shitty dude
  16. Keffa

    Keffa Savant (475) Ohio Jan 8, 2009

    At least you know what I meant by it.

    I get a little irritated by things like this, because I see it on here all too often (see the myriad of "infected" threads) where people jump up and down on a brewer's name but haven't even taken a step towards letting the brewery know. It's ridiculous.
  17. dblab33

    dblab33 Savant (320) Michigan Dec 9, 2011

    Damn, I emailed everyone at the friggin brewery on that one and didn't even get a response, let alone a refund.
  18. sarcastro

    sarcastro Savant (405) Michigan Sep 20, 2006

    This is a little different than beer ended up being infected a while after it is released. This is beer was bad the day it was released. It was bad when they were bottling it the night before it was released. In my opinion, the problem isnt that the beer was bad, it is that they had to know it was bad and released it anyways. It speaks to character and how they regard their customers.
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  19. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 7, 2012

    6 weeks after 4 Elf and we're on our way to another thread about DH getting shut down.
  20. If they did not think they would get bashed on the internet, then they were not thinking.
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  21. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

    I would in no way want to bash Dark Horse, I love those guys. Hopefully that is understood in my comments about these atrocious beers.

    Then again, I believe in fails so epic, they're actually wins.
  22. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    I really enjoy Dark Horse brews and in no way ever want to come across as bashing them...
    But it does speak to character, when you sell a product you know isn't RIGHT. If they knew, and like Dan said, it's near impossible to correspond with anyone there.
  23. Has anyone tried a bottle of Sour 3 guys of the Scale? and is it an Old Ale or an American Barleywine?(soured version of either style of course...)
  24. I have tried a bottle of batch 1 Aigre Pt5 and that was actually a really good beer.
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  25. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    Yes, it is an acetone bomb (or whatever it is) as well...basically undrinkable.
  26. In a word...D*mnitwillis! This dissapoints me to hear the news, but I guess that I am not so surprised to hear the bad news:(. Based on how much I enjoyed Aigre Pt5 2 years ago. I was hoping for something of the similiar caliber.
  27. ThirstT

    ThirstT Aficionado (140) Illinois May 5, 2012

    I've had the exact same experience. And, as I say shame on DH for putting out such a terrible product, I will also be fine to say how darn good BAPT5 was. I'll give credit to great work, and be weary of future purchases from a company who would knowingly sell that Lambeak mess.
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  28. Can't argue with most of what has been said in this thread, but I will say the Sahti was sour (not sure if that was intentional) and was one of my favorite beers I had that night. Also, I've had one bottle of the Sour 3 Guy and really enjoyed it. I'm guessing there are inconsistencies from bottle to bottle.
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  29. jacob4999

    jacob4999 Savant (310) Michigan Dec 9, 2008

    Anyone drink a bottle of BB Monster 29 lately? Trying to get a feel for how the carbonation is coming along if at all. Only have 1 bottle and don't want to open it if it's not right yet.
  30. imfrommichigan

    imfrommichigan Savant (460) Utah Jul 12, 2012

    I had my first the other night and carbonation was nonexistent. There was some sediment stuff stuck to the bottom so I held the other bottles upside down and shook them really well. I'm keeping them in a warmer environment to hopefully get that yeast going.
  31. jacob4999

    jacob4999 Savant (310) Michigan Dec 9, 2008

    That's what I've been doing to the bottle as well. Thanks for the response. I've never had the beer so I have nothing to base it off of but since I only have 1 bottle I want to do whatever I can to make it as good as possible.
  32. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 7, 2012

    I'd sit on it for at least another month, probably longer. A trading partner of mine had his bottle last week and it was almost completely flat still.
  33. jacob4999

    jacob4999 Savant (310) Michigan Dec 9, 2008

    Damn you and your flat beer Steimie! :)
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  34. JohnB87

    JohnB87 Savant (325) Michigan Mar 14, 2011

    With this thread going like this, let us hope that less people come to 4elf next year.
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  35. Soooo last I heard they're still selling this the Dragon Fruit, and Whisky Richard at the brewery in bottles and serving the Dragon Fruit at Winter Beer Fest this weekend. They won't respond to emails and won't refund/exchange the bad beer. Dark Horse used to be one of my favorite breweries but now, I think they deserve plenty of bashing.
  36. That beer is 17% ABV so the yeast is probably long ago dead. Unless the brewery primed it with a champagne yeast or something that can live in its own high alcohol, I'd give up on getting any carbonation. When I had this beer on tap it was flat too.
  37. ravot

    ravot Savant (435) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    FT my king of forest.
  38. Caterwaul

    Caterwaul Savant (290) Ohio Apr 20, 2011

    I liked Sour 3 Guy and really didn't mind Aigre Plead, though trying the Plead didn't really make me want to buy a bottle.

    Those Lambeaks, though, were... fearsome. I admit I'm a little curious about how many bottles left the brewery.
  39. ravot

    ravot Savant (435) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    the aigre plead was bad at first taste. i went back at it 3 hours later and it was much better. not the best, but it did improve as it warmed up.
  40. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

    So will anyone goandpickitupbro for me? I regret not purchasing this terror.
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